Shopify Blogs Apps: BlogFeeder ‑ Blog Importer vs Bloggle Powerful Blog Builder

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. How Does BlogFeeder ‑ Blog Importer Work?
  3. How Does Bloggle Powerful Blog Builder Work?
  4. How Much Does BlogFeeder ‑ Blog Importer Cost?
  5. How much does Bloggle Powerful Blog Builder cost?
  6. Cost Analysis: BlogFeeder ‑ Blog Importer vs. Bloggle Powerful Blog Builder
  7. User Reviews & Customer Support Insights
  8. Integration and Compatibility Comparison
  9. Conclusion


Businesses thrive on the clarity and simplicity of communication, and blogs serve as a powerful tool to connect and engage with a target audience, establish authority, and improve SEO rankings. Within the e-commerce landscape, Shopify has emerged as a favored platform, and leveraging the right blogging app can profoundly enhance customer experience and optimize content delivery. BlogFeeder - Blog Importer and Bloggle Powerful Blog Builder emerge as two leading solutions designed to enrich the blogging experience on Shopify. Both tools offer ease of integration and impactful enhancements to the storefront, catering to diverse business needs and objectives.

How Does BlogFeeder ‑ Blog Importer Work?

BlogFeeder - Blog Importer simplifies blog management on Shopify by allowing users to import and sync content from various blogging platforms such as WordPress and Tumblr. This capability ensures that your audience has access to uniform content across all platforms, thereby fostering consistent branding and messaging. With BlogFeeder, businesses of all sizes can capitalize on a centralized blog hub on their Shopify store, which streamlines content strategy and bolsters SEO by maintaining the blog on the same domain as the shop. Imagine, for instance, a burgeoning fashion retailer seamlessly integrating their visual content from Pinterest, thereby keeping their audience engaged with the latest trends directly on their site.

How Does Bloggle Powerful Blog Builder Work?

On the flip side, Bloggle Powerful Blog Builder offers an elevated level of customization for your Shopify blog through its intuitive drag-and-drop interface. With Bloggle, merchants can create stunning, brand-aligned blog layouts without the need for coding. This app is a boon for businesses aspiring to craft a unique blog identity with user-friendly templates and SEO enhancement tools at their disposal. Moreover, Bloggle fulfills the needs of a multilingual audience and integrates smoothly with marketing tools such as Klaviyo, making it a versatile choice for expanding businesses looking to scale their content strategy on a global scale.

How Much Does BlogFeeder ‑ Blog Importer Cost?

Cost-effectiveness is a critical consideration for any business, and BlogFeeder - Blog Importer offers a straightforward Monthly Plan priced at $9.99. This uniform pricing model offers an affordable entry point for startups while delivering sufficient features for established enterprises seeking to consolidate their blogging efforts. The plan is inclusive of features such as automatic syncing of new and updated posts without additional charges, making it a transparent and budget-friendly option for most Shopify store owners.

How much does Bloggle Powerful Blog Builder cost?

In comparison, Bloggle presents a tiered pricing model, with its STANDARD plan beginning at $25 per month, escalating to a more feature-rich PREMIUM plan at $49 per month. The STANDARD plan appeals to small to medium-sized businesses with its unlimited blogs and basic custom template capabilities, whereas the PREMIUM plan is tailor-made for larger operations or Shopify Plus merchants who require advanced features like Klaviyo integration and multilingual support. While higher in price, the extended functionalities of each tier translate to a greater value for businesses demanding more sophisticated blogging tools.

Cost Analysis: BlogFeeder ‑ Blog Importer vs. Bloggle Powerful Blog Builder

When weighing the costs of both apps, BlogFeeder offers a singular, budget-friendly plan, which is simple and suitable for businesses focused on content syncing and centralization. Whereas Bloggle, with its higher-priced plans, caters to those prioritizing customization and advanced SEO capabilities. While both apps may not have indicated trial periods or discounts, the value proposition of each app aligns with specific business needs, providing scale-appropriate solutions for diverse content strategies.

User Reviews & Customer Support Insights

Is BlogFeeder ‑ Blog Importer good?

The positive average rating of 4.6 stars from 422 reviews reflects a high level of user satisfaction for BlogFeeder - Blog Importer. Users likely commend its user-friendly one-click import system and seamless synchronization features, contributing to its strong rating. Additionally, the app's potential for enhancing a store's SEO must be a standout feature for many. Effective customer support, inferred through the app's favorable ratings, suggests a responsive team backing the app, enhancing overall user experience.

Is Bloggle Powerful Blog Builder good?

With an impressive rating of 4.8 stars from 187 reviews, Bloggle Powerful Blog Builder seems to resonate well with its user base. The ratings could indicate a highly appreciated, straightforward design experience and impactful SEO optimization tools. The availability of hands-on customer support is likely another contributing factor to the app's positive reception, considering user testimonials often place significant weight on the quality of support received.

User Preference: BlogFeeder ‑ Blog Importer or Bloggle Powerful Blog Builder?

While BlogFeeder boasts a higher number of reviews, suggesting a larger user base, Bloggle's slightly higher average rating might imply a preference for its advanced design capabilities and SEO tools. The difference in ratings may be attributed to Bloggle's comprehensive feature set, catering to businesses that value aesthetics and search engine visibility just as much as content management.

Integration and Compatibility Comparison

BlogFeeder ‑ Blog Importer Integrations:

Key integrations of BlogFeeder include renowned blogging platforms like WordPress and social media venues such as Pinterest, enhancing user engagement through content diversity. These integrations streamline the blogging process for Shopify users and likely contribute to an improved SEO footprint, making it a compelling choice for a seamless blogging experience.

Bloggle Powerful Blog Builder Integrations:

Bloggle's vast array of integrations includes language support tools like Weglot and marketing integrations with Klaviyo, providing users with extensive reach and audience engagement capabilities. Such integrations enable personalization and targeted outreach, aligning with the goals of businesses aiming to diversify and localize their content strategy.


BlogFeeder - Blog Importer stands out for its straightforward approach, offering an easy solution for syncing blogs across various platforms into Shopify. Bloggle Powerful Blog Builder, conversely, is recognized for its highly customizable blogging environment. Based on user reviews, both apps deliver exceptional results but cater to different aspects of blogging—BlogFeeder focuses on content centralization, while Bloggle emphasizes blog aesthetics and SEO performance. Strengths & Weaknesses: BlogFeeder's strengths lie in its simplicity and efficiency, though it could benefit from more advanced customization options. Conversely, Bloggle offers robust design capabilities but at a higher cost point, off-putting for budget-conscious startups. Recommendations: For businesses seeking to consolidate their blogging efforts with minimal fuss, BlogFeeder would be the preferred choice. On the other hand, Bloggle is better suited for those who prioritize branding, SEO, and content personalization. Ultimately, the choice lies in aligning app capabilities with specific business objectives within the expansive world of Blogs on Shopify.

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