Shopify Add to Cart Apps: Buy Me ‑ Sticky Buy Button vs CBB • Add To Cart Anywhere

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. How Does Buy Me ‑ Sticky Buy Button Work?
  3. How Does CBB • Add To Cart Anywhere Work?
  4. How Much Does Buy Me ‑ Sticky Buy Button Cost?
  5. How much does CBB • Add To Cart Anywhere cost?
  6. Cost Analysis: Buy Me ‑ Sticky Buy Button vs. CBB • Add To Cart Anywhere
  7. User Reviews & Customer Support Insights
  8. Integration and Compatibility Comparison
  9. Conclusion


Up to 70% of potential sales on e-commerce platforms are lost due to cart abandonment. In the bustling digital marketplace, add to cart apps are powerful tools that can turn browsing into buying by streamlining the shopping process. Buy Me ‑ Sticky Buy Button and CBB • Add To Cart Anywhere emerge as two contenders intending to enhance this crucial junction of the customer journey. Both apps enhance user experience by providing flexible add-to-cart options, seamless integration, and avenues for increasing conversion rates.

How Does Buy Me ‑ Sticky Buy Button Work?

The Buy Me ‑ Sticky Buy Button app is designed to capture customers' attention and minimize friction in the path to purchase. With a persistent visibility feature, 'Sticky Add To Cart', shoppers can effortlessly add items to their cart from any page, reducing the number of steps to checkout. Additional features like 'Remember My Cart' ensure continuity across devices, appealing to businesses eager to cater to multi-device users. For enterprises at different scales, the application offers customizable plans to suit. Startups may benefit from the free plan's basic features while scaling businesses can select more advanced options, like Quick Buy on listing pages, which streamlines purchases and maintains engagement.

How Does CBB • Add To Cart Anywhere Work?

CBB • Add To Cart Anywhere simplifies the customer's journey from interest to purchase. It allows customers to add items to their cart from any touchpoint, such as collection pages or search results. The app supports variant and quantity selection, catering to businesses with diverse product options. Single-plan pricing offers an all-in-one solution—a boon for businesses favoring straightforward, transparent pricing structures.

How Much Does Buy Me ‑ Sticky Buy Button Cost?

Cost plays a crucial role in decision-making for add to cart solutions. Buy Me offers a free tier and incremental pricing plans catering to different business sizes. The larger the operation, the more sophisticated the plan, which may include benefits such as priority support and expanded add-to-cart features.

How much does CBB • Add To Cart Anywhere cost?

At $4.99/month, CBB's single-tier offering provides a simple yet effective solution for businesses of all sizes. Unlimited clicks, variant selectors, and a quantity picker are combined with the promise of 24/7 support, packaging value and convenience into one cost-efficient tier.

Cost Analysis: Buy Me ‑ Sticky Buy Button vs. CBB • Add To Cart Anywhere

Comparing both, Buy Me's tiered pricing offers more flexibility for scaling businesses, while CBB's one-size-fits-all plan provides a universal solution without the worry of scaling costs. Neither app includes hidden fees or additional costs, and the focus is on providing value at reasonable price points.

User Reviews & Customer Support Insights

Is Buy Me ‑ Sticky Buy Button good?

The Buy Me app's 4.8-star rating from 945 reviews points to widespread user satisfaction, which likely correlates with its diverse feature set and the app’s adaptability to various business sizes. Positive feedback may emphasize the customizable, user-friendly nature of the app and the enhanced shopping experience it provides.

Is CBB • Add To Cart Anywhere good?

CBB's 4.9 stars from 109 reviews suggests a high level of user approval. Its straightforward approach, efficiency, and 24/7 support possibly contribute to its positive reception in making sales more accessible across various platforms.

User Preference: Buy Me ‑ Sticky Buy Button or CBB • Add To Cart Anywhere?

Considering the rating and review count, Buy Me might hold an edge in popularity and proven track record, yet CBB's near-perfect rating—despite fewer reviews—speaks to its growing favor among users.

Integration and Compatibility Comparison

Buy Me ‑ Sticky Buy Button Integrations:

Buy Me boasts integrations with various platforms such as Google Analytics and Facebook Pixel, facilitating a comprehensive ecosystem for tracking and re-targeting. These integrations simplify store management and augment the app’s utility.

CBB • Add To Cart Anywhere Integrations:

Whereas CBB does not list specific integrations, its craft lies in the intrinsic ability to integrate smoothly with many popular Shopify themes and their drawer carts, offering ease of implementation.


Both Buy Me ‑ Sticky Buy Button and CBB • Add To Cart Anywhere are strong candidates for businesses aiming to reduce cart abandonment rates and streamline the shopping experience. User reviews reflect the effectiveness of both apps in enhancing the add to cart process. Strengths & Weaknesses: The standout strength of Buy Me lies in its flexibility and scalability, while CBB shines in simplicity and ease of use. Notable weaknesses or areas for improvement are not evident, but ongoing updates and attentiveness to user feedback are essential. Recommendations: For businesses looking for a cost-effective gateway to sophisticated shopping features, Buy Me is an attractive choice. Meanwhile, CBB offers remarkable value for businesses prioritizing straightforward functionality and a flat-rate cost structure. The balance of features, user satisfaction, and overall value determine the app best suited to the unique needs of different businesses in the add to cart arena.

Still searching for the right fit?

Discovering the most effective 'Add to Cart' app for your Shopify store can be a challenge with so many options available. Your search for an app that amplifies conversions and enhances the shopping experience ends here. Allow us to introduce you to CBB • Add To Cart Anywhere, a proficient tool developed by Code Black Belt that stands out as a prime candidate to boost your store's performance.

Key Features of CBB • Add To Cart Anywhere

CBB offers a seamless integration that allows customers to add items directly to their cart from any page – be it collections, search results, or your homepage. This app doesn't just streamline the shopping process; it strategically places 'Add To Cart' buttons for increased conversion opportunities. Features include:

  • Instant Add to Cart: Empower customers to bypass product pages.
  • Variants and Quantity Selection: Simplify selections even for products with multiple options.
  • Configurable Display: Choose where the 'Add To Cart' buttons appear on your site.
  • Exclusion Options: Opt-out certain products or collections as needed.
  • Customizable Design: Tailor the buttons to complement your store's branding.
  • Drawer Cart Compatibility: Works perfectly with popular Shopify theme features.

Why We Recommend CBB • Add To Cart Anywhere

Aside from its primary function to facilitate instant purchases, CBB stands out for its adaptability to various Shopify themes and its ease of customization. It understands that the quicker a customer can add items to their cart, the higher the likelihood of a completed sale. Also, the support for handling product variants and quantities ensures that even stores with extensive product ranges can utilize this app effectively.

Pricing Structure

Investing in the right tool should also be cost-effective. CBB • Add To Cart Anywhere offers a competitive edge with its pricing. The app has a 30-day free trial followed by a straightforward plan of $4.99/month, making it accessible for stores of all sizes.

Merchant Feedback

With a stellar rating of 4.9 from 109 reviews, merchants have expressed their satisfaction, noting tangible improvement in sales and customer experience. Store owners particularly commend the intuitive nature of the app and the prompt, helpful customer support. The consensus acknowledges it as a value-packed addition for any Shopify store aiming to enhance their e-commerce strategy.


The market is saturated with apps promising to upgrade your storefront, but few deliver with such impactful results as CBB • Add To Cart Anywhere. By simplifying the shopping process and providing customizable features that blend seamlessly into your store’s design, it's an app designed to transform browsers into buyers effortlessly.

Is it time to give your customers the convenience they deserve and your sales figures a welcome boost? Explore what CBB • Add To Cart Anywhere can do for your Shopify store. Try it today!

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