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Goodness of 3 in 1!

Banners are an incredible way to get your business noticed. High-quality materials, wonderful plan and vibrant designs all help to induce your deals and promotional message out there. And corresponding to the existing app scenario, we had bigger things in mind when we developed this app, to do a good portion of...

Time To Create Your First Offer With Master Marketer!

Have you been considering using an offer bar, back in stock notification, restocked alerts, etc for your landing page? Are you concerned that the risk exceeds the reward? We do feel; you’re not the only one who’s worried. The thing is, pop-ups, offer bars, notifiers can be truly compelling, particularly when you...

All You Need To Know About Master Marketer

No pressure, but your website is one of the foremost critical digital branding tools you’ll ever have. Also, When we say, “above the fold” we mean the portion of a webpage that’s visible without having to scroll. Your site banner, header, and navigation are the key fixings making up what’s over the...




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