Sure, sliders are commonly used for marketing reasons, but you should also put in mind that it should match your website design.

According to the content marketing site Social Media Today, Sliders are one of the most vital factors that leads your website as one of the most trafficked websites. This is perhaps the most concrete reason of how rapidly and subtly sliders have crept into our online lives. 

So, what makes Sliders so beloved? As per the study, apart from the images, we use in the sliders the look & feel of the sliders is another reason to display appealing sliders on your website.

If you’re already using the Master Slider app, you might be already knowing the feature I’ll talk about in a bit!

Merchants who aren’t aware of this feature, I’ll take you’ll through it. These features are:

  • Custom CSS
  • Custom JS

Both the above features are useful when you’re willing to change the appearance to make it look just like another page of your website.

Let’s dive in & see how you find it in the store:

Step:1 Go to the app > Enter Info

Enter Info

Step:2 Add Custom CSS & Custom JS

We understand the needs of our merchants so we’ve made it a little easier for them to change the appearance of the sliders to compliment the store theme.

We’ve given two options that’ll directly affect the appearance of the sliders within the store.

Custom CSS

Merchants have to simply get the custom CSS designed by a professional web designer & put the code into the Custom CSS option made available in the app.

Custom CSS

Adding a custom CSS will change the default look of the slider. The best part about this feature is, merchants can change it anytime they want as per there needs. 

Custom JS

Similar is the case with Custom Js, wherein merchants need to get a custom JS created by a professional web designer & put it write into the Custom JS option made available within the app. Here’s where you find it.

Custom JS

Same as Custom CSS, merchants can update the JS when needed.

Aren’t these features interesting & money saver? There’s no additional cost of customizing the sliders.

Anyways, we’ll get back to you with more such useful features.

If you’ve any further questions regarding the app or just want to say “Hi”, reach our support team at