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Impulse theme Shopify - a Shopify theme that empowers your brand with custom promotions, video, and animations. Ranked among the top 50 Shopify themes for speed, this Impulse Shopify theme review 2022 speaks about the theme features, advantages, faqs, and others.

Before getting started:

No one wants to shop on an untrustworthy-looking website, not even you. So why would your customers? When looking at a well-designed website, it just feels right. Branding has a direct impact on the decision-making process. It influences preference-based judgments and specific brain areas of shoppers. Before you get started, you need to ask yourself these questions:

  • What sort of experience am I trying to create for my customers?
  • What are some desired features I want for my store?
  • What are the things that you can implement to emulate competitors?
  • How do I want my products to be displayed?
  • Do I need a paid or free theme?

It’s hard to analyze, but you’ll know it when you answer the questions. Don’t base your choice on colors or fonts, as you can customize things later.

Impulse theme Shopify is a sleek, modern, and intuitive styled theme that is perfectly flexible, fashionable, and high-quality featured theme with powerful promotions.

The Shopify theme is packed with advanced modules and many more powerful features for an online shopping store. Impulse provides you with all the layered menu, sub-collection, and sidebar filter options.

The Impulse theme's main selling point is that the custom promotional features and minimalist, modern design give you the ability to design a feels-good website that helps you sell as effectively as any top brand in the targeted industry. Below, we have covered the Impulse Shopify theme review, along with the best Impulse theme support option.

Impulse Shopify theme review: Why consider?

Designed by Archetype Themes - Impulse theme Shopify, to help Shopify Merchants get started by showcasing custom promotions throughout the Shopify store.

The Impulse theme support for powerful custom promotional features and minimalist, modern design gives you the ability to design a feels-good website that helps you sell as effectively as any top brand in the targeted industry.

Impulse Shopify theme review: Why consider?

Impulse Shopify theme review: Speed

One of the allied leading causes of conversion issues for ecommerce stores is a poorly designed and constructed website. Approximately 24% of customers are known to have opted out of shopping with ecommerce retailers citing reasons.

Auditing Impulse theme Shopify from Archetype Themes shows that it is ranked #49 for speed among other Shopify Themes. Express your fresh, exciting, enthusiastic thoughts and experience for your customer that they'll truly enjoy with the Impulse theme Shopify.

Impulse Shopify theme review: Presets

As an ecommerce merchant, your website is one of the primary places where a customer will interact with your brand. It is no longer satisfactory to have a simple site with a checkout system in place; it has to be the face of your brand.

The Impulse theme Shopify comes with three preloaded styles (they call them "presets" ): Modern, Clean, and Bold. Each of the presets helps you build a better website look and brings in more credibility. In the Impulse theme Shopify demo, you can have a sample preview of the website with each style.

Apart from the different placement of sections and presentations, the presets are the same theme. The presets mainly differ in brand colors and fonts. Each Impulse theme Shopify demo uses different page sections in different ways, but all sections are available in all presets. The Bold Preset preview is set up for sports and fitness, and the Modern and Clean preset previews are set up for fashion.

Impulse Shopify theme free download Support

Impulse Shopify theme review: Support

The Impulse Shopify theme developers, Archetype Developers, are always delighted to answer any theme-related questions. From providing some basic CSS code to solutions to fix the bugs created by code. However, for any custom development or fix issues caused by third-party apps, you can connect with our Impulse Shopify theme support team.

However, the Impulse Shopify theme is being designed to be intuitively easy to use and customize using the theme editor. Merchants frequently comment on its ease of use while setting up their store.

Impulse Shopify theme review: Reviews

Starting on an ecommerce adventure by opening an online store Shopify, finding out about all the costs of making a Shopify store isn't one of the fundamental things to do before starting an ecommerce adventure. You need to learn about the theme experience from other merchants.

To date, Impulse Shopify theme reviews are very positive, where merchants have spoken about how they can quickly get started and customize the theme to suit their business requirements.

Announcing OS 2.0 compatibility:

With Shopify announcing a new generation of themes and a brand new theme editor: Shopify Online Store 2.0, Impulse theme Shopify is a vintage theme recently updated for Online Store 2.0. The theme comes with flexible, well-designed blocks for images, products, video, quotes, and more to bring in the new standard in customizability and speed. If you want to upgrade any vintage Shopify theme to Shopify 2.0 theme, connect with our Shopify OS 2.0 experts.

Impulse Shopify theme review: Features

The Impulse Shopify theme is packed with advanced modules and many more powerful features for an online shopping store. Especially with the upgraded features of Online Store 2.0, the Impulse theme supports you with all the layered menu, sub-collection, and sidebar filter options. But the boosting of sales comes from the brilliant features for promotions. Impulse theme Shopify is a beautiful, clean, and minimal design-styled professional theme.

Multiple column menus

Multiple column menus:

No matter how many groups of collections you got, quickly let customers browse through the multi-column mega menu feature.

Smooth animations throughout

Smooth animations throughout:

The intended Impulse theme Shopify support for a compact, smooth and elegant design gives you the option to create simple expandable areas to display content accordingly.

Optimized for readability

Optimized for readability:

Don't let the image background worry you. The theme's smooth, subtle overlays and gradients will enhance your text readability, even when placed over photography.

Highlight promotions per collection

Highlight promotions per collection:

You aren't restricted to promoting only products; you can create templates to show promotions only on specific collections.

Smart announcements

Smart announcements:

Entice your customers with an announcement bar. That is, you can announce multiple promotions with options to either rotate between announcements or display them side-by-side.

Pop-out cart

Pop-out cart:

Don't let the customer start over again for a second search; allow your customers to check out with continued shopping with a pop out cart feature.

Six flexible promotion types

Six flexible promotion types:

With Simple, Banner, Product, Sale Collection, Image, and Advanced promotion types, you can mix and match to set up custom promotion types.

Product question form

Product question form:

Build brand communication by being available wherever they require you. Utilize the product question form and add a contact form in a tab on your product pages.

Recently viewed products

Recently viewed products:

Apart from understanding your customer preferences, showcase the same or alternatives with the theme's recently viewed products section.

Image switching on hover

Image switching on hover:

Limit your customer efforts to see the product thoroughly, use the switch image on hover Impulse theme Shopify support and showcase the product.

Shopify Impulse theme pro's and con's

With about 96% positive customer reviews on the Shopify Theme Store, Impulse Shopify theme has its way of blending your requirements with the theme.

Whether you want powerful customization features or marketing features, especially promotion attractions, the Impulse Shopify theme can get you started quickly and take it forward to make a better customer experience.

Apart from the Shopify theme features, the Impulse Shopify theme developers Archetype's support plays a significant role in easing the merchant's experience building an ecommerce store using Shopify. From the theme document to in-person support, the Impulse Shopify theme support covers both common and advanced issues, significantly assisting theme users.


  • Its flexible, fashionable theme
  • Easy to create custom-ordered grouped collection filters
  • Features a proven design with powerful promotions
  • Fast, compact, and thumb-friendly mobile design
  • Support documents are clear and excellent
  • Customization support offered by HulkApps
  • Shopify Online Store 2.0 features are compatible


  • To many promotion attributes, therein need to add in minimal content without overwhelming
  • No quick support; only email support is available

Impulse Shopify theme review: New Features

Multiple product templates

Multiple product templates:

Define your brand uniqueness by creating your own Brand Story, Product Landing Page, Gift Card, or Pre-Order.

Advanced filter options

Advanced filter options:

Ease your customer search with a multi-category collection filter that lets customers instantly filter by size, price, color, and more.

Multiple collection templates

Multiple collection templates:

Create a simple and effective experience with Promotions, No Promotions, No Sidebar, and Collection Landing Page templates.

In-stock and low-stock notices

In-stock and low-stock notices:

Encourage customers for a quick checkout by highlighting the product stock information.

Multiple page templates

Multiple page templates:

Connect better with connect; create your own About, FAQ, Contact, and Full-width pages.

Sections everywhere

Sections everywhere:

Enrich the store experience either by using the alternate brand story template or creating your own from 20+ sections.

Want to get started with Impulse theme Shopify?

Using one of the best Shopify Themes- Impulse might bring you success, but you need to make sure you have the configuration, customization, and tools to handle it too. It's too easy to lose track of setting up and customizing once you start configuring it.

HulkApps, a leading Shopify Expert, frequently works with growing brands to customize the Impulse Shopify theme to increase sales. With a deep understanding of Shopify Impulse Theme, HulkApps has helped several 'Pre-Shopify Plus' clients achieve significant sales growth through theme customizations, store setup, creation of advanced functionality in Impulse Shopify Theme.

Whether you're planning to switch to Impulse theme Shopify or looking to optimize your current Shopify Impulse theme, HulkApps can support you.

Customize Impulse Shopify theme

Don't hold yourself restricted; your eCommerce store is where you can build experience, interactions, and sales. Configuring a custom setup for the Shopify theme can be helpful, especially with the Impulse Shopify theme. Many merchants use the theme, therein Shopify Impulse theme customization support from HulkApps will help you curate your store experience.

Design fact about Impulse Shopify theme :

The designers of the Shopify theme Impulse studied Fortune 500 companies' designs to understand which ones have contrived best for them and then tailored that to smaller sellers.

Whether the requirement is like transferring the data, integrating Shopify Apps, or customizing the layout, our Shopify theme customization experts support you through all the steps. We try our best to bring you the best experience during collaboration. So don't skip this opportunity which makes your eCommerce store work and looks better.

HulkApps Shopify Impulse theme support gives you a

  • Dedicated Shopify Developer
  • Speed assurance
  • No hidden charges
  • Complete fresh design
  • Expedient check-ups
  • A customized header
  • Custom CMS
  • Custom sections
  • 2 round iteration & feedback

Impulse theme Shopify free download Shopify apps

Take advantage of these listed free plan Shopify Apps and integrate the theme effortlessly with HulkApps support. These are necessary apps required for a fully functional store with all features. That is, the apps guide your customer to elements that help them through your primary conversion funnel.

Impulse theme Shopify free download Shopify apps
  1. Form Builder with File Upload:

    Start with our free form template. They're easy to tweak. Easy but insightful, this Form Builder with File Upload Shopify app lets you build unlimited forms in leisure comfort. It's a basic creator of the online form with rich features. Also, you can send autoresponder emails and integrate form data with Klaviyo, MailChimp.

  2. Hulk Product Options:

    Skyrocket the AOV by offering your customers accurate pricing for unlimited product variants. Our custom Product Options Shopify app is flexible to perform as a product filter, product customizer, and bundle product. The app creates upsell opportunities. Therein, stimulate intelligent pricing calculations with our must-have Hulk Product Options app.

  3. Order Status Tracker:

    Foster trust & transparency to your customers with real-time order tracking. The free Order Status Tracker app lets your customers view their orders quickly to eliminate complaints. The app also encourages your customers to repurchase from you by improving their overall shopping experience with you.

  4. Metafields Custom Field Master:

    Turn skeptical visitors into confident buyers with the Metafields Custom Field Master app. The app allows you to build, add, and modify metafields in your store and drive conversions. Along with that, you can use Import/Export to upload a massive data set by syncing with spreadsheets or custom CSV files. The Metafields Custom Field Master Shopify app is completely free until you upgrade your account to a paid Shopify plan.

  5. FSB Free Shipping Bar @ $4.90:

    Announce free shipping offers for maximum conversions with this must-have FSB Free Shipping Bar App. The app lets you notify a cart goal to customers using the Free Shipping and Discount bar and increase average order value. This free development plan Shopify App helps you entice customers into more sales. You can configure the app according to your preferences and capture the deal.

Shopify impulse theme review - Final thoughts

Impulse theme Shopify is designed from start to finish to smoothly and elegantly animate your content into view for a premium, polished look and feel. The custom promotion tiles, for example, are pre-eminent for selling your featured products without having to compromise the rest of your store's products. And with the theme being optimum for readability, you know that your customers won't be getting tired of browsing your store any time soon. This increases customer retention time and the AOV (Average order value)/customer.

Impulse theme supports your brand with collection sidebar filters, sub-listings in collections, the ability to create custom promotional content on collection pages, video, and animations.

You have multiple options based on the brand identity of your business. Each variant comes with its own set of color palettes, typography, and layout style that captures each aesthetics.

The Shopify Impulse theme includes a full-width hero section where you can put a slideshow to showcase your latest promotions, announcements, and featured products. You can also add a video presentation that captures your brand imagery. And you are not limited to one video, too. That means you can creatively create an entire product narrative that will help your customer decide to buy your products.

Impulse theme Shopify FAQs

If your business is into Clothing and accessories, Health and beauty, Sports and recreation, Impulse theme Shopify is an excellent choice to get started.

Yes, you can view the Impulse Shopify theme in the Shopify theme store or visit this Impulse theme Shopify demo link.

Yes, you can customize your Impulse Shopify theme easily by connecting with HulkApps Shopify Impulse theme support experts.

Impulse theme supports flexible header and footer options and multiple product pages and collection pages. These advantages of the Impulse Shopify theme make it extraordinary compared to others.

Yes, you can. Here are the links:

  1. Modern:https: //themes.shopify.com/themes/impulse/styles/modern/preview
  2. Clean: https://themes.shopify.com/themes/impulse/styles/clean/preview
  3. Bold: https://themes.shopify.com/themes/impulse/styles/bold/preview

You can enjoy the Impulse theme Shopify Free until it is published. You can visit this Impulse theme Shopify demo store to get started.