From the point an order is checked out until it is delivered, the customer wants to know every single state of their order. Customers appreciate the ability to track the status of their orders as a very important part of the customer experience. 

Shopify App Store is crammed full of useful tools for stores that want to increase sales. Whether you’re looking for a solution like the "Trackiest ‑ Shipping Tracking" or something else entirely, the app store comes with countless tools for business owners like you who want. 

Trackiest App, an order tracking Shopify plugin, will save you a lot of time by automating the process of choosing the ideal courier for the shipment. It also uses the tracking information you enter for fulfillment and sends shipping updates via SMS and email. 

Trackiest App


Plus, Trackiest makes it easy for you to add a responsive page to your e-store where customers can track their orders using their order number, email address, or tracking number, and you can easily customize the colors and fonts on the page to match your store’s existing branding.

Proper integration of the Trackiest App will Auto-updates on the order status and allow you to hide the country of origin of the products, and it comes with support for more than 500 carriers. 

integration of the Trackiest App

This integration empowers your e-store to create personalized customer experiences using the data your Shopify store is already collecting. A personalized customer experience makes your brand attract attention from the competition while creating brand loyalty and trust. 

Trackiest review also indicates that the app features the fastest way to institute a long-term relationship with customers by building the ability to remain transparent with their orders. The One-demand function in Trackiest App lets you keep tabs on every order or just ones the buyers search. 

Give satisfying customer experience 

When you integrate Trackiest into you Shopify with the help of HulkApps Service, you can automatically start delivering the most meaningful messages on the right channel at the best time—a journey tailored to each unique customer. As you give personalized offerings, you make happy customers and build repeat purchases. 

With that said, to achieve agility and experience maximum value, multiple integration approaches may be necessary. Need assistance to integrate Trackiest app with your Shopify store so you can automate the fulfillment process by establishing seamless connectivity between dropshipping, warehousing, shipping, and tracking solutions.

Give satisfying customer experience with  Trackiest App

Once our Trackiest App integration is done, you can track your packages anywhere, anytime, in a few clicks. We can also configure & set up the options of translating all app messages into your own language. 

We understand that you want to simplify the tracking process, maximize value, and boost profit margins. Our Trackiest Shopify app Integration service here at HulkApps is been specially designed to help you achieve these with greater ease.

The Shopify SEO experts ensure to improve your site SEO by setting up the tracking in your store instead of the carrier’s site. So sit back and secure your customer's user experience. 

With the Trackiest Shopify app installed in your backend, you can avail the support of 500 + carriers to notify your customers where the order is and when it arrives via email or text notifications.

Our integration services will checklist all the options for a responsive design; a provide a compelling shopping experience to your users when using different screen size devices.

If you're just getting started with a new store or looking to enhance your existing site with the perfect status tracker app, then our very own, Shopify Order Status Tracker app is for you.

hulkapps order status tracker shopify app

HulkApps Shopify Order Status Tracker helps you be with the customer, enhance customer experience, and improve efficiencies with real-time Order tracking. It integrates with order fulfillment systems, logistics providers, and shipping carriers to track orders from initiation to final delivery. The dashboard interface enables the merchants to access order status easily.

Additional perks of having HulkApps Integrate Trackiest ‑ Shipping Tracking into your Shopify Store. 

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