As part of our continued efforts to better serve our merchants with the best VolumeBoost app, we will be pushing some updates in our app with some significant updates. As part of the update, we will be removing one of the feature 'Sales Badges' from the app.

Speaking out in technical terms, usage of sales badges in the app made it run slow which was unacceptable. This update will be effective from tomorrow i.e from October 23, 2019.


  • From October 23, 2019, newly created offers won't be able to make use of the sales badges
  • Amending any offer after October 23, 2019, that incorporates sales badges will be affected with this update and sales badges will be no longer be displayed.
  • Offers created in the past without any update will include the sales badges (if incorporated).

We aren't perfect, but we strive to innovate and improve every day & we truly appreciate your patience and support

If you have any questions or any further concerns, please contact us directly at