While you are enjoying your business sales and struggling to enhance the customer flow, Shopify Experts at HulkApps are busy building some of the most popular tools like Product Options, Order Status Tracker, and Volume Discounts to save you the trouble. 

From designing beautiful forms fast to creating graphical reports and complex workflows, keep reading to learn all about the HulkApps crème de la crème of online form builders.

Oh! And if you are quite confused about the app and its plans, make sure to ping the support! 

HulkApps Shopify form builder with file upload

Build a professional, easy-to-use form builder to collect any information you need for your business. You can easily create any custom form you need with our Form builder, file upload option, custom fields, MailChimp / Klaviyo integration. You can also set up multiple recipients for form submissions.

HulkApps Form Builder helps you to create online forms within minutes with a simple interface. Build complex workflows, sell online, conduct surveys, and more. You can also immediately respond to your potential customer with the auto-response feature. Using this feature in your store will enable you to share information on your product or service, send a downloadable brochure, or even invite the user to a demo. The possibilities are endless!

By using such an auto-response feature wisely, you can immediately respond with more information on your product or service, send a downloadable brochure, or even invite the user to a demo. The possibilities are endless.

Easily streamline your workflow with email notifications every time someone completes your form and sends customers automatic confirmation emails! 

Stop losing sales. Turn anonymous visitors into customers

Limit the groundwork

With free form builder Shopify, you can collect information from your customers without any scramble of setting up a form from scratch or managing the data from your form.

See the Unlimited Form Builder in Action

Once you've set up our app on your site, there is never anything stopping your user from submitting the form. Your forms never 'expire'. Make any number of forms. Get any number of submissions. That’s real independence!

Personalize the response 

You can configure Shopify forms to send a personalized and customized auto-response to the user who submitted the form. 

Stop losing sales. Turn anonymous visitors into customers

No feature restrictions

We offer the largest collection of features that are customizable, mobile responsive, and conversion-optimized such that your visitor won't leave without filling out your forms. Yet if u feel something more, please free to draft up a casual mail to info@formbuilder.hulkapps.com

Data Import

Expedite and simplify your daily work by exporting the submission data of the form to a CSV file.

Built-in security system

Smart Captcha

To help you prevent spamming your forms, the Shopify form builder comes with reCAPTCHA, a free built-in support service that helps to digitize as well as fight spam.

Stop losing sales. Turn anonymous visitors into customers

Captcha Speaks Multiple Languages Now!

The new update in form builder HulkApps is worth noting because it gives you the ability to select your preferred language for the Captcha in your form. We really encourage you to use it to do some pretty awesome things with your forms.

Stop losing sales. Turn anonymous visitors into customers

There are so many benefits of building an online form that it has become a necessity for any online store. Due to which, most form apps offer the same set of features: a variety of question and field options, basic configurations, and templates.

Most save your results in a spreadsheet and notify you using emails when there are new messages for you. With all these similarities, how do you choose the right app for your store? Does the right app even matter? 

For most e-stores, it does matter, just not in as broad of strokes as you might anticipate. You'll find that the minute details like spamming, language make a huge difference. Encourage them to submit their responses. 

Save you time and Add power to your forms

Conditional Logic

Using our form builder Shopify app, you can show or hide your form fields based on the values of other options.

Multi-Language Forms

Get more responses to your complex surveys, long forms, wholesale order forms & reorder forms by customizing the help text, placeholder messages, information text in any language.

Stop losing sales. Turn anonymous visitors into customers

Any theme

Simple yet intuitive, this form builder Shopify app lets you easily embed the form with your current theme.

Analytics & Tracking

Connect your Google Analytics account to gain your customer's insights, optimize multi-page forms, and improve your marketing strategies and campaign performance.

Collect online payments

Make your business take flight with the options to accept online payments through secure integration with Stripe.

Collect the information you want upfront.

With our easy-to-use logic builder, automatically get product name, URL, customer name, email using hidden fields. You can also add-in as many different fields in your contact form app to collect the information you want from your consumer. Add text input fields, radio buttons, dropdown lists, and more to have the best possible segmentation for your emails.

Style Customization

Style your forms

With a plethora of colors and font types to choose from in HulkApps form builder, you can build your desired form.

Stop losing sales. Turn anonymous visitors into customers

Upload your logo

Get your store logo at the top of your Shopify form with the Shopify form generator. You can even format the logo and Shopify form title within the header, as well as hide the header completely.

Advanced CSS guide

Our simple form builder with the file upload app process gets you up and running in just minutes. If you have built a form and want even more customization, you can apply form styles in your store with our style options. 

Final Thoughts

Form builders have a straightforward approach.  

You can personify your kind of form builders with everything that makes it more interacting. Also, take control of what you don't want to collect. There are many more form builders to find. But, our simple form builder app features advanced data processing tools that talk more about forms.

Stop losing sales. Turn anonymous visitors into customers


This isn't the limit of features you can avail with our form builder Shopify app. Give your customers more options and sell more on your site. Shopify form builder with file upload app gives you greater flexibility to customize your forms, build upsell strategies, and ensure a seamless user experience.

Need forms for generating leads, collecting payments, distributing surveys, track page views, and more? Form Builder is for you. 

The pricing plans and features of Shopify Form builder by HulkApps are listed below. Kindly have a look, and integrate the app into your store. 


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