As an online merchant, you need to find new ways to attract new customers, keep current ones, and compete with other merchants. Moreover, If you’re a Shopify merchant then one way you can do these things is by using VolumeBoost App by HulkApps, which will help you boost your average order values & increase cash flow. 

Let’s see what it has to offer:

  • Offer $ Based Discounts
  • Offer Percentage-Based and fixed price Discounts
  • Unlimited Discount Levels
  • Works with existing site-wide Discount
  • Language Support included
  • Customize discount table by changing grid settings, font size, colors, and more

Few Benefits of Using VolumeBoost :-

  • Our tiered discounts app only benefit you by giving a raise to your order values but it also benefits your customers to get the best deals.
  • Somehow, If you’re unable to meet your sales target for the month, try on bulk discounts. This could give you a boost and make sure you have enough incoming money to cover your expenses.
  • Get rid of leftover inventory.
  • Help your customers feel they are getting better deals.

How do I set up VolumeBoost ?

Now you know the benefits of using the app, you need to know how to set it up. With this blog, we’re making it easy for you to quickly set up the app for your Shopify store.

The installation of VolumeBoost  is extremely simple and has been tested extensively on themes developed by Shopify.

Follow these steps & put your pricing strategies into motion:-

When you’re done with installing the VolumeBoost app from your Shopify store, Login to your store > Go to Apps > VolumeBoost  by HulkApps

Open the app, and you will be brought to the app dashboard. Now follow these 3 simple steps:


Step 1:

Create an offer

Select USD ($) or Percent (%) off on your products and assign the discount value. You can add multiple levels of discount here. The basic steps would be :

  • Add new offer by giving it a name
  • Configure the price levels by introducing the quantity & discount value per item
  • Set up conditions for product filtration by selecting appropriate filter type from the drop-down list. Remember you can also introduce multiple conditions for product filtration.


Step 2:

Assign created an offer to Products
  • Add offers to give one or a group of products, some additional discounts.
  • Hit “Save Option Set” to apply offers to the products.


Step 3:

Customize Option Display

Here you’re provided with all the necessary display settings. Listed below are a few:-

  • Text Setting
    • Wherein, you’re allowed to customize the default labels. 
  • Grid Settings
    • You can have your own customized grid by selecting appropriate styles listed below :
  • Font size
  • Border width
  • Background Color
  • Many more...

You can save your settings by clicking onto “Save Settings”. Moreover, you can also update your display settings at any time after saving. 

Need Help? We’re there for you!

Learning new apps may seem daunting but VolumeBoost  is easy to adopt. You can check out the complete setup guide for VolumeBoost here. Just in case you get stuck, our best of all support team is happy to help you.