Order Status Tracker is a simple order tracking app in Shopify which helps you track all your Shopify orders and improve customers' tracking experiences.

This web-based app allows you to handle everything inside the Shopify: no redirection & no separated account/repeatedly log in. The one-step installation offers a boundless degree of possibilities for the tracking experiences.

In this article, we’ve outlined the order lookup statistics. But before we move on, let us see what the app lets you do more:

  • Order Status Tracker App offers a feature-rich admin panel that is easy to use.
  • Responsive design for mobile and tablet shoppers.
  • Our Simple order lookup app is all-theme compatible
  • The quick and easy configuration of the App makes it easier for the store merchant to control and manage the same.
  • It allows easy customization where you can change the way your Order Status Tracker layout looks and feels to your customers by adjusting the text, text colors, background colors, etc. on the page. This way, your page looks just like any other on your site!
  • 24X7X365 Expert Support

Order Lookup Statistics / Order Lookup Counts:- 

This is a statistical report that allows the store merchant to view the number of customers who opted for this easy order tracking app to track their orders.

You can get these counts in one simple click:-

Go to the app > dashboard > here you’ll find out the complete statistical report for the order lookups. Here’s how you find it in your store :

Order Status Tracker

At first, the counts will be set to 0 as there won’t be any customer while you’re setting up the app. When you’re done setting up the app with your Shopify store, and as soon as a customer opts-in for tracking their order the number begins updating. 

That’s It!

If you ever get stuck while using the app, do not worry you can contact our world-class support team, they're always there to help you.