The key principle when running an eCommerce business is to maximize the order value of every purchase. There are several ways to do this. However, using either a Shopify cross-sell app or Shopify upsell app is the best option for your business. Here is why you should consider the Zoorix ‑ Upsell Shopify app.

Sell More At Checkout

Sell More At Checkout

Did you know that upsell at the cart page is reported to reach a 5-10% conversion on average? When customers click the “Check Out” button on the cart page, one last upsell offer will suggest them to add more to their purchase. The AI-powered Zoorix App upsells product options based on customer's behaviors and sales history.

With smart upselling & cross-selling - Save time and boost conversion rates

Proper integration of the app uses AI to create offers and suggestions for potential customers based on their browsing behaviors and order history. Thanks to Zoorix smart one-click upsell and cross-sell as you don't need to worry about what upsell & cross-sell offer really works and what doesn't. 

smart upselling & cross-selling

Improve AOV with personalized Upsell and Cross-sell options

Free choice.

The Zoorix app allows you to customize a lot of the elements, and you can freely choose the ways your cross-sell bundles display. When your customers view any product in the bundle, a small popup suggestion will appear to get their attention. This cross-sell helps you to bundle products that go well together into a product bundle for your customers.

To make the recommendations more relevant, the app gives a detailed performance report to help you track what types of offers work best and optimize them for better performance. The fully automated tool generates personalized product recommendations on your home, product, and shopping cart pages. 

Zoorix App is a fully-supported Shopify upsell & cross-sell app that tracks every item in a user’s cart, alongside their browsing method, to create the most targeted upsell possible. This reliable app also offers advanced customization, including the ability to bundle products, tailor upsells to your user’s shopping experience, and even gamify the process. And, the best part is that you can get set up within a day with the help of HulkApps "Zoorix ‑ Quick Upsell Shopify App Integration" Service. This app is really powerful, and there is no reason why this Shopify Upsell app shouldn’t be integrated into your store. 

If you're looking for tweaks to your existing Shopify website, custom API services, template designs, liquid programming, site optimization, and integration with third-party platforms, our team of Shopify Experts is here to help you succeed. Probably that is the reason why many of our clients have requested our Shopify integration service. 

Improve AOV with personalized Upsell and Cross-sell options


HulkApps Shopify Experts are really excited to serve Shopify merchants like you because it means that more stores will know about us and our services. Also, we have some of the largest stores using us. We won't name names, but we do have multiple enterprise stores starting to use our services and app like:

1. Visual Product Builder and Customizer - Shopify Web Design: Give your store a premium, slick customization interface, without breaking the bank. Customers love the ability to create their purchase really unique and special, and being able to see their interesting creation come alive before their eyes is a game-changer.

Visual Product Builder and Customizer


2. Yotpo Integration: Hulk’s deep integration with Yotpo allows brands to leverage customer reviews, visual marketing, loyalty programs, and referrals to build trust, drive traffic, and increase conversion using our experts' technical skills.

Yotpo Integration

3. Free GDPR/CCPA Compliance Manager: You don't need multiple apps to stay compliant, with our 1-click downloadable app you can easily present your customers with a notification informing them that your store is using cookies.

Powerful Cookie Bar

4. 18 Plus Age Verification Popup: Restrict your website visitors from accessing the website with a Popup notifying about their age limitations. Whether you are an online gaming company or sell age-restricted merchandise, you can easily notify your potential customers about the required age criteria to have access to the website.

Age verification popup


As Shopify experts, we specialize in creating reliable Shopify integrations that connect your Shopify storefront with a diverse range of third-party systems and applications. From payment gateways to shipping providers, marketplaces, and other third-party applications, we integrate your storefront with them for enhanced functionalities while ensuring that it still performs seamlessly. With that said, Integrate Shopify Zoorix App into your online store today and maximize your advantage.

Final thoughts:

You’ve dedicated  a lot of time in finding a suitable theme, perfecting your SEO, and mastering Google Ads for your Shopify store. So it makes sense to optimize your store for maximum sales per visitor. To help you do this, we offer you the perfect integration of the Zoorix upsells Shopify app with all the necessary configuration done for you. 

Wait. No more. 

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Connect with our hype active super excited Shopify help center team for you to do the work. The HulkApps Shopify Integration Experts also ensure the app is fully optimized for all devices, so you can be sure that it will work no matter what device your customers are using.

With HulkApps Shopify Services, you can entice your customers to spend more with your brand and create the perfect shipping options.