With hundreds of themes offered in the Shopify store, getting started on your first Shopify theme or switching from another theme can be a daunting experience if you don't understand the theme features, functionalities, and other options. 

HulkApps’s mission is to make commerce better for everyone, and to date, we’ve helped over thousands of Shopify, Shopify merchants turn what they’re into, into a full-scale business. Part of fulfilling that promise means ensuring you select the best theme, which allows you to flexibly choose the aesthetically attractive one and gives your online store the best look for attracting buyers.

Make commerce better for everyone with the perfect Venture Shopify  Theme for high volume stores

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All themes come with an exhaustive list of modifications you can make without much coding. Finding the time to get familiar with every theme is never easy—especially when you’re busy building your empire. With that in mind, we’ve compiled a brief summary of the Shopify Venture theme, its key features, performance, setup, customization, and adding advanced functionalities. 

The Venture Shopify theme is one of the first themes developed by Shopify that offers the free price tag and mega menu by default as a good incentive for merchants who are just starting. It is a bold yet minimal theme suitable for high volume stores with large inventories. The features of this theme include an edge-to-edge slideshow, multi-column drop-down menus, and a promotional bar.

One of the drawbacks features of the Venture Theme is a “Related Products” section on the product page. Having a related products section on the bottom of the product page is essential for an engagement section with store visitors as it helps merchants to promote products and can help increase sales.

Make commerce better for everyone with the perfect Venture Shopify  Theme for high volume stores

But, if you want an image-heavy website, then Shopify Venture theme is the best call to pick. It has an awesome navigation menu and many places to include secondary photos. Built-in styles and color palettes make it look great on mobile, and it's pretty easy to get your store looking like the Venture Shopify theme examples. It is excellent for mid-sized stores with 

  • More than 50 products
  • Five or more collections
  • Large menus 

In the Shopify Venture theme, there are three different styles, catering to different types of eCommerce stores, which are Snowboards, Outdoors, and Boxing. The layout for these designs on both the desktop and mobile versions are the same. The color palette is the key differentiator. We will start moving on to know more about each of them.

Make commerce better for everyone with the perfect Venture Shopify  Theme for high volume stores

Snowboards Style

It is a little laid back style, as the site has a gray undertone. In the Venture Shopify theme example, you will be able to sense the blue-colored with the grey palette style, which is a good choice for selling snowboarding and other snow tools. The theme style is also suitable for selling water-activity products.

Outdoors Style

This style of Venture Shopify theme has a bright hue and uses flesh as the basic color palette, and you can get the exciting side of the layout. This makes bringing rugged or rustic look to your store easy, helping you sell more. 

Boxing Style

The last one in the Venture Shopify theme style is the Boxing style, which has a pretty self-explanatory layout, also a dark, brooding tone and red palette. This aesthetic is just perfect to sell t-shirts and other accessories that match with are  boxing or MMA gears. 

Main Features of Venture Theme

End to end slideshow

Make commerce better for everyone with the perfect Venture Shopify  Theme for high volume stores

The best way to capture visitor attention is definitely with a slide show in the banners section. The Venture Shopify Theme handles it really well by ensuring slideshow banners occupy the whole screen without any whitespace on both sides. This creates a stunning look. With the option that each slide can have a heading, a subheading, and the text can be linked to any page, you can show off your top products to your potential visitors. The additional brownie point is that it allows you to display your entire collection. This feature is important because you want an in-your-face kind of message. 

Products and collections

Make commerce better for everyone with the perfect Venture Shopify  Theme for high volume stores

Imagine you are a Shopify merchant selling bike parts, it is quite obvious you want a collection of wheels to be displayed. Using the Venture theme Shopify you can create up to five collections and upload up to 50 product types, making it easier for your customers to search for items.

Apart from the main functionalities, the Shopify Venture theme has several built-in features that will make you reconsider if you have to change your current theme to this one, and it was built to help you market your products. 

Multi-column Menu

Make commerce better for everyone with the perfect Venture Shopify  Theme for high volume stores

In the process of bringing in some creative uniqueness, the Shopify Venture theme replaces the traditional approach of having a sub-menu, which expands during mouse-over action. 

With Venture, it will feature product details and images in a large, multi-column drop-down menu, which means the sub-menus will not appear on the right, but your product photos will. This gives your buyers the ability to view the content they want to see instantly. 

Meaning, in the Venture Shopify theme example, you will be able to notice that the categories are split up horizontally. When a particular collection is selected, the product images and sub-collection is easily displayed. This option is great, as it lets the customer see the content of that collection right away. 

Promotional Banner

Make commerce better for everyone with the perfect Venture Shopify  Theme for high volume stores

Get the start on your banner for an increased sales opportunity. In this competitive ecosystem, getting visitors to the website is pretty difficult. With that thought, The Venture Shopify theme eases to speak about your product offers, information easily. You can put up the promotional banner on top of the slide on your homepage

As the name suggests, the theme allows you to showcase your best products, deals, discounts, offers, and many more. It is best used for promotions displaying coupon codes that will give your customers massive discounts. 

Single Featured Product

Make commerce better for everyone with the perfect Venture Shopify  Theme for high volume stores

Not every product in the store needs exclusive marketing. Sometimes, we need to address one product collection to take the sales graph high. With the Venture theme Shopify, you will be able to choose a product that is highlighted in the center of the page. This move is great if you want to promote your products. 

Product Filtering

Make commerce better for everyone with the perfect Venture Shopify  Theme for high volume stores

Letting customers filter their options will develop a positive bond to turn any visitors into a customer. On the Shopify Venture theme, the product filtering option is available on the collections page. The customer can filter using criteria like types and sort by best sellers and price. By setting the filtering options, customers can tick boxes of specific brands they want to appear, or specific price ranges.

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Shopify Venture theme is a great way to get your setup with a simple theme that has the basics covered for most online stores. In the Shopify Venture theme product page, you can make adjustments if you think specific customizations are critical for the performance. You can change your Shopify Venture logo size, fonts, color scheme, and parts of your webpage to suit your needs.

Given that you are in a competitive business, Search engine optimization is essential for you. A simple search query by the customers should return your shop among the top results, and they can check you out.  The Venture Shopify theme allows you to make the necessary modification to optimize your store for higher rankings.

Besides, the Shopify Venture theme examples also show that modifications can be done to suit a mobile device. It readjusts the site's navigation panels, font size, and photos size to suit your customer's electronics.

The Shopify theme Venture helps you reach out to people without complex coding by providing icons that allow shoppers to connect on social channels like Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter. You can include these icons in the footer section, along with your refund policy, about Us, and shipping policy information as all of this is critical for your shoppers to understand you. 

Make commerce better for everyone with the perfect Venture Shopify  Theme for high volume stores

Shopify theme Venture - Great visuals and neat organization ensure that your customers are satisfied with your products and services. As many E-Commerce retailers have installed, we have heard that it's a hard time getting this theme setup the right way to work well with their Navigation, Collections, and even products uploaded to Shopify. HulkApps offer a full setup, customization, and creation of advanced functionality to help get your store launched quickly.

Make the Most of Shopify Templates

Make commerce better for everyone with the perfect Venture Shopify  Theme for high volume stores


So, you found the theme that’s right for you. The one that’s going to reap the most rewards and conversions on your web store. 

Using one of the best Venture themes Shopify might bring you success, but you need to make sure you have the configuration, customization, and tools to handle it too. It’s too easy to lose track of setting up and customizing once you start configuring in.  

HulkApps, a leading Shopify Expert, frequently works with growing brands looking to customize the Venture theme Shopify for increasing sales. With a deep understanding of Venture Shopify Theme, HulkApps has helped several ‘Pre-Shopify Plus’ clients achieve significant sales growth through theme customizations, Store setup, creation of advanced functionality in Venture theme Shopify .

Whether you’re planning to switch to Venture Shopify Theme, or looking to optimize your current Shopify themes Venture, HulkApps can support you with structured options like: 

1. Venture Shopify Theme Customization Package.

If you’re an existing Venture theme Shopify user, increasing your conversion rate and AOV for your brand then completing the Shopify Venture Theme customization package by HulkApps is likely essential to you.

Shopify store owners with traffic over 2,500 unique visits a month tend to work with us on theme customization projects. By making subtle conversion rate changes that create significant revenue increases, clients of this size and above often see a financial uplift after working with HulkApps.

Make commerce better for everyone with the perfect Venture Shopify  Theme for high volume stores

If you're getting less than a 2% conversion rate, you're not only missing out on a potential opportunity, you're actively losing money. HulkApps Venture theme support helps you get that sales and revenue as efficiently as possible, and the process can be heard by contacting HulkApps Support. 

Raise a Ticket (@ Free Cost) = Increase your conversion rate. 

HulkApps Shopify Venture theme support gives you a 

  • Dedicated Shopify Developer
  • Speed assurance
  • A customized header
  • Custom CMS
  • Custom sections
  • 2 round iteration & feedback

Reasons to opt-in for the HulkApps Shopify Venture theme support for Venture theme customization?

  • Mobile compatible theme
  • No hidden charges
  • Complete fresh design
  • Expedient check-ups

Make commerce better for everyone with the perfect Venture Shopify  Theme for high volume stores

2. Create Advanced Functionality In Venture Shopify Theme Support

If you’ve been administering a Shopify store, no doubt you’ll be carefully monitoring the profitability of your business and looking at ways to maximize it. With so many themes available, taking the time to assess which theme to use is both time-consuming and confusing.

Working closely with the Venture theme Shopify, the HulkApps team has a thorough understanding of theme features and how best to utilize these alongside customizations to generate growth and create advanced functionalities to generate more sales with minimal efforts. Here’s how HulkApps work with you to create advanced functionalities in Venture  Shopify Theme. 

Make commerce better for everyone with the perfect Venture Shopify  Theme for high volume stores

3. How to set up, enhance and migrate to Shopify Store

First, make sure you have already set up your Shopify store. If you’ve found a theme suitable to your store among Shopify’s themes available, all you gotta do is purchase it and add it to your store quickly from within the admin section. If you face any issues or want help, you can reach out to HulkApps Venture theme set up. Later, to upsell your products, send your shoppers their purchase tracking information, build a form, or to have trust badges in your site, You can avail extensions from HulkApps at reasonable rates. 

Note: Remember, you can preview or demo any purchase from HulkApps Shopify Store on your store, so make sure you try that before making any purchase. Some apps are free of cost.

Make commerce better for everyone with the perfect Venture Shopify  Theme for high volume stores


Creating an option that needs an additional cost for customization?

Product options are one of the cornerstones of eCommerce, and it's impossible to shop for certain products without them. Apparel comes in multiple sizes and colors, the furniture comes in different wood finishes, and bed linens come in different patterns; the list goes on and on. HulkApps Shopify Infinite Product options allow you to attach an add-on product to the option selection so you can add an extra cost to your main product. This way, there’s no return trips where a customer orders something, then sends a request to add extra features to their order, wherein you need to explain the extra cost charges, and the customer has to pay a second time or cancel the order.

Custom Option Types supported:

Drop down, Swatches, Checkbox, Radio Button, File Upload, Email, Phone

Looking to add more features?

Form Builder:

If you need forms for generating leads, collecting payments, distributing surveys, track page views, and more, Form Builder is for you. Trusted by thousands, this form maker helps you build Unlimited Forms with ease and hassle-free. Embed just one snippet of code and you’ll be up and running in no time. Click here to learn more.

Post Purchase Survey:

Improving the performance and experience of your website starts with understanding what your visitors want and what's preventing them from achieving it. Target questions to specific visitors anywhere on your web and mobile site. (even on the order confirmation or thank you page). Click here to learn more.

Product Reviews:

A feature-rich FREE review app that lets merchants easily import Reviews & Ratings to your store and capture useful information to you and your customers. With the Product Reviews app, you can build trust and increase conversion rate by showing your happy shoppers. Click here to learn more.

If you face any issue with you Shopify store or migration, you can reach out to HulkApps Support: 

To know more about the best practices for Shopify Merchants, deep insights into Shopify Services & Support, you can refer to the blog section.