Banners are an incredible way to get your business noticed. High-quality materials, wonderful plan and vibrant designs all help to induce your deals and promotional message out there. And corresponding to the existing app scenario, we had bigger things in mind when we developed this app, to do a good portion of work for you and have it all accessible within ONE app. 

Let me share with you a brief description of all the apps we have lined-up for you (we may add more apps in the future!):

Deals and Offers Bar is a great must-have for all stores. By adding a sleek top bar to your store you can direct your visitors to the products you want. I hope you enjoy all the amazing features of the following apps in this one:

  • Free-Shipping Bar 
  • Quick Announcement Bar
  • Countdown Timer Bar
  • Email Collection Bar
  • Offer and Newsletter Popup allows you to easily display your store's announcements with a beautiful pop-up bar. 

    Our app is built with a powerful algorithm in the back-end and very easy to use dashboard. Use this app and lift your conversion rate.

  • Pre-built templates
  • Schedule pop-up display
  • Restock Notifier lets your visitors choose to receive UNLIMITED alerts, anytime, anywhere.

  • No Coding needed
  • Everything handled automatically
  • Customize the look of your emails and SMS
  • Send emails or SMS with coupon code

  • Now, What if I say we’re having all these features in one single app? Yes, that’s true! Master Marketer app comes with all the above-listed features. 

    Conclusion? Use multiple apps, Pay for only one :)