Shopify Blogs Apps: Automizely Page Builder vs. Bloggle Powerful Blog Builder

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. How Does Automizely Page Builder Work?
  3. How Does Bloggle Powerful Blog Builder Work?
  4. How Much Does Automizely Page Builder Cost?
  5. How Much Does Bloggle Powerful Blog Builder Cost?
  6. Cost Analysis: Automizely Page Builder vs. Bloggle Powerful Blog Builder
  7. User Reviews & Customer Support Insights
  8. Integration and Compatibility Comparison
  9. Conclusion


Nearly 80% of online shoppers list detailed product content as a decisive factor in their purchasing process. In the bustling online marketplaces of today, the ability to present compelling and customized content to shoppers has never been more pivotal. Blogs apps play a crucial role in this dynamic, enhancing user engagement and ultimately boosting conversion rates. In the Shopify ecosystem, two contenders stand out: Automizely Page Builder and Bloggle Powerful Blog Builder. Both apps promise to deliver a suite of blogging tools to merchants, allowing for seamless integration and a profound impact on user experience. Let’s delve into what makes these apps flag-bearers in their league and how they contribute to the narrative of successful online storefronts.

How Does Automizely Page Builder Work?

Automizely Page Builder is designed as a comprehensive solution for merchants aiming to optimize their online presence. Leveraging its all-in-one page building capabilities, businesses can create an array of diverse and engaging pages for their Shopify stores. Features such as a full library of elements and various page templates offer a playground for customization. The drag-and-drop editor further simplifies the creation process, embodying the "no code necessary" ethos. For startups and small to medium businesses, the basic plans offer a cost-effective approach to building a professional storefront without the need for extensive technical resources. Enterprises can utilize the Pro version to manage a larger volume of pages, maintaining a cohesive brand presence across an extensive digital space. Unique selling points like the sticky add to cart widget and saved sections ensure convenience in recurrent design tasks, contributing to consistent user experiences. Consider a growing fashion retailer who can use Automizely’s Pro templates to create a narrative around their collections, thus enhancing customer engagement and driving sales during new launches.

How Does Bloggle Powerful Blog Builder Work?

Enter Bloggle Powerful Blog Builder: a tool that embodies elegance and functionality. It offers a customizable blog creation experience that effortlessly aligns with your brand identity. Bloggle provides unlimited blogs, an intuitive drag-and-drop editor, and an innovative SEO scoring tool to ensure your content ranks well. What sets Bloggle apart for businesses is its multilingual support and its forthcoming compatibility with Shopify Plus, making it a robust choice for expanding companies with global aspirations. Moreover, the Premium plan includes unlimited templates and priority support – a valuable asset for time-sensitive content creators. A boutique homeware company, for example, can capitalize on Bloggle’s SEO tools to share design insights that resonate with a diverse audience, ultimately enhancing organic search visibility and bolstering sales.

How Much Does Automizely Page Builder Cost?

Cost efficiency remains a critical consideration for savvy businesses looking to maximize the output from their investments in blogging tools. Automizely Page Builder offers its services starting with a Free tier, which includes one page with basic features, ideal for an emerging business testing the waters of ecommerce. The ESSENTIALS tier at $35/month offers more room for growth, while the PRO tier at $95/month is best suited for established businesses that require extensive content management capabilities. No hidden costs mean merchants can budget effectively, although it’s important to note that businesses might need to plan for additional market spending for supplementary tools or services not covered in the current plans.

How Much Does Bloggle Powerful Blog Builder Cost?

Bloggle Powerful Blog Builder marks its entry with a STANDARD plan priced at $25/month, a sweet spot for businesses in need of unlimited blogs with added support. Meanwhile, the PREMIUM plan, at $49/month, brings into play advanced integration capabilities and multilingual support—a game-changer for dynamic enterprises aiming for a broader reach. It is crucial to account for the potential costs of additional integrations and translations for businesses anticipating an expanded market presence.

Cost Analysis: Automizely Page Builder vs. Bloggle Powerful Blog Builder

When juxtaposing Automizely's and Bloggle's pricing structures, Automizely stands out for companies requiring a higher volume of specific page types with its broader tier options. Conversely, Bloggle’s focus on blogging and SEO utility provides superior value for content-driven storefronts. While neither app lists promotional offers, considering the value each adds at respective price points is integral to decision-making for merchants of all sizes. Startups may find Automizely’s free plan appealing, whereas Bloggle’s SEO-centric approach could offer better cost efficiency for content-focused brands.

User Reviews & Customer Support Insights

Is Automizely Page Builder good?

Garnering an impressive 4.8 stars from 1519 reviews, Automizely Page Builder seems to resonate positively with its user base. The glowing reviews may well be a testament to its ease of use and breadth of features that cater to businesses looking to diversify their online offering. The readily available live chat support has likely played a role in nurturing such positive feedback.

Is Bloggle Powerful Blog Builder good?

Matching Automizely's 4.8-star rating, albeit from 187 reviews, Bloggle has carved out a commendable reputation in the Shopify landscape. The app's user-friendly interface coupled with powerful SEO enhancements has arguably been the driving force behind its acclaim. Its dedicated 24/7 support likely enhances its standing among users valuing accessibility and prompt assistance.

User Preference: Automizely Page Builder or Bloggle Powerful Blog Builder?

While both apps boast an identical average rating, Automizely Page Builder's significantly larger number of reviews suggests broader adoption and possibly a more tested and proven track record. This could indicate a preference among users for its page-building versatility. However, Bloggle's robust focus on blogging and SEO may be gaining traction among niche markets prioritizing content marketing.

Integration and Compatibility Comparison

Automizely Page Builder Integrations:

Though specific integrations for Automizely Page Builder were not provided, its standalone functionality assumes a comprehensive approach, minimizing the need for external tools. This could indicate ease of use for businesses seeking a streamlined, all-in-one solution.

Bloggle Powerful Blog Builder Integrations:

Bloggle proudly integrates with notable tools such as Weglot and Klaviyo, enriching the blogging experience with multilingual support and email marketing prowess. Clarity in integration processes signals a commitment to user-friendliness and a broadened capacity for targeted marketing efforts.


The comparison between Automizely Page Builder and Bloggle Powerful Blog Builder reveals each app's distinct strengths—a versatile page builder on one hand and a blog-focused tool with robust SEO on the other. User reviews broadly signal satisfaction, but the substantial variance in review volume cannot be overlooked. Both apps exhibit promising integration capabilities, with Bloggle slightly pulling ahead due to its current partnerships. Ultimately, when contemplating which app to adopt, businesses must weigh their specific needs, be it in page diversity or concentrated blogging and SEO prowess. Such insights are the crux of an informed decision that aligns with strategic business objectives within the Shopify ecosystem.

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