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The product page is the essential component of any ecommerce website. In addition to the checkout page, the product page is the final stop on the customer's journey. Due to their high SE value, product pages typically generate the majority of website traffic; however, this varies between industries.

These are just some of the many reasons why you should customize your product page to your target audience.

Our Metafields app offers an abundance of customization options for your product page, and we will provide you with examples of how to utilize it in the following section.

Product attributes:

In most cases, user discontent stems from a lack of information regarding the product's features. With the HulkApps Metafields app, you can enhance your product pages with the following:

  • Specifications

  • Tutorials
  • Ingredient lists

  • Videos
  • Collection Promo Banners

  • Use examples

These metafields will ensure that your customer is well-informed prior to making a purchase.

Try-On Functionality

Filter Products by Specifications

Yes, the Metafields app enables you to add additional information about your product in so many different ways. And that’s awesome.

However, did you know that your customers also search for products by specific features they have listed?

Using the Metafields app, you can set up filters that Shopify’s native collections and tags do not offer (or aren’t practical).


Put an end to pages upon pages of the same product but just in different variants/colors. The HulkApps Metafield app enables you to display different color/variant options on a single product page.

Size Selector

Different pricing

With subscription and membership models on the rise, it is essential to depict the discounts your members are entitled to visually. Display different pricing options for wholesale, members, etc., on the product page itself.

Embedding third-party services

Instead of reading lengthy blocks of text, your potential customers would likely prefer to watch a promo video showcasing product features or a tutorial. The HulkApps Metafields app enables the embedding of YouTube, Spotify, and other third-party services on the product page.

Embed multiple youtube videos in a Popup

Product recommendations

Currently, Shopify allows you to recommend collections via your product page. Still, you lack complete control in this instance because you cannot specify which products will be highlighted on which product page. Utilizing metafields gives you full control over your ideal pairings, thus creating excellent cross-sell and upsell opportunities.

Countdown/Ship after the date

Suppose you want to build interest for a new product launch. In that case, you can implement a product launch countdown and a ship-after-date section, which informs your customers about potential delays in the shipping process and adjusts their expectations accordingly.

Product Specific FAQs

The frequently asked questions section is a great way of improving the experience of your customers. Besides answering some of the most sought-after queries, the FAQ section contains relevant and helpful content that can greatly improve your ranking performance.

Insert popular pages into the Product Page

Your customers might need additional information on using your amazing products. Wouldn’t it be great to include a How-To Guide Page within the product page?

You can use metafields to do exactly that - include popular pages that your customers could (or should) see as well.

Insert important files for customers to download

If you sell certain products that require additional resources like user manuals, ebooks, data sheets, certificates, or similar, you can easily insert these as downloadable files wherever you want on your product pages.

We’ve created this solution for many of our clients only using the Metafields Custom Fields app.


Collecting customer data

Collecting customer data enables you to customize your interactions with each of your customers. With enough customer data, you can almost predict their behavior and present them with products they would be interested in, thus increasing your chance of completing a sale.

The HulkApps Metafields app enables you to store customer data such as:

  • Behavioral data
    • Customer purchase history (your store)
    • How often do they visit your store and how much time do they spend on it
    • Do they wait for sales to perform a purchase
  • Preferences
    • Brand loyalty
    • Price sensitivity
    • Product preferences
    • Packaging preferences
    • Shipping preferences
  • Demographics
    • Age
    • Birthday
    • Education
    • Location
    • Ethnicity
    • Language
    • Marital status

Customer segments using Metafields

Using the obtained data, the Metafields app allows for the creation of various customer segments. Customer segmentation allows you to:

  • Send customized emails to distinct customer segments
    • E.g., Customers that have viewed a particular product in the last 7 days
  • Display reminders on account pages for customers to review their orders
    • “You have an allergy to {{ article }}. Please recheck your order.”
  • Define loyalty tiers for discount assignment

Find loyal customers with Metafields: Loyalty Tier

Naturally, you will want to appreciate your loyal consumers by providing them with exclusive benefits. After all, it is way cheaper to retain loyal customers than to acquire new ones.

First, decide on what constitutes a loyal customer for your store. Whether it be the number of times they've ordered from you or the total amount they've spent.

Then, easily create these conditions within your Metafields Custom Fields app. Here’s how it looks:

Metafields for Orders: Improve your customer experience

Few factors can diminish sales of a successful product. One of these is a negative ordering experience. There is a great deal of space for improvement in this area, both from the standpoint of your customers and your own.

Metafields enable you to include far more information on your product pages and your store.

What may not have come to your mind is using custom metafields to improve your customers' order process.

Here are a few ways to easily enhance your order process with Metafields.

Create unique content that follows visitor

Whether it's for everyone or only logged-in visitors, you can use the Metafields app to create a piece of content or a message that will follow your store’s visitors through their customer journey.

For instance, you could construct a reminder that free shipping is only available for a limited period. It can be put up in less than a minute, but it could be the difference between closing a sale and losing a customer.

Shopify - Shopify - Metafield Custom Fields app

Let customers choose their preferred Shipping Type

Your store probably offers multiple shipping options. Make it easy for your customers to choose which type of shipping they would like by offering a set of clickable options.

We’ve noticed that a lot of merchants use metafields to offer three options: free, standard, or fast shipping.

Arrange orders based on priority

The Metafields app is beneficial not only for the customer but also for the store owner. Using metafields, you can assign values to your existing orders and then sort/arrange them by priority.

Give ratings to store orders.


Store order files

Storing data is super important. But it’s also a hassle and requires a lot of attention.

The good news is that you can use the Metafields Custom Fields app to store and manage all order files hassle-free.

Use the File Type Upload option on your app dashboard to store all order files directly in the metafield app.

  • Works well with our PO App
  • Digital Files /************
  • NFTs

Add custom messages for orders

Nobody understands your customers like you do. That’s why it’s important for all of the messaging to be customized and written in your own words.

The clearer your message is, the less time you’ll have to spend certain explaining processes to customers.

Using metafields, you can now display the custom order status description.

Also, use metafields to customize the order status labels to something that’s specific to your business.

For example, you could create a “this is a preorder” description. Messages like this reduce the overall number of people asking for help and improve the customer support queries from those who still do.


Blogs are a surefire way to increase your website traffic. Of course, blogs are mostly focused on the content and the value that you provide to the reader, but there are a few things that you have to consider before publishing a blog.

About the author

The "about the author" section at the end of every blog adds a personal touch for the reader, and they are inclined to trust the content more if they have more info about the person who wrote the blog or an article.

The HulkApps Metafield app allows you to create multiple "about the author" bio pages (text + photo), which you can effortlessly add to every content piece on your website. You can have an unlimited number of these pages, which is particularly useful if you have multiple authors writing your content pieces or if you often partake in the practice of guest.


Usually, the reader skims over the content to see if the blog piece has the information he was searching for. In that skimming process, some valuable data might get lost, and the ultimate decision, if the content is valuable, might be prematurely made.

In order to avoid that, you can implement a metafield that would contain a summary of the blog, and right then and there, the visitor can make an educated decision about whether the blog will be helpful.

Embedding sources

Your content pieces are not created in a vacuum. Especially if the blog is about some trending topic or current event, there will be multiple news sources that are covering that exact topic. With the Metafields app, you can list your sources in a much more appealing and interactive way for the end reader.

By embedding tweets or other sources via the HulkApps Metafields app, you can build rapport and authority on that given topic.


Having long blocks of text is a guaranteed way to make the visitor not interested in the value that you are providing. By implementing slideshows and infographics, you will make your blog page stand out and be more visually appealing.

Suggest products directly on your blog/article

In most cases, you will cover blog/article topics pertaining to your industry. In that given case, you can also showcase products directly on your blog/article rather than linking them via text.


Using metafields on your store is basically a cheat code. There is very little Metafields Custom Fields app can't do. We've written about all the different Use Cases of Metafields before, but this time, we'll be focused only on what it can do for your Collection pages.

  • Add multiple images to your Collection Page

If you've been using Shopify long enough, you've undoubtedly previously encountered a situation where you wish to add more than one image to your Collection page. Whether it is a background image, logo, or something else, Shopify does not natively support this.

Metafields enable you to add multiple images and present them as a slideshow. You can also improve your store's responsiveness by adding different images for desktop and mobile users.

  • Add more information about a discount campaign.

Starting a campaign offering discounts to your customers is easy. Getting them to know that it’s active is the harder part.

Utilize metafields to easily add more campaign-related reminders and notifications to your product pages.

  • Use FOMO to your advantage by creating a sense of urgency.

With metafields, you can easily set up a countdown timer that’ll incentivize visitors to make a purchase before the discount expires.


Page title and description

Collection FAQ Section


Not every metafield applies to all pages on your website, but in some cases, implementing a metafield on most of your pages can be greatly beneficial for your business.

As seen on

If your business has been mentioned or covered by a major news source (Forbes, New Yorker, etc.) or if it was featured on a popular show such as Shark Tank, then you probably should highlight that on most of your pages in order to build rapport. That can be easily done using the HulkApps Metafield app, and with our global metafield feature you can add that particular metafield (or any other) to your pages in a matter of minutes.


Generally, a well-thought-out sale/discount strategy is a bulletproof way to boost your sales. For your sale to be successful, you will need an abundance of marketing activity around it. Most of those marketing activities need resources in order to raise awareness about the sale. But a metafield is a free way of notifying website visitors about a sale. It will raise awareness and make it impossible for the visitor to be unaware of the potential savings.

Shopify - Shopify - Shopify - Metafield Custom Fields app

Store Locator

Even though you probably are an ecommerce dominant business and probably the majority of your customers prefer online shopping, it can be beneficial to drive traffic to your brick-and-mortar stores. This can be easily achieved by implementing a store locator metafield.

Some of your customers may be close to your brick-and-mortar store, and they can save themselves the trouble of waiting for a product to be delivered. This will alleviate the pressure from your shipping department, which can be especially important during peak shopping seasons such as Black Friday, the holiday season, etc.

  • Product Locator

Shopify - Shopify - Shopify - Metafield Custom Fields app

If your customers opt for in-store pickup, not all products will always be available in all store locations. Use the Zipcode checker to inform your customers where they can find each product for local pickup.

Shopify - Shopify - Shopify - Metafield Custom Fields app

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