Getting started with eCommerce and knowing what to offer can seem overwhelming, but the overarching objective is always to boost your sales. And much like a physical shopfront store, you need to prep up your online store, from design to customization, so that your visitors feel more connected with the brand.

As Shopify makes it easier to build and launch an eCommerce store, picking up a theme that can suit your brand is relatively easy. To pick up the best, you need to learn more about the offered Shopify themes and their functionalities and how they will help you stand out from the crowd; we mean creating a unique website for your brand.

Here are two stunning Shopify themes that support the updated Shopify theme architecture, Shopify OS 2.0, and are designed to help any catalog size store. 

Express yourself with the Avatar Shopify Theme critique: 

Avatar Shopify 2.0 theme

  • Supports Shopify Online Store 2.0.  
  • An ideal choice for merchants in art and entertainment, clothing and accessories, health and beauty industry.
  • Modern, clean design layouts to support visual brand storytelling.

The Shopify theme Avatar is a theme designed and built to support all kinds of stores, be it a store with a large catalog of products or a small catalog; the modern design will increase average order value.

What sets the Avatar Shopify theme special is its many customization options. If you are a merchant with a large catalog, the Shopify theme makes it easy for your store for visitors to navigate through your site and filter content. 

Also, the Shopify Avatar theme allows you to promote your products like the best-featured product with the in-menu promos and recommended products functionality. The Shopify theme's improved product filtering and sorting allow your visitors to get specific with their search, making it simple to find what they need in your store no matter the size of your catalog.

The combination of beautiful design, user-friendly navigation, and several design elements of the Shopify theme Avatar will drive sales. You can easily promote your store products with such ready sections as banners, collections lists, blog articles, featured products, product carousels, newsletters, etc.

The clean and attractive design layouts of the Avatar Shopify theme allow you to present your products better and not overpower users with content. There is also the ability to add product videos, size charts, and usage information seamlessly to promote products subtly and advertise discounts. You can show offers without appearing "spammy," enticing visitors to take action.

With cart notes, quick buy, slide-out cart, and sticky cart options, the Shopify Avatar theme will allow you to create the simplest buying experience for your visitors. Also, the Shopify theme's ability to showcase color swatches, support high-resolution images, and image rollover, image zoom will allow your customers to engage with your store easily.  

Summary of what you'll get with the Shopify Avatar Theme:

  • Minimal setup steps are required for a quick launch. 
  • You can reduce the rate of return with size charts and usage information. 
  • The cross-selling and in-menu promo features will boost sales.
  • Offers easy checkout access for your customers with the quick buy option 
  • Without overwhelming, you can display lots of products across different collections. 

    Covert your typography into sales with the Baseline Shopify Theme critique:

    Baseline Shopify Theme customization

    • Supports Shopify Online Store 2.0.  
    • An ideal choice for merchants in art and entertainment, clothing and accessories, home and garden industry.
    • Typography-focused theme to tell your brand story.

      Shopify Baseline theme is another Shopify theme targeted at heavily invested businesses in image and brand photography. However, the theme also supports those businesses with larger product catalogs offering mega menu options and a highly optimized collection page navigation. 

      The Shopify Baseline eCommerce website template offers customization options similar to the Avatar theme. If you are a merchant looking out to improve your business SEO with a blog, consider the blogging functionality of the theme.

      The promo banners, pop-ups, and tiles of the Baseline Shopify theme allow you to promote your products. The Recommended products features allow you to deliver a personalized store experience. Plus, if you are a merchant with a large catalog, the Shopify theme product filtering and sorting feature makes it easy for your store visitors to navigate your site and filter content accordingly. 

      With Shopify theme Baseline eCommerce website template, you won't only get to design an attractive page layout but also have the option to add a huge amount of content and yet ease the navigation from your product catalog to the promotional sidebars and sticky headers.

      Summary of what you'll get with the Shopify Baseline theme:

      • Typography-focused theme 
      • Option to showcase product imagery in a horizontal gallery template.
      • Deliver exceptional store experience with customizable grid layout.

        Want to get better? Hire us for effortless existing Shopify Theme customization 

        Shopify 2.0 theme customisations

        Working with top brands in Shopify theme customization, we understand the Shopify theme architecture and its new updates on Shopify OS 2.0. Based on the requirement, our eCommerce website template customization experts can modify your Shopify theme architecture and take care of the needed integration and configurations.

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        Our approach to Shopify theme customization:

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            Final thoughts: 

            When choosing a Shopify theme to start building your business online, you need a few impactful and straightforward questions, like do you want a megamenu-themed eCommerce website template? Do you need a Shopify theme that allows your customers to buy your products quickly?.

            Both Shopify Avatar theme and Baseline Shopify theme support all these questions and offer more features to enhance your online store. Speaking of differences, both the Shopify themes are suitable for any catalog size and offer almost the same functionalities, except that the Avatar Shopify theme focuses on a modern design layout. In contrast, the Shopify Baseline theme focuses on typography.

            It is important to remember that whether you pick up the Shopify Avatar eCommerce website template or Shopify Baseline theme, or any other Shopify theme, you need to make the theme you choose your own with branding. If you need any assistance or help in customization, connect with our HulkApps Shopify theme experts.