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Features Of Simple Contact Us Form That Make Everyone Love It
If you run a business, it's vital for customers to be able to contact you effortlessly. Whether they need to purchase, sign-up or inquire, a basic contact method is a primary step into winning new business. Contact us forms can make everything easier and save you so much time. But if you're...
A Quick Recap Of Shopify Unite 2021
By now, most entrepreneurs know that one of the most efficient ways to develop a business is to attend conferences to form in-person associations, build your network, and learn key improvements from the industry in which you work. In fact, when those updates that will define trends for the predictable future are...
How to Avoid the Pitfalls of Online Customer Reviews?
FAKE REVIEWS It's well known that a proportion of reviews posted online are not honest to goodness. A few advertising organizations admit to writing and posting positive reviews for clients, and a few freelance writers have proposed that they are paid to write positive reviews. Numerous businesses have too claimed that unfairly...
Best Practice To Staying Compliant With The GDPR
If your business is working inside the EU, it’s time you stop and find out how the new EU data regulation could be affecting you. On 25 May 2018, the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) came into action. In case your customers are within the EU, the way you manage their...
Tips on choosing, modifying & improving your slider images
For the past 7 years, sliders (or carousels in case you need) are something almost every site has. It’s a common practice. Something that we are all used to. It’s the primary thing your visitor is aiming to see on your site. The slider images got to make an amazing first impression,...



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