As a vendor, you wish to discover better approaches to draw in new customers, keep current ones, and compete with other merchants. Offering volume discounts on purchase could be a way to rapidly draw customers into your store. Anytime you tell an online shopper that he can save money, you’re likely to induce his attention..

Bulk Discounts not only offer assistance to your customer; it also helps your business. From extended sales to progressed reputation, Volume discounts may be that one ingredient that can bring a startup business success.

Here’s Something for you!

The VolumeBoost  app by HulkApps. It is one of the most easiest & effortless ways to set up discounted pricing campaigns across your entire product catalog in your store.

Whether your objective is to start with a wholesaler program, attract new customers, or just reward loyal and repeat buyers, Volume & layered Discounts is right for you.

Let's go over the smashing features that the app is equipped with: 

  • Offer $ Based Discounts
  • Offer Percentage-Based and fixed price Discounts
  • Unlimited Discount Levels
  • Works with existing site-wide Discount
  • Language Support included
  • Customize discount table by changing grid settings, font size, colors, and more

HulkApps aims to be a key player in the world of Shopify apps. We use the latest technology in innovative ways to seek competitive advantages for our merchants to boost their sales and earn the highest client satisfaction. 

With that said, we’ve listed a few more reasons to cast our tiered pricing app in the show:  

  • It helps encouraging undecided customers to make a purchase from your store.
  • It helps to build customer loyalty
  • Quickly stimulate sales with bulk discounts
  • Bolt in new customers every day

So now that you’re well versed with volume discounts about how it may change the revenue and cost, you can initiate bulk discount on your Shopify store using the VolumeBoost  -  Quantity breaks & bulk discounts app by HulkApps.

We’re here for you!

Before you can work with discount-tiers, you need to update your liquid files. Here is the liquid installation guide if you are comfortable working with codes. If not, we are more than happy to help you with it at no extra charge. You can contact us for installation help!

That is it!

Your bulk discount products are ready to rock and roll. Simple, easy, and straight forward...most of all, effective and FREE! And when you're finished reading, make sure to leave a comment to let us know what you think.