HulkApps lets you:

  • - Offer Percentage Based Volume and Quantity Discounts
  • - Offer $ Based Volume and Quantity Discounts
  • - Create Dynamic Discounts for future products
  • - Great for Wholesale Pricing levels
  • - Add Unlimited Discount Levels
  • - (Coming soon!) Manage inventory with POS compatibility
  • - (Coming soon!) Display urgency message to customers
  • - (Coming soon!) Choose from readymade table templates
  • - (Coming soon!) Schedule your discount offer
  • - (Coming soon!) Offer discounts to selective groups
  • - (Coming soon!) Bulk import/export your discount offers

Early next year, in 2019, we'll be launching a Pro version of Volume & Tiered Discount app which will have premium features for a small fee of $10/ mo. A trial period of 6-days is available. All our apps are Partner-friendly for development stores.

  • Our FREE Plan will include the following features:
    • - Unlimited Offers
    • - Unlimited Price levels
    • - Full Design Customization
    • - All Discount Types (Percent based and Dollar Amount based)
    • - Price Adjustment
  • Our PRO Plan will include the following features apart from the above-listed features:
    • - Bulk Import/Export Offer
    • - Inventory management
    • - Display saving message during Checkout

Starting 20th November, you are not restricted to offer discount only to the same product's variant. You will have the flexibility to offer discount based on product type, collection, variants,vendor or brand type or even from entire store.

Yes. With Volume Discount app there will be updates to your cart and product pages, so we recommend you to add a few snippets manually because each theme has unique codes and we don’t want to risk messing up the codes for such important pages. If you are not comfortable with updating the code yourself, you can contact us for free installation assistance.

Most features in our Volume Discount app is free to use except for some new additions to our app, for which a small fee of $10/month is chargeable. Our Pro features are available on a 6-Day Trial. For test store users, we have also kept our app Partner Friendly.

We have not charged anyone extra fees for installing, sometimes even customizing the app to help our merchants.

If you are using other tiered discounts app, it will conflict both app codes, and therefore, we strongly recommend you to uninstall the existing app and remove any traces of code snippets from your liquid files. Even if you are trying out our app and are not fully convinced to continue using our app, we insist you to give our app a fair chance. In case we are not able to match your expectations, we will help you uninstall our app completely so that you re-install and continue using the other app.

You can preview the options on the products where you assigned the options. There is no code to be added to get the options live.

We use Draft Order API to create a custom Checkout for products with discounts and there are many values which Shopify passes, which we are unable to manage right now. But, here’s a silver lining: We might be able to overcome this drawback with our app very soon.

Yes, you can use Coupon codes in your store. It requires a manual coding placement in the "cart-template.liquid" or "cart.liquid" file of your theme. Please follow the guideline from here. Place the code wherever you need the Discount Code box to be displayed on the Cart Page.

Unfortunately, this option will get disabled since we create custom Checkout.

In case, you are using Ajax cart on your theme, we request you to disable the ajax cart functionality and retry. Your price adjustment should now display correctly.

Please disable Ajax cart in order to make your file uploads visible.

We deeply regret you leaving us, but since this app requires manually adding code at certain places to complete installation, those codes from a few files will not vanish from the theme liquid files automatically. Instead of uninstalling our app directly, we request you to follow the below process for complete uninstallation:

  1. Remove live theme integration with the app
    • Under “Help” select Theme Integration
    • Click the applicable theme, select Remove
  2. Remove manual codes from your liquid files


    • From "Shopify Admin", select Online Store
    • Select Actions
    • Select Edit code


    • Under “Layout” select theme.liquid
    • Remove this code: {% include 'hulkcode_common' %}


    • Delete the below asset form your files:
      • - Hulkcode.js


    • Delete the following snippets from your files if still present:
      • - Hulkcode_common.liquid


    • Replace the codes in 3 places with the original one.

    In case you find any difficulties, we are ready to help you out. Contact us

All discounted prices will always be based on the original price i.e. the selling price, not the previous price tier.

In that case, the latest offer will be valid and it will be applied to the product.

? You can’t do this. If you want to process any imports and exports, do this with the quantity breaks group disabled. Once this is complete, you can turn it back on. Any changes you have made will automatically be applied to the quantity breaks groups.

Yes, you can add unlimited price layers in you Offer.

Using Product Options on your Shopify store is a fantastic way to offer discount levels on products to your customers without creating new variants, and it’s a great way to get around Shopify's 100 variant limit. Volume Discount creates unique line properties that are attached to the product during the purchasing process.

Place the below code in product.liquid snippet wherever you would like to display the table (above or below Add to Cart)

<div class="hulkapps-volumes"></div>