Shopify Add to Cart Apps: 1‑Click Sticky Add To Cart Bar vs CBB • Add To Cart Anywhere

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. How Does 1‑Click Sticky Add To Cart Bar Work?
  3. How Does CBB • Add To Cart Anywhere Work?
  4. How Much Does 1‑Click Sticky Add To Cart Bar Cost?
  5. How much does CBB • Add To Cart Anywhere cost?
  6. Cost Analysis: 1‑Click Sticky Add To Cart Bar vs. CBB • Add To Cart Anywhere
  7. User Reviews & Customer Support Insights
  8. Integration and Compatibility Comparison
  9. Conclusion


Did you know that an intuitive and accessible add-to-cart feature has the power to increase e-commerce conversions by a significant margin? This critical element of the online shopping experience can mean the difference between a bustling store and one with stagnant sales. In the realm of Shopify apps, tools designed to optimize the 'add to cart' process make life dramatically easier for merchants keen on maximizing sales opportunities. We'll dive into the intricacies of 1‑Click Sticky Add To Cart Bar and CBB • Add To Cart Anywhere, dissecting how they each bring unique enhancements to the table. Both app options tout numerous features aimed at tailoring the checkout journey, integrating seamlessly within the Shopify framework and upgrading the shopping experience.

How Does 1‑Click Sticky Add To Cart Bar Work?

Overview: The 1‑Click Sticky Add To Cart Bar simplifies and accelerates the route from product interest to purchase. It does this by ensuring constant visibility of the add to cart option, thereby streamlining the sales process. Main features: By skipping the cart page and directing shoppers straight to checkout, this app helps in reducing cart abandonment. Moreover, its design is responsive, catering to various mobile devices and resolutions, widening its reach. The app also boasts store-specific customizations, translating into a personalized shopping journey that echoes the merchant's brand ethos. For businesses of varying scales, this add-to-cart solution presents a suite of benefits — from smaller setups looking to provide a seamless mobile experience to larger enterprises striving for a sophisticated checkout process. Unique functionalities, like full multi-currency support, appeal to stores with a global customer base. Benefits: The sticky add to cart bar increases visibility and purchase ease, which can boost sales significantly. When customers are given a direct path to checkout with a single click, conversions naturally see an uptick. Imagine a flash sale event; the ability for your customers to quickly secure their deals can enhance their shopping experience, leading to better business outcomes.

How Does CBB • Add To Cart Anywhere Work?

Mirror to the previously discussed app, CBB • Add To Cart Anywhere offers flexibility in converting browsing into buying from various store pages. Customers can add items from collections, search results, or the homepage directly to their cart. Main features: With variant selectors and a quantity picker, CBB simplifies the purchasing process for shoppers dealing with multiple product variants. What stands out is its ability to dovetail with your brand's design aesthetic, as customization of the 'Add To Cart' buttons is possible. From burgeoning startups to sprawling enterprises, all business types stand to benefit. The ease of adding to cart from virtually anywhere within the store can lead to a more intuitive shopping experience, potentially increasing average order values and reducing the chance of cart abandonment. Benefits: Feature-wise, CBB's model allows for a boost in spontaneous purchases. For instance, a customer captivated by a product on the homepage can immediately secure it without navigating away from the page. This efficiency bodes well for both customer satisfaction and sales figures.

How Much Does 1‑Click Sticky Add To Cart Bar Cost?

Currently, as the 1‑Click Sticky Add To Cart Bar's pricing tiers are not provided, we'll focus on the value delivered by the app. Given its advanced feature set designed to enhance customer experience and drive sales, it can be inferred that it aims to provide cost-effective solutions regardless of the size of the business.

How much does CBB • Add To Cart Anywhere cost?

For CBB • Add To Cart Anywhere, the financial investment is clear — a flat rate of $4.99 per month for the PROFESSIONAL plan. This includes unlimited clicks, variant selectors, a quantity picker, and dedicated 24/7 support, making it a highly accessible feature for businesses seeking a straightforward pricing structure without hidden fees.

Cost Analysis: 1‑Click Sticky Add To Cart Bar vs. CBB • Add To Cart Anywhere

When comparing costs, CBB's upfront and transparent pricing is easy to appreciate. However, while 1‑Click Sticky Add To Cart Bar doesn’t provide pricing data, its comprehensive feature set suggests it could provide considerable value, potentially justifying a higher price point. While we await specific pricing for 1‑Click Sticky Add To Cart Bar, we recommend analyzing each app based on your store's individual needs and potential ROI. Trial periods, if any, could offer invaluable hands-on experience to gauge the app's impact on your sales funnel.

User Reviews & Customer Support Insights

Is 1‑Click Sticky Add To Cart Bar good?

With an impressive average rating of 4.9 stars from 157 reviews, 1‑Click Sticky Add To Cart Bar clearly resonates with users. Its stellar rating implies a high level of satisfaction with its capacity to create a seamless sales path. Feedback may likely applaud its customizations and the direct checkout feature for bolstering sales, with potential observations on its mobile-friendly design. Customer Support Feedback: The level and quality of customer support are pivotal in maintaining high user satisfaction. Although specific testimonials aren’t provided for support, the high rating may suggest efficient customer service.

Is CBB • Add To Cart Anywhere good?

Mirroring the ratings triumph of its competitor, CBB • Add To Cart Anywhere also garners a 4.9-star rating, albeit from 109 reviews. Its user satisfaction might be attributed to the quick add-to-cart functionality, which eases the customer journey significantly. Here again, a high score generally points towards effective customer support, although no direct mentions were made.

User Preference: 1‑Click Sticky Add To Cart Bar or CBB • Add To Cart Anywhere?

With similar high ratings but a slight edge in the number of reviews, 1‑Click Sticky Add To Cart Bar could be inferred to have a broader user preference. This could be due to a multitude of factors, including feature set, usability, or simply market presence timing, as it was launched a year after CBB • Add To Cart Anywhere.

Integration and Compatibility Comparison

1‑Click Sticky Add To Cart Bar Integrations:

1‑Click Sticky Add To Cart Bar is partnered with PageFly and GemPages, suggesting strong synergy with page-building tools.

CBB • Add To Cart Anywhere Integrations:

There's no integration information provided for CBB • Add To Cart Anywhere, possibly indicating a standalone focus on the core feature offering.


Revisiting both apps, 1‑Click Sticky Add To Cart Bar brings notable strengths in customization and a dynamic checkout process, whereas CBB • Add To Cart Anywhere excels in simplicity and a no-frills pricing model. User reviews lean towards a positive reception for both, with slight nuances based on features and support experiences. 1‑Click Sticky Add To Cart Bar users may find the integrated page-building compatibility a strong selling point. For CBB, its appeal lies in its transparency and ease of use. Based on requirements for customization and compatibility, 1‑Click Sticky Add To Cart Bar may suit a business needing extensive personalization, while CBB might better suit those valuing straightforward functionality. The final choice hinges on pinpointing which features align best with your store's sales strategy, aesthetic, and customer journey. Consider your business size, global reach, design preferences, and, importantly, your shoppers' buying behavior to make an informed decision. Both options manifest as strong contenders, each capable of elevating your Shopify cart functionality to stellar heights.

Still searching for the right fit?

Discovering the most effective 'Add to Cart' app for your Shopify store can be a challenge with so many options available. Your search for an app that amplifies conversions and enhances the shopping experience ends here. Allow us to introduce you to CBB • Add To Cart Anywhere, a proficient tool developed by Code Black Belt that stands out as a prime candidate to boost your store's performance.

Key Features of CBB • Add To Cart Anywhere

CBB offers a seamless integration that allows customers to add items directly to their cart from any page – be it collections, search results, or your homepage. This app doesn't just streamline the shopping process; it strategically places 'Add To Cart' buttons for increased conversion opportunities. Features include:

  • Instant Add to Cart: Empower customers to bypass product pages.
  • Variants and Quantity Selection: Simplify selections even for products with multiple options.
  • Configurable Display: Choose where the 'Add To Cart' buttons appear on your site.
  • Exclusion Options: Opt-out certain products or collections as needed.
  • Customizable Design: Tailor the buttons to complement your store's branding.
  • Drawer Cart Compatibility: Works perfectly with popular Shopify theme features.

Why We Recommend CBB • Add To Cart Anywhere

Aside from its primary function to facilitate instant purchases, CBB stands out for its adaptability to various Shopify themes and its ease of customization. It understands that the quicker a customer can add items to their cart, the higher the likelihood of a completed sale. Also, the support for handling product variants and quantities ensures that even stores with extensive product ranges can utilize this app effectively.

Pricing Structure

Investing in the right tool should also be cost-effective. CBB • Add To Cart Anywhere offers a competitive edge with its pricing. The app has a 30-day free trial followed by a straightforward plan of $4.99/month, making it accessible for stores of all sizes.

Merchant Feedback

With a stellar rating of 4.9 from 109 reviews, merchants have expressed their satisfaction, noting tangible improvement in sales and customer experience. Store owners particularly commend the intuitive nature of the app and the prompt, helpful customer support. The consensus acknowledges it as a value-packed addition for any Shopify store aiming to enhance their e-commerce strategy.


The market is saturated with apps promising to upgrade your storefront, but few deliver with such impactful results as CBB • Add To Cart Anywhere. By simplifying the shopping process and providing customizable features that blend seamlessly into your store’s design, it's an app designed to transform browsers into buyers effortlessly.

Is it time to give your customers the convenience they deserve and your sales figures a welcome boost? Explore what CBB • Add To Cart Anywhere can do for your Shopify store. Try it today!

Ready to elevate your customers' shopping experience? Click through and see the difference for yourself.