Shopify Add to Cart Apps: EG Auto Add to Cart Free Gift vs SEOAnt ‑ Sticky Add To Cart

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. How Does EG Auto Add to Cart Free Gift Work?
  3. How Does SEOAnt ‑ Sticky Add To Cart Work?
  4. How Much Does EG Auto Add to Cart Free Gift Cost?
  5. How Much Does SEOAnt ‑ Sticky Add To Cart Cost?
  6. Cost Analysis: EG Auto Add to Cart Free Gift vs. SEOAnt ‑ Sticky Add To Cart
  7. User Reviews & Customer Support Insights
  8. Integration and Compatibility Comparison
  9. Conclusion


A staggering 69.57% of shopping carts across all industries are abandoned, but Shopify merchants are combatting this with innovative 'Add to Cart' apps. These tools are designed to make the online shopping experience more seamless, at the same time providing merchants with powerful ways to boost sales and reduce cart abandonment. Today, we're looking at two Shopify apps tailored to enhance customer experience by harnessing the power of the 'Add to Cart' button: EG Auto Add to Cart Free Gift and SEOAnt ‑ Sticky Add To Cart. Both offer robust functionalities that make the shopping journey smoother and more enticing for customers.

How Does EG Auto Add to Cart Free Gift Work?

EG Auto Add to Cart Free Gift is engineered to automatically add gifts or promotional products to a customer's cart, creating upselling and cross-selling opportunities. The app supports cart-based rules which trigger free gifts when certain conditions are met, like reaching a cart total threshold or adding specific products to the cart. A unique selling point of this app is its user-friendly interface, permitting even novice users to set complex cart rules with minimal effort, similar to setting a digital alarm clock. This app could be particularly beneficial for startups seeking to establish customer loyalty or for medium-sized businesses looking to boost their average order value. Larger enterprises might use the advanced rule triggering to tailor promotions to customer segments, making the tool versatile across business sizes. Imagine a scenario where a holiday promotion auto-adds a seasonal accessory to any purchase over $50. Such strategic use can significantly amplify the per-transaction value and enhance the customer shopping experience.

How Does SEOAnt ‑ Sticky Add To Cart Work?

SEOAnt ‑ Sticky Add To Cart focuses on simplifying the path to purchase. The app provides features such as a Sticky Add to Cart bar, which maintains visibility as the customer scrolls, and a Quick Buy option that can reduce the friction of the checkout process. These features are aimed at both reducing cart abandonment and improving conversion rates. For small businesses, the unlimited clicks provided in the Large Plan can ensure their promotions are always visible, while larger businesses may appreciate how the Quick Buy feature aligns with a streamlined customer journey. The app's versatility allows it to cater to the needs of any business size, making it a fail-safe option for a wide range of Shopify merchants. Let's consider a customer browsing a well-curated product page who spots the ever-present Sticky Add to Cart bar and feels the urgency from a countdown timer, compelling them to make a spontaneous purchase. This is the kind of immediate, positive action this app enables.

How Much Does EG Auto Add to Cart Free Gift Cost?

When it comes to cost, merchants desire solutions that balance functionality with affordability. EG Auto Add to Cart Free Gift offers two plans. The Standard plan, priced at $12.99 per month, includes up to three rules, basic rule triggering, and action product stock alerts. It's likely suited for small to mid-sized businesses looking for essential functions without a hefty price tag. For the more demanding businesses that require sophisticated customization, the Unlimited plan costs $24.99 a month and delivers unlimited rules, advanced rule triggering, and the ability to request priority features, making it ideal for larger businesses seeking extensive optimization capabilities.

How Much Does SEOAnt ‑ Sticky Add To Cart Cost?

The SEOAnt ‑ Sticky Add To Cart offers a Large Plan at $7.99 per month with benefits like unlimited clicks and priority support. But what stands out is the Free plan, which, despite being limited to 25 clicks, encompasses fully automatic installation and is mobile-responsive. This makes the app accessible to businesses of different sizes, especially startups with tight budgets who are just starting to optimize their online store.

Cost Analysis: EG Auto Add to Cart Free Gift vs. SEOAnt ‑ Sticky Add To Cart

In price comparison, while EG Auto Add to Cart Free Gift offers more elaborate triggering mechanisms for its plans, SEOAnt's lower-priced plans include unlimited clicks, making it an excellent choice for businesses focused on conversion optimization. Considering promotional offers or trial periods, SEOAnt stands out with its free tier, offering undeniable cost efficiency for those new to conversion optimization tools.

User Reviews & Customer Support Insights

Is EG Auto Add to Cart Free Gift good?

With a 4.8-star rating from 360 reviews, one can infer that users are significantly satisfied with the app's capabilities. The praise likely comes from its ease of setup, effective automated triggers, and how these features can lead to improved sales outcomes. Customer Support Feedback: The premium support in paid plans possibly contributes to the positive reviews, highlighting how quality support can enhance user satisfaction and consequently, app ratings.

Is SEOAnt ‑ Sticky Add To Cart good?

SEOAnt's 4.9-star rating from 324 reviews suggests exceptional user appreciation. Reviews may highlight the app's ease of installation, the effectiveness of its sticky cart feature, and the conversion-boosting potential of the countdown timer. Like EG Auto Add to Cart Free Gift, SEOAnt's prioritized customer support on all its plans could be playing a vital role in maintaining its high rating, illustrating the importance of ready assistance in the user experience.

User Preference: EG Auto Add to Cart Free Gift or SEOAnt ‑ Sticky Add To Cart?

Despite a higher number of reviews for EG Auto Add to Cart Free Gift, SEOAnt's slightly higher rating suggests a slightly higher level of satisfaction among its users. This could stem from the intuitive design of SEOAnt, catering to the user's immediate needs and contributing to its slightly preferred status.

Integration and Compatibility Comparison

EG Auto Add to Cart Free Gift Integrations:

EG Auto Add to Cart Free Gift seamlessly integrates with platforms like Cartix and ReCharge, enhancing the user's capability to customize upselling strategies in conjunction with their subscription services. Such integrations allow for efficient promotion management, likely contributing to its strong user satisfaction levels.

SEOAnt ‑ Sticky Add To Cart Integrations:

SEOAnt integrates with tools like Pinterest and Google Analytics, offering merchants the ability to align their marketing strategies directly with conversion rate optimizations. The additional layer of analytics and marketing possibilities here can further drive targeted campaigns and refine the sales funnel.


Both EG Auto Add to Cart Free Gift and SEOAnt ‑ Sticky Add To Cart demonstrate powerful functionalities to enhance the Shopify cart experience. User reviews lean towards a preference for SEOAnt, possibly due to its pricing strategy and its simple yet effective conversion-optimization tools. Key strengths of EG Auto Add to Cart Free Gift include its rule-based gift triggers and seamless integrations, whereas SEOAnt shines for its universal accessibility and straightforward value proposition. In terms of recommendation, startups and small businesses may opt for SEOAnt, especially with its agile and cost-efficient approach. In contrast, EG Auto Add to Cart Free Gift could be more advantageous for businesses seeking advanced promotional opportunities through automated gift additions. Ultimately, the choice depends on the specific needs and goals of the merchant, as both apps offer compelling benefits for different use cases within the Shopify ecosystem.

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Key Features of CBB • Add To Cart Anywhere

CBB offers a seamless integration that allows customers to add items directly to their cart from any page – be it collections, search results, or your homepage. This app doesn't just streamline the shopping process; it strategically places 'Add To Cart' buttons for increased conversion opportunities. Features include:

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Why We Recommend CBB • Add To Cart Anywhere

Aside from its primary function to facilitate instant purchases, CBB stands out for its adaptability to various Shopify themes and its ease of customization. It understands that the quicker a customer can add items to their cart, the higher the likelihood of a completed sale. Also, the support for handling product variants and quantities ensures that even stores with extensive product ranges can utilize this app effectively.

Pricing Structure

Investing in the right tool should also be cost-effective. CBB • Add To Cart Anywhere offers a competitive edge with its pricing. The app has a 30-day free trial followed by a straightforward plan of $4.99/month, making it accessible for stores of all sizes.

Merchant Feedback

With a stellar rating of 4.9 from 109 reviews, merchants have expressed their satisfaction, noting tangible improvement in sales and customer experience. Store owners particularly commend the intuitive nature of the app and the prompt, helpful customer support. The consensus acknowledges it as a value-packed addition for any Shopify store aiming to enhance their e-commerce strategy.


The market is saturated with apps promising to upgrade your storefront, but few deliver with such impactful results as CBB • Add To Cart Anywhere. By simplifying the shopping process and providing customizable features that blend seamlessly into your store’s design, it's an app designed to transform browsers into buyers effortlessly.

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