Shopify provides an excellent platform where you can sell directly to customers without any intermediary. It literally eliminates all physical boundaries. Then why in the world would you need a Shopify Mobile App? Also, a Shopify android/ iOS app for the online store will only add to your costs. These and many other issues we shall be discussing in this article. But first, let’s understand what mobile apps mean to business in the 21st century and how you can develop the best eCommerce app for your online store.

Why a Mobile App for Business in the First Place?

Research suggests that shoppers prefer brands that offer a more personalized shopping experience. A mobile app offers businesses the perfect medium to offer personalized information to customers. By providing a smooth shopping experience with personalized content, it becomes way easier to convert prospective customers. Also, customers find apps more convenient for shopping than the web.

There are many advantages to having a mobile app for Shopify store. But first, let me dispel one of the common myths of the eCommerce industry.

Shopify Mobile App

“That Mobile App is not for small businesses. They are meant for big companies who want to connect with their customers at a more personal level.”

If you believe that mobile apps are for big businesses only, then let me tell you that it is not true. More than ever, small and medium-sized businesses are adopting eCommerce mobile apps. If you think that your website or Facebook page is enough for promoting your brand, then I am afraid that you’re wrong.

Mobile App or Mobile Website?

While the two technologies have their own specific advantages, when it comes to online shopping, mobile apps seem to be the distinct choice of shoppers.

Research has proved that users prefer native apps over the website. This is because native eCommerce apps are faster, more convenient, and offer enhanced user experience. Personalization is the key to retaining customers in online shopping, and mobile apps give the best shopping experience.

Also, a Shopify mobile app can be built with loads of features like Push Notifications, Advanced Analytics, Personalised User Experience, Geo-Fencing, which are otherwise not possible with a mobile website.

Reasons Why Your Shopify Store Needs a Mobile App

3 Reasons Why Your Shopify Store Needs a Mobile App

Having understood that businesses, big or small are going for a dedicated eCommerce app, let us discuss why you need a mobile app for the online store.

1. Websites Alone Don’t Work

It’s terrific that you have an awesome Shopify website for your store. Where you intend to sell all that you can offer at best prices with the most convenient payment and delivery options.

But even then, you realize that your online store has very dismal traffic and conversion rate.

You see, over the years, people’s style of searching and ordering online has changed. Today, more than 70% of people are using their smartphones for searching online, thanks to improvements in mobile technology.

Also, viewing websites and comparing products on the web is a painful task. The information which they are seeking is not prominently displayed.

The same happens when customers view your Shopify website on their mobiles. The result is low engagement and a dismal conversion rate.

On the other hand, mobile apps offer a personalized shopping experience. All the product-related details and comparisons can be easily done. Besides that, a mobile app in the form of a Shopify mobile app allows users to pick from where they left.

2. Increases Sales and Conversions

A Shopify android/ iOS app can be your best bet for increasing the sales of your Shopify store. There are various ways a Shopify mobile app can boost your sales.

A fast and seamless checkout process makes easier for your customers to buy with the least amount of time. They don’t think twice and if they found what they were looking for, they don’t hesitate to complete the purchase.

You can reduce cart abandonment by sending Unlimited Push Notifications reminding your customers about their leftover transactions, prompting them to complete the purchase.

3. Enhances Customer Retention

As shopping becomes more personalized and user-oriented, the key to growth for your online store is customer retention. A Shopify android/ iOS app is your best friend in enhancing your customer base.

Your Shopify mobile app always remains in front of your customers. Whenever they open their phones for searching for a new product, your Shopify mobile app prompts them to shop from your store.

You can send customized Push Notifications to remind customers of their left-over purchases. In this way, you make your customers feel valued and important for your eCommerce business. With the help of Geo-fencing campaigns, you can send instant notifications whenever a customer is within the designated area.

With advanced analytics, you can analyze what is driving traffic in and out of your eCommerce store. You can enhance features that your customers and remove that serve as distractions in the checkout process.

Last but not least, you can run sales banners and festive discount promos in your Shopify mobile app.

Still Not Sure?

Have a look at some of these interesting facts:

  • Users spend more than 4 times on smartphones than on the mobile web.
  • “App commerce” platform Poq reveals that apps outperform mobile web conversion rates by 40%.
  • Companies like Target have witnessed a whopping 200% in sales with a mobile app.
  • 97% of people read Push Notifications.
  • Nearly three-quarters of the world’s population will access the internet with just their smartphones in 2025.
  • Mobile apps have the highest retention rate.
  • The average order value is greatest on mobile apps.