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Loyalty rewards

Due to the fact that you can modify the banner on the order lookup page, you can promote whatever you choose.

You may use this space to offer special customer loyalty rewards or discounts, among many options.

Highlight a promotional code on the banner and combine it with our VolumeBoost application. You can offer special discounts to your regular customers to improve brand loyalty and lower your customer acquisition costs.

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  1. What are loyalty rewards?

    Loyalty rewards present a customer retention strategy which rewards customers who have previously purchased products or services from a brand. For example, these rewards can be price discounts, free shipping, free goods, etc.

  2. Where should loyalty rewards be placed?

    Ideal locations for loyalty rewards should be restricted to customers who have already made a purchase. The order tracking result page, the thank you page, and others are a few examples.

  3. Can I use the OST page as the Thank you page?

    The Order Status Page can certainly be utilized as a thank you page since it transitions the customer from the purchase stage to the delivery stage of a product.

Location Tracking

Adding a result page map lets your customers be up-to-date with their orders. Many customization options are available for the result page map, like displaying in-depth shipping information or package content details.

Shopify - Shopify - hulkapps Order Status Tracker app


  1. What is order tracking?

    Order tracking is a process in which a merchant monitors orders and provides real-time updates about the location of the order to the customer.

  2. Are there any location limitations for location tracking?
    • Updates can’t be realtime. In most cases, the delay is up to 6 hours.
    • Order tracking is not supported by all couriers. This greatly depends on the location of the customer.
    • In some cases, the delivery partner can provide incorrect shipping data.

Increasing customer satisfaction

Delivery is frequently the most stressful aspect of purchase for the buyer. Even if the product entirely meets the customer's needs, their perception of the product may be negatively affected if the delivery takes too long or if they are kept in the dark regarding the status of their order.


  1. Best practices for order tracking?

    The order tracking page should include a breakdown of the order (ordered items), detailed information about the shipment, shipping address and preferably a map which shows where the order is currently located.

  2. Can these personalizations be free for customers?

    Online order tracking reduces customer concern and buyer's regret by providing information about the order's location. In addition, it relieves a significant amount of stress from the customer service department by drastically reducing product delivery-related inquiries.

  3. Why does a poor order tracking page design badly affect your ecommerce store?

    The number of WISMO (where is my order) calls can be considerably increased by an order tracking website that is poorly designed or not functional. Additionally, that can lead to more dissatisfied customers, which is crucial because it might affect customer loyalty and increase customer acquisition cost.

Result Page Additional Buttons

Additional buttons on your result page are a valuable Order Tracker feature. Select "Result Page" in the app's settings after installation. You may add up to two buttons that take buyers to a certain page or URL. The buttons' text, border, background, thickness, and radius are all adjustable. You must enable each button in settings for it to appear on the Result Page.

Shopify - Shopify - hulkapps Order Status Tracker app


  1. What are buttons' usage examples?

    The customizable buttons can be used to lead to any URL that the merchant finds fitting. Here are a few examples of how most of the merchants are using this feature:

    • FAQ
    • Customer Support
    • Customer Review
    • NPS Customer survey
    • Homepage
    • Continue shopping button
  2. Are there any limitations?

    Since the merchants can select any URL they find appropriate, this feature of the Order Status Tracker app has no limitations.

Result Page Map

Give your customers peace of mind by tracking their orders on a map. Set up your map tracker preview in the app settings under "Results Page." You can see the map preview, shipment details, package content, or all of them at the same time.


  1. How can I have good control over fulfillment?

    The Order Status Tracker app allows you to have full control over your order fulfillment since it provides the shipping info about all of your orders.

  2. General order statuses?

    By default, Shopify offers 5 order statuses:

    • Ordered
    • Ready to Ship
    • In Transit
    • On its Way
    • Delivered

    Additionally, the Order Status Tracker app allows you to add custom order statuses depending on what you find appropriate for your industry.

Adding custom statuses

By default, Shopify offers five order statuses:

  • Ordered
  • Ready to Ship
  • In Transit
  • On its Way
  • Delivered

With the Order Status Tracker app, you can add custom statuses on the result page to keep your customers in the loop about their orders. There is no limit to how many custom statuses you can add between Shopify's default ones.

For example, if you own a jewelry store, your custom status might look something like this:

  • Undergoing virtual design process (CAD)
  • Design review in process
  • Final approval in progress
  • Working on the build
  • Final QA of product and quality

Shopify - Shopify - hulkapps Order Status Tracker app

Reduce customer support tickets

Your support team may frequently receive tickets with questions regarding the location of customer orders and the estimated delivery date. Reduce the number of such tickets by implementing the order status app.

This benefit may be extremely helpful during the holiday shopping season, when your support team may be overwhelmed with numerous tickets.

Shopify - Shopify - hulkapps Order Status Tracker app

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