You're leaving money on the table. People are finding you, they're looking at your product… and they're walking away.

No, you don't smell bad. Your product doesn't suck. The gods don't hate you. And yet…

People come. They look. They don't buy.

Shhhhhhh🤫 It's your landing page

Maybe it's pretty. Maybe it's modern. Maybe it's even animated.

Maybe it's full of ~benefits~.

And yet… it's making your future customers walk away

I do not need to see your landing page to be absolute, 100% certain that this is true.

You see, I've analyzed thousands of landing pages over the final decade — and nearly every single one is riddled with customer-repelling mistakes. And we're talking huge, low-hanging fruit here, not niggling little nit-picky details.

You're making BIG mistakes.

If the underlying approach to your landing page is wrong — and it almost certainly is! — then…

  • Split-testing will merely "polish a turd."
  • "Social proof" is just a bandaid.
  • Increased traffic will go to waste.
  • Advertising? You might as well just light that money on fire.

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