Effortlessly extend your Shopify store along with your possess checkboxes, text fields, dates, selection lists and much more. Upload pictures, videos and PDF files. Cross-reference your objects to create anything you would like to build your business.

How You Do It?

The answer is “Metafields Master App”. It provides you with exceptional alternatives for enhancing and personalizing your store. You all know this right? But what if I offer you something more than this?

We want you to know about something extremely powerful and flexible that can help improve your store. Take full control of your data using the Metafields Master app.

Whether you need more specific production description fields, like a way to store product sizes, colors, help manuals, tutorial videos, or if you need fields to store information like images, files, URLs, dates and times, etc, Metafields Master Pro version has the field type you need to customize your content.

Best part? 

Metafields Master is our first multi-lingual app for Shopify. Below are the languages the app supports.

Want to get started? Installation is quick and easy and it's free to try for 7-days. Here’s a short route to Install the app.

With Metafields Master app, you can

  • Add fields on demand 

    • Quickly and easily add fields to Shopify with only the click of a few buttons!
  • Add them anywhere! 

    • Fields can be added all over Shopify including posts, media, comments and even custom options pages!
  • Show them everywhere! 

    • Load and display your metafields values in any theme template file.

Having trouble?

If you're having any issues at all or need help working with Metafields, be sure to reach out to our amazing Merchant Success team. We're here to help with absolutely anything we can!