Dealing with negative online reviews

Negative online reviews can have an impact on your business. The increased ubiquity of social media and review websites means businesses need to be more mindful than ever of what clients are saying about them online.

Luckily, like complaints made in person, negative online reviews don’t have to result in lost business. Instead, turn them into an opportunity to draw in more customers.

Tips to deal with negative online reviews :

  • Respond promptly

    • The online world works 24/7 and people expect a fast reaction. It is important to deal with negative reviews promptly before they raise and more potential clients read the review.
  • Be polite and professional

    • Don’t actually respond to a negative review. React in a polite, proficient way and don’t blame other individuals for the problem or make excuses.
  • Take the issue off-line

    • After recognizing the issue, offer to handle the matter off-line, out of open view. Give your e-mail or contact details so you'll examine and resolve the matter.
    • Once you have been able to resolve the issue, you'll be able to then post a public comment on the review site sketching out the agreed outcome.
  • Request that fake or misleading reviews be removed

    • In case you know that reviews are fake or deceiving they must be expelled. Cases of deluding reviews might include those written by:
      • friends or family without disclosing your personal relationship
      • a competitor
      • somebody paid to write the review who has not utilized your product or service
      • a member of your staff
      • Businesses and review platforms that do not remove reviews they know to be fake risk breaching the Competition and Consumer Act 2010.

Typically not the same as asking for negative reviews to be removed (or expelling them from your possess site or Facebook page). Social media is about developing connections, indeed though they may not always be positive.

  • Encourage your customers to write a review

    • You can encourage customers who are happy with your product or service to write a review. Watch out not to influence them by asking that they leave only positive reviews.

Better manage online customer reviews by: 

  • Understanding how to review sites work
  • Registering with Google Alerts to track mentions of your business
  • Registering with review sites, especially any specialist sites for your industry, so you can be alerted when someone posts a review
  • Letting customers know you are listed on review sites and providing them with details on how they can post a review
  • Sharing the reviews with your staff