Setting up a business presence online is one of the greatest steps you'll be taking towards having a competitive advantage in your marketplace. Just having a website doesn’t cut it, though. No matter what business you’re in, taking care of your clients is what keeps your lights on.

I’m here today to make the case that a simple contact us form is hands down the best online form creator app in Shopify, and to show you why!

Why use a Simple Contact Us Form?

Reason #1 Better Engagement With Your Clients

Simple Contact Us Forms allow you the option of confirming submission by means of success messages and automated email after form submission. Personalize your users experience with the customizable success message and make them feel like they are in good hands.

Reason #2 Reliability

Simple Contact Us Forms ensures you get as close to 100% of your user’s communications as possible.

Reason #3 Better Recordkeeping

Form submissions are stored in a database for retrieval at your convenience with zero setups.

Reason #4 Spam Control

Spam control method like reCaptcha is incorporated in order to reduce the garbage you’ll inevitably receive over an open line of communication.

Reason #5 Professionalism

Sure, this is often a matter of opinion. Perception matters a lot though, and a well-outlined contact page on your Shopify website talks to the time, effort, and attention you and your company values far more so than a simple email address or phone number.

That’s It

And there are 5 reasons you should be using a Simple Contact Us Form in Shopify. In case there’s anything you’d like to include or features I’ve said you’d like to listen to a few elaborations on, feel free to talk up within the comments. 

Your business can benefit significantly from having a clean and basic channel of communication along with your customers, and we love seeing HulkApps Simple Contact Us Form in your Shopify store.