When it comes to online stores, social proof can go a long way towards boosting your conversion rate. Whereas product reviews are a awesome way to set up the trust with potential customers, you can take social proof a step further by adding live sales notifications to your site.

There's no shortage of apps in Shopify that offer this functionality but the issue with most of them is that they charge a premium fee. However, there's one Shopify app that gives you this functionality for FREE.

The plugin in question is Sales Pop - FOMO Notifier by HulkApps and in today's post, we'll take a look at how to include live sales notifications to your site in a few simple clicks.

What is Sales Pop - FOMO Notifier?

Sales Pop - FOMO Notifier is a Shopify app that was built with the sole reason of helping Shopify merchants automate their marketing. It includes more than 10 features that will help you to optimize conversion rates, increase average order value, and boost online sales.

A fully-fledged feature of this app is the recent sales popup notification that shows who recently bought a product on your website. Once somebody lands on your website and begins browsing products, seeing those notifications can help to convince them to make the purchase.

Let's take a look at how to enable those notifications on your site.

To begin setting up your recent sales pop notifications, follow the steps below.

Install Sales Pop - FOMO Notifier App

Search for "Sales Pop - FOMO Notifier by HulkApps" in the Shopify Store and Just click on the huge 'Add app' button on the page to install it. After that, you just got to open the app and configure as per your needs.

Enable and Configure Sales Pop

The app is by default enabled, so you need not have to activate it for the first time. It is only needed when you’ve disabled it for any reason. To configure basic sales pop behavior, click on Settings in Sales Pop backend.

Enable and configure


You can choose the products as per your need to display in the recent sales popup and configure the initial delay that says about how long it will stay visible and utilize Google Analytics for advanced tracking.


Customize Sales Pop

To customize how sales pop looks on your store site, click on Notifications in Sales Pop backend.


Choose between several layout options and tweak where on the screen the notification will pop up and more.

Layout Options

Final Thoughts

Recent sales notifications are one of the best ways to show potential customers your store carries popular items, build trust, and boost your conversion rate. Use this tutorial to guide you through the process of setting up sales pop notifications on your store and improve your bottom line. Happy selling!