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Alcohol Industry

Age verification is needed for websites that sell alcohol due to global regulations. However, selling alcohol in different nations can make this challenging if you run a global firm. For instance, 64% of countries have an 18-year-old drinking age, but the US sells at 21.

This is especially the case for merchants who sell their products wholesale. In this scenario, the customer is able to replenish their inventory at a greatly reduced cost, while the merchant's inventory holding costs are reduced.

However, different beverages have varied age limits in Germany, Sweden, Denmark, and Austria. Alcoholic drinks above 1.2% alcohol can be bought by anybody over 16, while those over 18 (20 in Sweden) can only buy those over 18.

Our app lets you set location-based age verification rules, and you can even set separate minimum age requirements for spirits and lower-alcohol drinks on different product pages.

Alcohol Industry - Age Verification App

Cannabis & CBD Products

Even though it is against the law to sell cannabis products online, CBD with minimal levels of THC has exploded onto the market. It is now predominantly used in the health and beauty industries, and CBD can only be sold to customers at least 18 years old.

It is necessary to comply with the law and have a process for age verification in place, as many of our app users currently do. This is because the business is still very young and is being actively monitored.

Shopify - Age Verification App

Tobacco Products

In 2019, the FDA increased the minimum age for purchasing any tobacco-related product from 18 to 21 years old. This limitation applies not only to cigarettes, cigars, and hookah tobacco but also to chewing tobacco, electronic cigarettes, and vapes. Similar laws can be found throughout the world, with varied age restrictions, except in the United States of America.

You are required to implement age verification for customers if your online store sells tobacco-related products, just like the majority of our other merchants have already done.

Age Verification App

Adult Websites

Imagine that your website does not have a system to check users’ ages, despite offering adult-oriented content or selling items designed for older consumers. If this is the case, you could be subject to legal repercussions in addition to the reputational fallout for your firm. In addition, if children have easy access to your website, you may be swamped with refund requests from unhappy parents who discover the order after it has been delivered.

Age Verification App

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