Believing that having a Shopify product page built with well-stocked inventory is enough to improve your sales funnel may have otherwise a different scenario.

You are not alone in the squad to have the same perspective. Many Shopify merchants are obsessed with making their checkout experience stand out for visitors.  The landing pages also get critical attention with the post-purchase journey making its way to the leaders’ sales funnel objectives. 

But, the journey to these stages can never happen unless you ensure to build a persuasive product page on your Shopify store. Because the gateway to successful transaction happens only through a well-designed and functional Shopify product page template

Shopify product page sections or the entire product page can generate values when you will be able to convert. There are often many sides to a highly converting product page that you overlook and put your growth at risk. 

So, how can you build an exceptional product page? 

In this blog, we will discuss significant rules to making a stunning product page that actually helps you convert. While we suggest you the right methods, we will also throw light on how you can tap the potentials of Shopify product page design examples. To make this guide simple to understand, we present this in a question and answer format. Scroll to the read the blog. 

What Shopify theme is this?

Shopify store design and development has core dependencies on the Shopify theme customization. Uncover the best tricks to discover the right theme your Shopify store needs. Also, dig further to utilize highly skilled Shopify theme customization support.

Customize your Shopify theme

How does a product page work for the Shopify store?

Shopify product page is more than a home page that gives a direct sneak peek into your product listings with the right information that persuades your buyers to make a buying decision.

With a clear action button to enable a click for ‘add to cart page’, the Shopify product page comes with lots of information.

As per pros in the ecommerce industries product pages have a paramount objective to build user trust and confidence, while making buying experience more personalized and straightforward.

So, your Shopify product page must have all the important information about product specifications, costs, assurance, and loyalty to inspire the checkout process.

What makes a great product page?

To build a simplified and straightforward product page, all you need is just a product title, product description, and a CTA that enables successful transactions.

But, if you utilize the prebuilt Shopify product page template without going for the next-level customization, it is tough to convert.

What makes a great product page?

An excellent yet functional Shopify product page must have the following assets, elements, or information,

  1. Your product
  2. Your brand
  3. Great copywriting
  4. Engaging product videos
  5. High-quality product images
  6. Key features of your product
  7. Product details
  8. Payment information
  9. Shipping information
  10. Customer reviews
  11. Return policies
  12. FAQs
  13. An add-to-cart call-to-action button

With all these things in place, you can level up your Shopify product page customization and make a difference with your long-term conversion goals.

Is a product page different from a landing page?

The answer is yes.

To simply put, landing pages have core and specific objectives rather than selling ecommerce products alone. It targets a certain group of people when it comes to marketing a certain category of product or service. The objective is to drive visitors or users to sign up for newsletters or engage with the brand in response to find a resolution to certain pain points.

On the other hand, a product page, by all means, aims at selling products and improving conversion rates. These pages also include several links to allow for different product page navigation.

Overall, landing pages and product pages serve two different purposes but with ecommerce conversions in mind.

How can you apply high-performing Shopify product page customization?

Shopify product pages can drastically decline your sales volume when you are making common mistakes on these pages. We can show you how to make a Shopify product page template high-converting. Here’s are some ways to make amazing iterations

1. Highlight what interests your customers

What makes a great product page?

You may have so many products to display on a cover page. But, don’t forget to use captivating copywriting to highlight what makes your product unique and special to the specific preferences of your target audience.

What you can do about it:

  • Write a crisp paragraph to describe a distilled summary of the product features and benefits.
  • Add rich context, highlight with clear product images, and of course combine it with social proof.
  • Ensure you give every important detail at one glance.

2. Influence to hit the ‘Buy’ or ‘Add to Cart’ button

Adding a clear call-to-action button is all that helps you drive to your main objective of increasing conversions. More often, we are not following the basic fundamentals of creating an engaging or eye-catching call-to-action button for the Shopify product page template.

What makes a great product page?

What you can do about it:

  • The Add to Cart button must stand out from the rest of the surrounding content. Its positioning should be uncluttered and should not distract the viewing experience.
  • Color for the call-to-action button must camouflage your brand’s tone, while it should capture your visitor’s attention.
  • Try to use simple and clear copywriting for your CTA button. Just simple ‘Add to Cart’ or ‘Buy Now’ or anything that asks for immediate action without any distraction can inspire your visitors to buy.

3. Impress with solid photography

It is a virtual world as you step up to sell through ecommerce. One of the downsides of selling through online stores is that your visitors have no easy access to trial your products like they do IRL.

Here what great product photography can do wonders for your business. They are quick to catch up with your visitors and trick them into navigating your Shopify product page template.

What you can do about it:

  • Put up high-definition product photographs that users can easily zoom in to capture visual details and adequate product information from them.
  • Just one product image is insufficient in terms of feeding their inquisitiveness. A photo gallery is always better than a single image. Prefer a slideshow for the image gallery and boost their confidence to buy.
  • Use a proper image size that is responsive to all device size and give improved optimization even in low internet bandwidth.

4. Sell with compelling product videos

It is easier to sell with well-compiled product videos. It is a better version of storytelling that condenses lots of complex theories into one small clip. When adding videos to your Shopify product pages, there are certain ways you can follow.

What you can do about it:

  • Embed videos alongside the image gallery thumbnails.
  • Use a play icon and overlay your video assets in the image gallery.
  • Use four different types of videos to create an impression. They are product tour videos, unboxing videos, how-to’s, and production line videos.

5. Derive values with attractive copywriting for products descriptions

As you build great copies to add to Shopify product pages, ensure you have concise, relevant, and useful content for your visitors.

It is effective and result-driven when you add SEO-friendly content for product titles and also descriptions.

What you can do about it:

  • Write your copies with the audience persona in mind, and give them more reasons to buy your product
  • Provide enough details that highlight on benefits to address customer challenges.
  • Use proper words and make them easy to understand.

6. Embed live chat to improve customer interaction

Live chat is now not a nice-to-have product page feature. It is indeed a significant ecommerce store tool to help customers get their queries answered instantly.

It’s no different from a FAQ page. However, live chat is able to provide human experience through real-time conversations via chatbot or support team.

What you can do about it:

  • Live chat needs manual interaction during peak sales time. Have your team ready to handle customer queries.
  • Optimize your chat experience for your users by scheduling your content based on the expected scenario.

7. Share positive customer responses through reviews and testimonials

Just take a personal view here when it comes to buying a product online. We do scroll for customer reviews before making a purchase.

Rather than what you say about your products in a positive light, customers are inclined to believe what buyers are saying about a specific product on your Shopify product page.

As per a study, 95% of shoppers are more likely to have a common approach to referring to reviews for buying a product.

What you can do about it:

  • Make sure your customer reviews never appear fake.
  • Display customer reviews next to every product page.
  • Testimonials can enhance your marketing efforts as you look for increasing sales volume. Testimonials with stars can easily boost customer trust.
  • Put across testimonials of real people with hands-on experience with your products.

Collect customer reviews

With Shopify App Store providing leading review apps, Product Reviews + UGC with QA is a powerful tool to help you add genuine customer reviews, share the social proof with rating widgets, and also get photo reviews. Embed this into your Shopify Product page to optimize customer reviews and improve sales performance.

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8. Build social proof with trust badges

Nothing can be as powerful as trust badges that allow you to put a seal of trust and high regard for a particular product on the Shopify product page.

The seal or badge on your product can epitomize social proof, thus certifying your products to be safe and legitimate.

What you can do about it:

  • Embed an app that helps you customize your message and make it look awesome on your product page.
  • To use a specific seal of an organization to tell that your product is 100% safe, you may seek permission from the respected authority.
  • You can personalize your product badge with text like ‘High-Quality’, or ‘Made in Canada’.

When you seek to improve your product page engagement and conversion using a trust badge, Trust Badge Master App can help you solve your challenges in winning customer trust and confidence. It gives you several options to use it as payment badges, trust seals while giving you extended customizability to improve user experience.

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9. Optimize upsell and cross-sell

Upsell and cross-sell are always tricky to increase average order value. However, you must not cram your product pages with lots of offers and banners. It can have negative effects on your buyers and distract them from doing an exact action.

What you can do about it:

  • Recommend additional products related to what your buyers are looking for.
  • Prefer showcasing complementary pieces to encourage buyers to purchase the whole product range.
  • Do not overcrowd the space. Keep buyers hooked to your Shopify product page by displaying only additional products.

10. Win customer trust with shipping information and return policy

Make your shipping as transparent as possible. It is very usual for online shoppers to leave the cart when they see shipping cost is included for a handful of products. Oftentimes, lengthy delivery can irritate your customers. Putting up clear and concise shipping information could engage your shoppers to your store and help improve conversions. Similarly, return policies are something that buyers want to know.

What you can do about it:

  • Put shipping information upfront on the product page.
  • If you offer 2-day shipping, forget not to display it on your product page.
  • Showcase apt return information on your product page.
  • Make sure to assure your buyers that returns also enable refunds to earn users’ trust.

11. Reduce support team burden with FAQs

In many instances, users do look for frequently asked question sections to discover information about their queries. Much to your surprise, a well-informed FAQ page can help you solve customer issues and reduce support team labor.

What you can do about it:

  • Ensure to display the most significant FAQs on your Shopify product pages.

What best practices can you use to edit your Shopify product page?

Shopify provides two default ways to edit your product pages. The process also helps you enable Shopify product page customization. Interestingly, you can also use a similar approach to customizing Shopify product page templates. Let’s explore it.

Shopify product page customization with theme’s default settings

Shopify default settings require no additional tech knowledge to fulfill the most basic responsibilities of the store functionality.

Let’s start.

In order to edit your Shopify product page template, use Shopify Admin.

  • Go to Online Store
  • Click Themes
  • Click the Customize button 
  • Get access to the theme editing resources
  • Look for the drop-down menu.
  • Select the Product Pages.
  • Now customize your Shopify Product Page Template

As you go inside the product page template, you can have access to different types of elements to customize. 

Theme’s default settings allow you to make small tweaks like adjustments to elements like button size, typography, text color, cart page appearance, checkout personalization, and lots more. 

Shopify product page customization by editing theme code 

Having hands-on experience with Shopify’s theme code, you can make any changes to the Shopify product page template. 

Customize theme’s code 

  • Go to Online Store
  • Click Themes
  • Click the Customize button 
  • Get access to the theme editing resources
  • Select Theme Actions
  • Edit code 
  • Get access to editing your theme’s code

Start editing your theme’s code. Look for /templates/product.liquid to edit the theme’s code. 

Having access to these resources, you can easily edit elements like 

  • Product variants 
  • Add to cart button
  • Product page features
  • Shopify product page sections

Shopify theme customization support 

As you look to edit Shopify product page template, you must have coding knowledge with Liquid, HTML, CSS, and JS. These language skills are necessary to edit theme code. If you want to have effortless and seamless Shopify theme customization processes while managing the other important aspect of your ecommerce business, HulkApps Shopify theme expert can help you. We can save you time and guarantee you the best outcome. 

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What are some of the best Shopify product page design examples?

It can be an easy iteration for you when you get inspired by Shopify stores that make use of unique and elegant Shopify product page customization processes.  

Let us look at some leading Shopify product page design examples. 

Kylie Cosmetics Kylie Cosmetics

Kylie Cosmetics is passionately telling its people about its different sections on its Shopify Product Page. In the footer section, they are giving customers a lot of trust and confidence through trust badges. 

Pipcorn  Pipcorn 

Pipcorn has made smart iteration with their Shopify product page template customization. Each of their product pages has put an engaging product description, rather better storytelling to capture audiences’ interest. They also highlight product reviews along with video descriptions about customer experience. 

Burga  Burga 

BURGA that sells elegant accessories like phone cases and other accessories emphasizes a better user experience through captivating Shopify product page customization. They make cross-sell useful here while making every necessary element visible for customers to inspire them to shop more with them. 

HELM Boots HELM Boots

Helm Boots leaves no stone unturned in making their customers feel confident about their products. For each product page, they put up an interesting story, while putting each detail in an interesting manner from product reviews to product descriptions. 

Holstee HELM Boots

Holstee does a fantastic job with the Shopify product page template customization. Their product page describes an engaging product description, captivating shipping information, and a video description to tell their customers how they can unbox excitement for them.


It is not that you are going to like and implement all the Shopify product page customization advice pieces. Your Shopify product page can evolve as you grow. Shopify product page template customization ideas may also change as your needs change. Our approach is to help you guide and take inspiration from the Shopify product page design examples and of course the entire section of this blog that highlights how can you edit the Shopify product page with theme default settings. Getting access to the theme’s code can also help you edit your page for an expected personalization. 

However, if you need custom solutions for your Shopify product page, HulkApps Shopify experts are ready to help. We are skilled Shopify theme experts to enable Shopify product page template customization. At the same time, if you want to use Shopify product page builder, we also have amazing customization solutions for you. For more information about your specific needs, get in touch with us today.