Shopify Add to Cart Apps: EG Auto Add to Cart Free Gift vs ASoft: Free Shipping Popup

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. How Does EG Auto Add to Cart Free Gift Work?
  3. How Does ASoft: Free Shipping Popup Work?
  4. How Much Does EG Auto Add to Cart Free Gift Cost?
  5. How much does ASoft: Free Shipping Popup cost?
  6. Cost Analysis: EG Auto Add to Cart Free Gift vs. ASoft: Free Shipping Popup
  7. User Reviews & Customer Support Insights
  8. Integration and Compatibility Comparison
  9. Conclusion


In the bustling landscape of e-commerce, optimizing the shopping cart experience can be the difference between a sale and an abandoned cart. Add to cart apps on Shopify enrich this crucial part of the customer journey, offering both a nudge towards higher average order values and an incentive to complete purchases. Two notable players in this space are EG Auto Add to Cart Free Gift and ASoft: Free Shipping Popup. Both apps offer diverse options to enhance the add-to-cart experience by incorporating attractive incentives — a tactic that has become pivotal in e-commerce success. But how do they stack up against each other?

How Does EG Auto Add to Cart Free Gift Work?

EG Auto Add to Cart Free Gift is designed to make upselling as effortless as possible. By adding free gifts automatically to the cart based on rules set by the store owner, it helps businesses increase perceived customer value. The app supports various triggers, like cart value or specific products, ensuring that free gifts feel like a tailored bonus rather than a generic inclusion. Moreover, advanced scheduling for offers like BOGO simplifies the management of promotion timelines. For businesses ranging from startups to established large-scale operators, the app's rules ensure that upselling integrates seamlessly with their sales strategies, enhancing customer satisfaction and potentially leading to greater sales.

How Does ASoft: Free Shipping Popup Work?

ASoft: Free Shipping Popup plays on the universally appealing offer of free shipping. By providing customers with a non-intrusive popup that tracks their progress towards a free shipping goal, it maintains engagement and encourages additional purchases. This app's strength is in its customization capabilities — from popup aesthetics to varying shipping goals based on geolocation or weight. It manages to strike the balance between being noticeable and not disrupting the shopping process. All sizes of businesses can leverage the psychological draw of free shipping to incrementally increase cart values, possibly making a significant impact on sales.

How Much Does EG Auto Add to Cart Free Gift Cost?

Among the most compelling value propositions of EG Auto Add to Cart Free Gift are its reasonably priced plans. The Standard Plan, at $12.99/month, offers basic rule setting and minor customization, well-suited for startups. The Unlimited Plan, priced at $24.99/month, is best for larger businesses looking for unlimited rules and a higher degree of customization. Crucially, both tiers include premium support – a critical component for any business relying on smooth functioning for its sales process.

How much does ASoft: Free Shipping Popup cost?

ASoft: Free Shipping Popup offers a tiered pricing strategy, catering to a range of business needs. It begins with a free Basic plan, suitable for new businesses testing the waters of free shipping incentives. The White Label, Customization, and Targeting plans increase in price from $5 to $24 per month, each adding more sophisticated features like geolocation targeting, enhancing the value at each level. For growth-stage or established businesses, the advanced plans might serve their needs more precisely.

Cost Analysis: EG Auto Add to Cart Free Gift vs. ASoft: Free Shipping Popup

When comparing the costs of these two apps, it's essential to consider the breadth of features each offers. While ASoft's range from free to $24 monthly, EG Auto Add to Cart starts at $12.99, lacking a free tier. However, for businesses that know they want the specific features provided by EG Auto Add to Cart Free Gift, the investment may be well justified. On the other hand, businesses still gauging the impact of free shipping incentives may find ASoft's entry-level free plan more attractive.

User Reviews & Customer Support Insights

Is EG Auto Add to Cart Free Gift good?

With a 4.8-star rating from 360 reviews, users seem to widely appreciate EG Auto Add to Cart Free Gift. Likely, the app's ease in setting up rules and the ability to automate gift-giving features resonate with users. Customer support is also a pillar of its offering, with the mention of premium support suggesting a readiness to assist with any issues.

Is ASoft: Free Shipping Popup good?

ASoft's Free Shipping Popup also garners positive feedback, boasting a 4.9-star rating from 209 reviews. The highly customizable nature of the popup and the significant impact on shopping behavior it can have likely contribute to this strong reception. Even with fewer reviews, the marginally higher rating reflects a robust user satisfaction.

User Preference: EG Auto Add to Cart Free Gift or ASoft: Free Shipping Popup?

Based on ratings and reviews, ASoft's Free Shipping Popup has a slight edge in user preference. However, the more substantial number of reviews for EG Auto Add to Cart Free Gift implies a broader user base or longer market presence. Preferences might hinge on specific functionalities — businesses aiming for an upsell strategy may lean towards EG Auto Add to Cart, whereas those prioritizing a direct increase in order values through free shipping goals might opt for ASoft.

Integration and Compatibility Comparison

EG Auto Add to Cart Free Gift Integrations:

EG Auto Add to Cart Free Gift boasts integrations with Cartix, ReCharge, and Fondue CashBack Promotions, indicating a strong alignment with loyalty and subscription-based services, adding layers of functionality to the businesses that use them.

ASoft: Free Shipping Popup Integrations:

Though no specific integrations are listed for ASoft's Free Shipping Popup, its focused functionality implies a streamlined addition to most storefronts. The lack of named integrations might suggest an inherent simplicity, ensuring broad compatibility.


After a thorough examination, it's clear that both EG Auto Add to Cart Free Gift and ASoft: Free Shipping Popup provide unique incentives to enrich the add-to-cart process. EG Auto Add to Cart Free Gift thrives in versatility and rule-based upselling, while ASoft captivates with its targeted, customizable free shipping prompts. User reviews lean slightly towards ASoft, indicating high satisfaction, whereas the extensive integration options from EG Auto Add to Cart may appeal to businesses with existing loyalty and subscription frameworks. In totality, smaller businesses or those just starting to experiment with cart incentives might find ASoft's Free Shipping Popup and its free entry point particularly attractive. Conversely, EG Auto Add to Cart's rule-based system and robust support could appeal more to those operating at a larger scale or with more complex sales structures. In choosing between these two solid apps, businesses should consider their specific needs and expectations to ascertain which app aligns best with their strategic goals in e-commerce.

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