Ecommerce activities are moving at scale. We see a huge shift in consumer demand ever since the COVID-19 has impacted our living and lifestyle. 

This is probably pushing ecommerce businesses to new heights of success. At least this is what we get to know from credible sources. 

By 2024, online sales are expected to scoop out about 22% of total sales of the worldwide retail sales as per Statistica. Simultaneously, another study by Statistica suggests that retail ecommerce sales are estimated to reach 7.4 trillion US dollars worldwide by 2025. It is up by 50% from 4.9 trillion US dollars in 2021. 

This paradigm shift in which consumers are more flexible and comfortable with online shopping has dramatically influenced the way how merchants can attract their buyers to their online stores. 

When it comes to online shopping, customers do observe the credibility of a store. And the metric to decide its trustworthiness deeply depends on functionality and indeed its aesthetic appeal. 

In an attempt to improve user engagement with your Shopify store and trigger good profits, Shopify theme customization is the key. However, when you just start out, finding the right Shopify theme is quite nerve-wracking. With no knowledge about it, you may wonder and ask yourself ‘what Shopify theme is this?’ by looking at other successful Shopify stores. 

To cut short your trouble for selecting the right Shopify theme for your store, this simple blog might help you get answers to all your questions. Here in this blog, we will cover some best of the questionnaire related to Shopify themes and their use cases for your store. Let’s explore. 

How do Shopify themes create great stores?

Shopify has successfully stood out as one of the top-rated ecommerce platforms to help merchants build their dream stores. 

If you are using a Shopify store, there is no doubt you are overwhelmed by their extensive ecommerce capabilities and abilities to support your ecommerce goals. With Shopify, you can build a full-capacity ecommerce store. In achieving this, the Shopify theme plays a pivotal role. 

Kylie Cosmetics

We can say that the Shopify theme shapes a store with proper accessories, so it can look visually appealing whilst giving everything to users to shop seamlessly. 

So, what could properly define a Shopify theme?

Shopify themes are basically design templates merchants need to apply to online stores and give them the power to enable ecommerce functionalities. 

You have everything for your customers that includes the mega menu to simple menu, layout, images, checkout, and other key elements. 

In addition to functionalities, the highest standards of theme quality value how you portray your future objectives. A tough submission procedure for themes by third-party developers to the Theme Store ensures you get only the best product and have the best value for your money. 

Only because of this process, we can get a limited number of resources in the Theme Store that includes about 100 free Shopify themes and premium Shopify themes

 However, Shopify’s continuous engineering and innovation ensure that merchants get more powerful features to tackle the challenges of evolving ecommerce. That’s why all themes are now Online Store 2.0 backed. It means themes are more flexible now with fewer limitations to the creative core. You can get content sections on every page. However, there’s more to Shopify Online Store 2.0.

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Do customer experiences matter when it comes to choosing a theme?

User experience is always a key metric that determines engagement with your store. It is a store design that creates a very immediate immersive experience for users. Along with the high-quality theme design, the functionality matters for merchants as well as customers. 

See it through a customer’s eye. If the first impression about an online store is poor, it immediately causes visitors to leave the stores. 

An engaging design and functionality are critical to enabling your users to explore each of the key elements of your products’ specialty. Choose a Shopify theme, which is full-featured, giving you all the abilities to customize and personalize your store designs and functionality to entice your customers. Keep this metric in mind while searching for a proper resource in the theme store. 

How important is the budget to own a Shopify theme? 

When you are just starting out, budget-friendly Shopify themes are an easy escape that does not create many hurdles in other key objectives, yet makes your online store efficient and purposeful. 

However, the theme store accommodates from free Shopify themes to premium themes with diverse and extensive levels of customization flexibilities. 

free Shopify themes

Some popular free Shopify themes that you can utilize for visual storytelling and accessorizing your clothing stores or something like home and garden online retail stores include Dawn, Craft, Crave, and Sense. They are free to apply while they are OS 2.0 supported.  

Besides free Shopify themes, you can get premium Shopify themes ranging from $150 to $300. 

When you scale, your investment would reap you excellent rewards in the long run. Some of the leading design templates that support your high-volume stores to grow include 一 

  • Impulse Shopify themes
  • Warehouse Shopify theme
  • Prestige Shopify theme

All of these themes including others are designed to support your scaling with customizations meeting your all-round necessity. 

When looking for services for Impulse Shopify theme customization or Warehouse Shopify theme customization for large catalog stores, HulkApps provides the skills to fulfill your expectations.  With the right guidance and support, your store unleashes the best capabilities for improved conversions. 

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What do you think is important for a theme 一 functionality or aesthetics?

When we say customer experience, both functionalities and aesthetics are important. 

The themes should be aesthetically appealing. Large featured images are most desirable to trap the audiences with visual pleasures to the eyes. When scrolling through theme stores, you can take a look at themes that embed large, high-quality series of images peeping through the homepage. 

The content-rich stores are ideally those that allow merchandising to display on the storefront through elegant elements like 

  • Product videos
  • Animation
  • Color swatches 
  • Image galleries
  • Slideshows
  • Image rollover
  • Lookbooks

Shopify themes do not limit to only a handful of features.

Beautifully designed product sales points, collection templates, sections on every page, collection templates, versatile custom promotion, price sidebar filters, blocks for images are some of the few elements that enhance the performance of a large volume store while giving it elegant appeal to make audiences awestruck. This is the beauty you can discover through premium Shopify themes.

powerful promotion

With an Impulse Shopify theme, you can settle with your objectives with ease to achieve both functionality and aesthetics. You will be therefore able to make great impressions and connect with audiences that would rather help you with repeat purchases and increase your sales volume. 

Should you consider catalog size while looking for Shopify themes?

Indeed, it is a key aspect to decide upon the catalog size while you are hunting for high-performance and visually appealing Shopify themes. 

catalog size while looking for Shopify themes

The themes you are looking for are capable of handling different catalog sizes from 100 products to 1000 products. Some critical considerations for your themes could be 一 

  • Small-catalog-sized stores always scale with simpler navigation
  • Homepage product display works wonders for single products 
  • Display products with large categories on a separately arranged page with home page portraying just a small section of products

Free Shopify themes are good to go with small product size; however, products like clothing and accessories, business equipment and supplies, and health and beauty have a different requirement. 

They need a large inventory. In this perspective, the Impulse Shopify theme can efficiently provide ease of maintenance and performance for your store. 

Where can you find Shopify themes?

As you are on a hunt for Shopify themes, the most reliable and trusted source is the Shopify theme store.

The theme store is home to more than 100 themes, with free Shopify themes nurturing the dreams of aspiring merchants. However, the paid Shopify themes are also the main draw for merchants for their powerful and feature-rich qualities. 

Another place where you can find Shopify themes is a third-party marketplace. 

If these options are short of fulfilling your diverse personalization needs, a custom and headless theme can be an interesting addition to your next ecommerce store revamp project. 

What Shopify theme is that?

This is probably the most enticing question when you are awestruck by the designs and performance of a Shopify store related to your niche. 

The store's design could be an inspiration for you, and you are eager to replicate it for your store too. But, unless you know “what Shopify theme is this,” you are unable to reflect the same design patterns as your competitors have already done.

Rather, as you are geared towards revealing the theme identity, you can also discover the custom needs of that particular theme while also making sure you make it better than the competition. 

There are easy ways to find “what Shopify theme is that.” Let’s find it. 

Find a Shopify theme ID

Looking for a Shopify theme ID enables you to know the name of a theme. You can find the ID in the page source. If it is Shopify sourced, you can find the ID in the following manner, 


For example, it can appear like this, “theme_store_id:223”.

When you google it, it will return a result for the right Shopify theme.

Find a theme in browsers other than Chrome

With other browsers, you can find Shopify theme ID by revealing the page source. Here’s how you can do it. 

  1. For Firefox, use - Control + U
  2. For Edge, use - Control + U
  3. For Safari, use - Control + Option + U

Now, follow the same steps as the above one. 


Not all themes are created equal. When you settle with the Shopify theme, don’t forget to read the theme store or marketplace reviews. You must pay enough attention to the Shopify themes in response to their credibility and reputation. 

One key approach to making your store stand out is to confirm that the theme you are using provides consistent support. It can be helpful to address challenges as you handle a huge traffic influx. Immediate support can ensure you address issues immediately and give users an excellent experience with your online store. 

In addition to choosing the right theme, don’t forget to rely upon a dedicated Shopify expert like HulkApps who can support your diverse Shopify customization needs. From app integrations, upgrading to OS 2.0, and custom app development to personalizing the product page and checkout experience, you can do much more with HulkApps

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