In the fast-paced world of ecommerce, innovation is your ticket to staying ahead. As a dedicated Shopify merchant, you juggle multiple tasks daily—from inventory management to customer engagement. Understanding this, we're  thrilled to roll out two transformative features for the Hulk Restock & Back in Stock App: Google Sheets Integration and Custom Email Domain Verification

Read on to discover how these features are set to revolutionize your online store’s efficiency and elevate your customer experience.

Unlocking The Power: Must-Have New Features

Custom Domain for Email Notifications

Say goodbye to the generic email! With our new Custom Email Domain feature, your back-in-stock and restock alerts will now come directly from an email address associated with your own brand.

Why this matters:

  • Improved Email Deliverability: Emails from a verified domain are far less likely to end up in the spam folder.
  • Enhanced Brand Authenticity: Alerts coming from your own domain boost customer trust and engagement.
  • Personalization: Craft your back-in-stock alerts to match your brand's voice, further enhancing customer engagement.
  • Fraud Prevention: A verified domain means extra security layers, reducing the risks of phishing and spam.

Custom Email Domain - Hulk Restock & Back in Stock App

Google Sheets Integration

With the Google Sheets integration, all back-in-stock subscriber data is automatically exported to a Google Sheet, live and in real-time. This includes crucial information like email addresses, phone numbers, product IDs and titles, variant IDs and titles, SKUs, product quantities, subscription dates, and even the status of restock alerts.

The game-changers:

  • Automated Data Export: All relevant details—email, phone numbers, SKUs—are updated automatically in a Google Sheet.
  • Real-time Insights: Monitor customer interactions and popular products in real-time.
  • Collaborative Decision Making: Teams can simultaneously access the Google Sheet, making data-driven decisions simpler and more collaborative.
  • Data-Driven Inventory Management: Real-time insights enable smarter restocking decisions, maximizing customer satisfaction and revenue opportunities.

How to set it up: 

  1. Open Settings: Go to the Restock Master dashboard and click on 'Settings'.
  2. Access Reports: Find and click the 'Reports' option within 'Settings'.
  3. Enable Google Sheets: Toggle the switch next to 'Google Sheets' to 'Enable'.
  4. Go to Subscribers: On the sidebar, click on the 'Subscribers' tab.
  5. Export Data: Click on the 'Export to Google Sheet' button at the top-right of the page.
  6. Input Key: In the pop-up, enter your Google Sheet key.
  7. Share Access: Copy the email provided, go to your Google Sheet, and paste it in the 'Share' settings. 
  8. Finalize Export: Return to 'Subscribers' and click 'Submit' to finish exporting data to Google Sheets. 

Real-world Applications

Scenario 1: Custom Domain for Email Notifications

Imagine Sarah, a loyal customer, who's been eyeing a dress from your store. She signs up for restock alerts, and when that email comes, it's from your brand's domain. Result? She trusts the email, opens it immediately, and purchases the dress she's been coveting. That's the power of the Custom Email Domain feature.

Scenario 2: Google Sheets Integration

Meet Alex, who runs a trendy online coffee shop. As the holiday rush looms, Alex relies on the Google Sheets integration for real-time data on his most popular coffee blends. Spotting a spike in demand for a specific blend, he restocks just in time, leading to happy customers and a significant sales uptick.

Take Your Shopify Experience to the Next Level

The latest features in Hulk Restock & Back in Stock are not just improvements; they're transformative updates. From automated data management via Google Sheets to brand-authentic email notifications, these new integrations provide robust tools to revolutionize your Shopify experience.

So, if you're still on the fence, remember: in ecommerce, stagnation is not an option. These features are designed to keep you ahead of the curve. 

Ready to streamline your inventory and boost customer engagement? Activate these new features in Restock Master now!