Web connectivity has uncovered light to each dim corner of the world. This increased online availability has implied the collection and analysis of market research data have taken off.

At a few stages during the day you'll more than likely be asked to complete an online form, whether it is an application for something, an event signs up, or indeed a subscription.

An online form can be utilized to gather a wide range of information for numerous purposes, they are a part of everyday life! A contact form can be utilized for a personal application or to take customer points of interest. Contact forms provide you with a simple to execute a solution to accumulate the information you would like in a steady mechanized way.

With the correct form creator app in Shopify, you'll rapidly incorporate a completely responsive form that will capture and store data instantly. User-friendly, clear and immediately editable.

With this in mind, we figured we would pit HulkApps' most popular free Simple Contact Us Form against the most popular paid Form Creator App in HulkApps' Shopify store again.

Let’s get started..

We’ll start by taking a look at each option individually to see what the core features of these contact forms apps are :

Simple Contact Us Form - Simple, Fast, Free & Effective

Simple Contact Us Form comes with a pretty standard & basic contact form that’s ready to be added to your Shopify store and pages straight away. 

Let’s review the features you can take advantage of and then how to implement the app and maximize all of the features.

  • Fully Responsive/Mobile Friendly

    • The simple contact us forms are designed to fit various viewports in different width.
  • Stores all of your submissions for future use

    • We understand contact forms are mainly utilized to get in touch with your customers. So, we’ve designed our forms in a way that it stores even the smallest chunk of data.
  • Search old submissions with ease

    • It’s now easier & quicker to search the oldest data of your customers. 
  • Supports text in any language

    • Create a seamless & boundless contact us form in Shopify that supports any language you put the text in. 
  • Add custom background colors or images to the form

    • With Simple Contact Us Form, you can change the look & feel of your contact form the way you like. 
  • Customize 'Thank You' message

    • Apart from the default ‘Thank You’ message, you can also customize the message that suits your store branding.
  • Fully customize form header

    • Images
    • Form Headers...and more!
  • Make any field required or optional

    • There are high chances of getting inadequate data from customers. So, in order to avoid it, you can assign a field as a mandatory field & vice versa for not so important field.
  • 24/7 support and knowledge base

    • Learning a new app may seem daunting. But, We have a world-class support team that is here for you every step of the way. 

In terms of ease of use and the speed at which you can complete the job, Simple Contact Us Form is hard to beat when it comes to adding a basic contact form to your website.

Form Builder - A Wealth of Features, Functionality, and Integrations

Perhaps because Form Builder can be used for so many more than just making contact forms, a prebuilt, stock contact form does not ship with it. This suggests that you have to create your form before you can add it to the Shopify store, unlike the Simple Contact Us Form.

Let’s review the features of Form Builder App :

  • Unlimited Forms
  • Unlimited Fields
  • Perfect for wholesale, contact us, welcome popups, etc.
  • Create a custom, shop branded form in minutes
  • No coding knowledge required
  • Customize the look and feel of your store and brand
  • Fully responsive (mobile friendly)
  • Customize ‘Thank You’ message
  • Customize form header with images, background image, custom formatting, etc.
  • Store and save all of the submissions that you receive
  • Search past form submissions
  • Make any field required or optional
  • Supports text in any language
  • Receive unlimited file attachments
  • After Submission Workflows
  • Prevent Fraudulent Submissions
  • Conditional Logic
  • Auto Responder 

Our Form Builder app has a robust set of Features and Improvements that gives merchants a chance to take their forms to the next level.

The Winner

Form Builder is impossible to avoid, particularly with the premium price tag. The valuable collection of tools and the simple user interface combine to deliver a remarkable ease-of-use-to-power ratio, something that should be beneficial to most serious website owners.

If, though, you're after only a basic contact form, then Simple Contact Us Forms will certainly be enough.