“An SEO audit is a valuable way to diagnose any problems or areas of weakness on your site”

Technical SEO is a wide term that covers all of the different factors – from on-page design elements to server configuration – that together decide how well a website ranks in search results.

By optimizing across a few or all of these different criteria, you'll be able to improve your website’s ranking for your target search watchwords and expressions, helping to drive more traffic to your landing pages.

What is Technical SEO?

A technical SEO audit will look at the most relevant characteristics of your site and server configuration. For an in-depth review, this may include over 250 different criteria, counting things like:

  • ‘Robots’ meta configuration to ensure the search engines can crawl your pages.
  • Page load time.
  • Sitemap structure and format.
  • Canonical page references.
  • Broken links and page crawl problems.
  • ‘Bloated’ page source code that slows loading speed. 

A site audit will also look at page-by-page factors like URL structure and designing, and can look at whether external links pointing to your website may be hurting your ranking.

Do I need a Technical SEO Audit?

An in-depth technical SEO audit certainly will not hurt your search engine rankings and can be connected to a website even in case you have carried out SEO on your pages in the past.

Crucially, a technical SEO audit puts the experience of an SEO professional at your disposal, so that you simply benefit from their insight over every aspect of your website.


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