As part of our efforts to improve the quality of our app, Today we’re excited to announce that we've optimized our Product Options App's code.

What's New?

  • Optimized Code

    • To improve the app performance, we have enhanced some of our codes that need to be updated. We have been successful in providing a one-click install of our app.
    • The following liquid file will be deprecated following the update and will return an error since some custom code might have been added to the below file: - 

                  - hulkcode.js 

  • Improved Speed

    • We know the fact that slow apps can sometimes slow down your business. It should come with no surprise then that Shopify apps with good speed improve the store performance which ultimately tends to improve better user experience.

So, after all this you might be wondering when are we bringing this update in action? 

We are going to deploy the latest code in our live servers effective from 15th July 2019, at 06:30 AM, UTC. 

What Do You Need To Do?

You just need to click on the Update button in the Product Options App within your Shopify Store. After this, the app will automatically implement the new codes and take the backup of your old files. It's just a one-click process. 

If you've performed any code modification previously, and are still using the old version of the code, we insist you update the app ASAP. 

The merchants who fail to do so, will not be able to take advantage of the improvements and might face certain errors. In this case, you can talk to one of our support members to help you with the same. 

For merchants who have made us perform additional customization to their hulkcode.js file, here’s how you update the app : 

Step: 1

Go to Product Options App within your store

Step: 2

You’ll see a Popup like : 

PO Users, Update App Code Before 14th July, 2019 | Product Options

Step : 3

Just click on “Update” and your app will automatically implement the new codes. 

Merchants who have already updated the latest code will experience a performance boost within the app. 

We deeply hope you enjoy the newly improved Product Options app! 

Need Help?

If you ever get stuck while updating the app, do not worry you can contact our world-class support team, they're always there to help you.