Stop the avalanche of nerve-wracking emails from clients inquiring where their order is! This Order Status Tracker App will make your life, and the life of your customers a lot easier.

Let us go over the smashing features of the app:- 

  • FREE Forever

    • The Order Status Tracker app will be free forever, enjoy using the app at no cost!
  • Real-time order lookup

    • Let your customers know where their packages are with real-time tracking information.
  • Any number of orders

    • Track ‘n’ number of orders without worrying about the number of orders you hold.
  • Advanced theming

    • It allows easy customization where you can change the way your Order Status Tracker layout looks and feels to your customers by adjusting the text, text colors, background colors, etc. on the page. This way, your page looks just like any other on your site!
  • Order lookup statistics

    • Get counts of order lookups by your customers.


  • Easy-to-install, understand and use.
  • The statistical report allows the store merchant to view the number of customers who opted for this easy order tracking app to track their orders.
  • Easy order tracking optimizes the shopping experience of the customers, thus, boosting their loyalty.
  • One of the best ways to bring the customers back to the store.
  • With the quick order lookup, merchants can see a significant fall in the support request as the customers are now able to self-resolve their queries.
  • Order Status Tracker App allows you to improve your user experience and meet your customers’ needs for order accuracy throughout the whole ordering, fulfillment, and delivery process.
  • Did we mention the app is FREE!


  • Track my order makes it easier for customers to track their real-time order status.
  • Customers can now shop and track their orders with the least hassle.

Need Support? We’re here for you

If you ever get stuck while installing or using the app, do not worry you can contact our world-class support team, they're always there to help you.