Ever wonder how to include a couple of slides to your homepage? Or how to include a video to your product or nitty-gritty information about the creator of your blog post? Well, see no further. All of those things and much more can be fulfilled utilizing the Metafields Master app by HulkApps!

This app gives you much more control and simple to utilize interface for managing your meta fields. By getting a little creative and using extraordinary inputs.  To get the ball rolling, we recommend you visit our quick guide on how to include additional pieces of HTML to your products.

Good News!

Since 2018, our Metafields Master app has helped thousands of entrepreneurs build successful online stores. We've been hard at work on a few important updates to the app, and today we're excited to share it with you.

Here are just a few of the things the newly improved Metafields Master app lets you do :

  • Global Custom Fields 

    • Finally, an app that doesn't hold you back! Managing metafields in bulk is great to make editing faster when you need to add the same sort of metafields (like a product YouTube link) over and over again. 
  • Bulk Import & Export

    • Importing takes time and we want to remove some pressure for you. For customers on our Pro plan, you can now edit field values in bulk using spreadsheets! You can search based on SKU, title, and many other attributes, then see all your field values in one place and update them all at once. This should make you much more productive

This is an update for our Pro users, but if you are a Free user and would like to unlock these features, we encourage you to start your 7-day free trial as soon as possible. Here’s a quick link to begin with our 6 days trial for Metafields Master App. 

We’re here for you!

Many stores do have unique needs and if you get stumped, poke around the Help Center or just leave a comment below, we're happy to help.