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Increase Word-of-Mouth Advertising Through Wishlist Sharing

An option to share wishlists across different social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, email) to friends or family members, great options for birthdays and the holiday season. It serves as social proof and can draw more shoppers to a store.


  1. What are the types of wishlists?

    There are two types of wishlists: Private and Public. Private wishlists can only be seen by a shopper who has wishlisted the item and via the backend to the merchant that owns the store. Public wishlists can be shared across multiple channels, like links, social media, email, and more.

  2. What is the difference between shared and private lists?

    A shared list is another name for public lists, meaning while these lists have shareable options, they are also specific buyers visible only.

  3. Where can you share the lists?

    Lists can be shared via social media, chatting apps and groups, emails, links, and so much more.

Create Ultra-targeted Email Campaigns Due to the Export Wishlist Data Option

Use wishlist data to tailor marketing campaigns to shoppers/possible shoppers. It can help keep track of customers’ wishlist items and, in turn, help you notify them when items are on sale, in/out of stock, about price changes, coupons that can be applied to items in their wishlist, and provide them with information like reviews.


  1. How can wishlists improve email marketing?

    Wishlists give you great insights into your MLP and LLP (most lovable and least lovable products), so you can focus on what products you wish to highlight in your email campaigns.

  2. In what formats can I export my wishlist?

    Wishlists are visible in Shopify Store Admin Portal and can be exported in CSV.

Create Remarketing Lists

Identify and segment customers who are browsing and engaging but are on the fence about making a purchase by using remarketing to remind them about products they liked enough to save to their list. Emails, social proof, and FOMO are all ways to convert visitors to shoppers.


  1. What are remarketing lists?

    Remarketing List enables you to contact people who have previously visited your website by advertising them with special products when they search for similar products on your site.

  2. How can a wishlist help me with targeted remarketing?

    Wishlists provide you insights into your most popular products, so with that information, you can choose if you wish to display ads with those kinds of products in your marketing efforts.

  3. How can I utilize wishlists to create a FOMO effect?

    Wishlists can enable you to see which products are most wanted at the current moment, so you can enable those products with a specific kind of flare: only a few left in stock and more.

Keep Track of Out-of-stock Items

Avoid losing customers due to out-of-stock products and minimize losses by offering customers the option to save out-of-stock products to their wishlist and alert them via email or in-app notification once it is back in supply.


  1. Can my customers keep track of out-of-stock items on their wishlist?

    A simple way for your customers to keep track of the items they wish to buy in stock is by adding them to the wishlist and keeping track of in-stock/out-of-stock statuses.

  2. Can I send back-in-stock notification emails?

    This feature will be available soon on the Advanced Wishlist App.

  3. How does out-of-stock help me with cart abandonment?

    Buyers want to see that out-of-stock items will be later available in the shop and not discontinued. This is why they add them to wishlists.

Have a Wishlist and a Save for Later Option all in One App

Having a wishlist and a save for later options helps reduce shopping cart abandonment. A wishlist is where customers store items they won’t necessarily buy right that instant. A save for later option is more persistent with reminding customers about their favorite items and encouraging them to purchase them.


  1. What is the difference between a wishlist and a save for later option?

    Wishlists and Save for later are the same functionality in the eyes of the merchants. But buyers perceive them differently. Their approach defines Wishlists as things they would buy but are, for some reason or another, still thinking about, while Save for later is something they plan to buy but not at this very moment.

  2. Can you expect the save for later option to increase your sales?

    Save for later option is a great functionality that shows buyers indirectly you think about their online shopping needs.

Special Insights into AB Testing

Gather information about what types of products users are interested in and use it to later target them with discounted prices for the items in their wishlist.


  1. How does collecting analytics help me with AB testing?

    Insights into MLP and LLP can help you with paid marketing efforts by simply trying to increase sales by promoting either MLPs or LLPs.

  2. Can I export and import wishlisted items?

    Advanced Wishlist app offers import and export options.

Create Multiple Special Occasion Wishlists

Allow customers to divide and categorize their wishlists and give them specific titles.

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  1. Can I create multiple wishlists?

    With the Advanced Wishlist app, buyers can create as many wish lists as they like.

  2. What are the types of wishlists I can create?

    The variety of wishlists is exceptionally broad, but here are a few examples: Christmas lists, other holiday lists, BFCM wishlists, Weddings, Birthdays, Moving wishlists, and for e-commerce-based sites - even grocery lists.

Big ecommerce Dates Stock Anticipation

Keeping track of wishlist items and insight into the volume/demand for certain items can help in preparing sufficient stock for big ecommerce dates.


  1. What are some big ecommerce dates?

    Big ecommerce dates are BFCM dates, holidays, and other dates where buyers provide merchants with a higher revenue: New Years', Blue Monday, Super Bowl, Valentine’s, International Women's Day, and so much more.

  2. How do wish lists help me prepare for big shopping days?

    Keeping track of your wishlisted items helps prepare stock on time and increase your revenue

Help With Price Effective Points

Analyzing wishlist data can help pinpoint items people save for later and items they actually buy, which can help identify the underlying issues affecting sales: is there a lack of information? Is there a need for a price adjustment? Are special offers the way to go?


  1. Can I see how many people have wishlisted a single item?

    The Advanced Wishlist app enables you to see how many users have wishlisted any available product.

  2. How can I approach pricing items via wishlists?

    Wishlists can help you determine the product's price based on product popularity.

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