When your customer walks down your store aisle, what do they see? Multiple products with brands pulling in, giving them options to discover and compare. As a merchant, you need to compete with the competition; provide your store visitors with all possible options organized together in one place, such that they don't look elsewhere. Comparable to promoting a store floor, variating products together on your store listing is a must – making products more discover-able, creating a better user experience, and increasing sales.

Configurable Options and Product Addons to Maximize Functionality

Product options are one of the cornerstones of eCommerce, and it's impossible to shop for certain products without them. Apparel comes in multiple sizes and colors, the furniture comes in different wood finishes, and bed linens come in different patterns; the list goes on and on. 

Shopify Product options are especially useful for local businesses making pick-up orders or places that customize the product. Other Shopify merchants can use them as well, though — think different sizes, colors, or variants of a product. 

Shopify's custom product options app is also great for setting customer's boundaries and keeping customers from thinking they can order additional features without paying extra.

Benefits of Shopify infinite options

While Shopify custom product options are a no brainer in providing the customer with the best possible user experience and utmost convenience – letting shoppers engage with the listing and find exactly what they’re looking for – the brand will also benefit from: 

Conversion Rate Optimization

- As all the product options and variations are available on a single page, Shoppers are more likely to be engaged. This significantly reduces the chances of abandoning the cart.

Aggregated Reviews

- As reviews play a key role in a shopper’s purchase decision, having all the product options and variations are available on a single page lets you combine all reviews from those products onto the single listing and display as an aggregated total. This detail provides a positive impression for less popular products.


- Even the less popular product can be discovered easily with Shopify custom product builder since all the product options are captured on a single product page. This leads to good sales rank and high search results. 

Increased Sales

- All of the core benefits stated above refer to one point- increased sales. With Shopify custom product options, products in your catalog are more visible to Shoppers, and the product options will engage the shopper and drive more sales.

Creating the best shopper experience is the overall goal of the HulkApps Shopify custom product builder. The overall strategy and features offered for Shopify Product options are listed below. 


Unlimited customization:

Configurable Options and Product Addons to Maximize Functionality

Shopify infinite options by HulkApps provides you with both the options and the tools to include all your product variants in an organized way. Display important features and options in a bulleted list for at-a-glance information. The customizable option allows you to create additional sections for technical specifications, instructions, and other variations, and much more. Nevertheless, your customers never need to be in the dark about what they're buying. Let your customers select unlimited customization and options right on the product page.

Bulk apply options:

Configurable Options and Product Addons to Maximize Functionality

If you have different variants of a product in your store, instead of creating multiple single products, Shopify allows you to create variable product options. It is not very easy to upload products and their variations manually to the store.

The Shopify infinite options- Bulk Edit by HulkApps allows you to import products and their variations in bulk. You can upload any number of products at one time with a single click, assigning option sets to a single product, or a custom-selected group like a collection, brand, or product type in the easiest possible way. You can choose how you receive and export the file so you can continue working.

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Price adjustment:

Configurable Options and Product Addons to Maximize Functionality

Most of the eCommerce stores sell standard physical products, and sometimes stores need something more.

For example, you want your store to be more customer-friendly. You want to let a customer order a gift wrap. It's a very needed option for customers during holidays, Valentine's Day, festivals, and other events. For such a feature, the best solution would be to add a checkbox option. It acts as a product add-on. 

Your customers are probably busy or have a lot of people to buy gifts. That's why taking the present wrapping off their to-do list could be what gets them to buy from instead of your competitor. If you could simplify things for consumers by offering this service, then they're going to love you for it. 

Styling and  Display Customization:

Configurable Options and Product Addons to Maximize Functionality

One way to reduce the checkout time is to streamline the data collection and personalization process. This would possibly increase conversion rates across all types of customers and can be easily done using the Infinite product options feature.

Setting Shopify custom product options   means you are creating a mindset among your customers that they are being narrowed down to the best product and won’t need more additional info — they can see the most important details right away. Our Custom product options app allows you to change the look of your product customizable to you.

Conditional Logic:

Configurable Options and Product Addons to Maximize Functionality

You’re adding extra product options to your products, but you only want to show them when certain conditions are met. This is what exactly the conditional logic option performs for you. It allows you to further customize how your product options appear in your store. Using conditional logic, you can show or hide options based on the values of other options.

For instance, depending on what choices the customer makes, you could hide the file upload option that asks for the customer's logo unless they’ve selected the Personalize shirt option in the product options. 

The outcome piece of conditional logic helps you change the visibility of a product option by creating rules that show or hide options based on your customer's previous selections.

Inventory control:

Configurable Options and Product Addons to Maximize Functionality

Most of the time, a product is available in more than one variant or option, being available in different sizes, colors. But it isn't as simple as to display the price unless the product is "One size for all " condition. Sometimes, different product options are the exclusive features of the product, like the color of a product. The specific color of a product can be more expensive to manufacture or ship. 

In such complex situations, specific product variants need their inventory tracked separately to keep everyone, like distributors, retailers on the same frame. Ensuring to provide all the required information and a smooth checkout for your customers, you need the ability to specify this individual information without affecting the other, more standard product variants.

Our powerful Shopify infinite product options app features allow you to create and track specific product options as though it is a separate product, but without breaking them off into their product page. The features give you the flexibility to adjust the price for the product based on their exclusive features. 

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Edit Options in Cart:

Let your store shoppers change their desired product variations directly from the cart. Reduce the tedious process of repeating the entire browsing procedure - product page, a new variant, add to cart, remove the existing product when the customer decides to purchase a different variant of the product. This reduces cart abandonment chances largely and improves the customer’s shopping experience, which parallelly helps you recover that lost sale.

Our Shopify custom product builder gives your customers the power to change variation in cart with simple options. It also allows your user to change variations for multiple products on the cart page. The changes will be automatically displayed, along with the price changes, if any. Our other exclusive edit options in the cart feature display as a button on the cart page that pops-up with option details.

Bulk Import / Export Options:

Configurable Options and Product Addons to Maximize Functionality

You want your website shoppers to browse faster, check out fast, pay you faster. If you run a busy store with multiple products and variants, you probably feel vexatious to edit products one by one.

With our Shopify product customizer features, it is possible to amend the prices of the product, description, variant price of the products in bulk.

Customers using the Advanced Options feature

Configurable Options and Product Addons to Maximize Functionality

Final Thoughts 

The Product Options app lets you quickly customize your product options with unlimited variations. Give your customers more options and sell more on your site. Shopify Product Options give you greater flexibility to customize your products, create upsell opportunities, and give a better shopping experience.

Need a $5 gift wrapping surcharge? How about $15 for rush processing? Product Options makes this easy! 

Shopify Product Options by HulkApps lets you:

  • Edit your option sets and Update in all products at once
  • Add Tool-tip or Help text to explain Options to customers
  • Assign a price to the option, or offer it for free
  • Set max character length.