A slider may be an incredible way to do everything from providing a great above the fold call to action to keeping a user on your site an extra few seconds to boost SEO. Let’s take a closer look at this trending website feature so you'll decide if it is the correct fit for your site.

Before diving in, let us first talk about some basics of sliders.

What is a slider?

Basically, it is a slide show of images that appears on the website. 

Benefits of having a slider on an e-commerce website:


Users love stunning imagery, and this gives you a chance to provide it without making a user scroll down through a gallery.

Hold Attention

Once a user sees a slider, he is usually going to hang around to see all of the slides. This adds to how long a user is on the site.


When a user stays on your site longer, this indicates to search engines that the site is engaging. Therefore, a slider may help boost your SEO.

Call to Action [CTA]

A Slider provides you with the opportunity to produce multiple CTAs above the fold (meaning the user doesn’t have to scroll down to see it).

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Meet: Master Slider app by HulkApps

If you’re looking to impress your customers with lively eye-catching images right on your Shopify store then look nowhere than Master Slider app by HulkApps. 

It’s a great app that allows uploading, customizing and showing a series of banners as sliders. Try yourself!

Let’s find out what FREE Master Slider app lets you do?

  • Create unlimited banners on your own. No coding knowledge required
  • Control almost everything in your slide, from arrows to pagination, to speed, to transitions, and even thumbnails
  • Schedule your slide start and end date (Example: Black Friday/Cyber Monday offer slide)
  • Style your sliders with unlimited options, customizable to your needs
  • Bulk upload slider images and save your time

If you’re not an existing Master Slider user, then here’s a quick link to install the app & get started in no time!

Install Master Slider App

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