Growing a multi-million dollar ecommerce store is extremely intense work. You likely have experienced at least one sharp developing pain as you scaled your e-commerce store to what it is today. When you’re tired, exhausted, and attempting to hit a few enormous revenue numbers, it’s enticing to see more activity as the solution to all of your problems.

“We got to sell 30% more of XYZ item … let’s drive more traffic to it.” said each Manic Marketer ever.

Tragically, more traffic isn’t the reply. At least, not always.

In fact, there’s an amazing chance you've got all the traffic you would like to effectively sell the items you have in stock.

You've got to be relentless about testing new thoughts to extend conversions on your website. And to assist you to come up with winning ideas to test, I’ve reached out to share a few awesome conversion tactics for an e-commerce store.

  • Let you customer’s Trust You - Add Trust Badges
  • If you need customers to make purchases on your site, you've got to make them trust you. Trust seals are images or graphics that help your site visitors feel more comfortable about your site and making a purchase. They raise your status, boost your credibility, and make your website appear genuine.

    Trust & Payment badges are all over. You are likely to see them each time you surf the internet. Here are a few of the foremost common Trust Icons used by an online store merchants to build trust among their customers :

    • Free Shipping 
    • Fast Shipping 
    • 100% Free Shipping
    • Free Delivery 
    • Easy Returns
    • Money Back Guarantee
    • 24/7 Customer Support
    • Premium Quality Top Brands

    You can utilize apps that offers such badges & gets easily integrated with your store. One such app is “Badge Master App”. It has a huge collection of trust seals for our Shopify merchants.

    • Help your customers get the best deal - Offer Volume Discounts 

    Online shoppers always look forward to avail best offers while purchasing any online product. Offering volume discounts on purchase could be a way to rapidly draw customers into your store. Anytime you tell an online shopper that he can save money, you’re likely to induce his attention..

    Here’s How it works

    Buy 5 or more of X product & get 10% off

    Buy 10 or more of X product & get 15% off

    Buy 20 or more of X product & get 20% off, and so on...


    You can also set the offer discount on a fixed quantity of the products. For eg:

    Buy 4  of X products at $50

    Buy 5 of X products at $20, and so on…

    To help you with setting up the discounts, we have The Volume & Tiered Discounts app in Shopify store. It is one of the most effortless ways to set up discounted pricing campaigns across your entire product catalog in your store.

    • Make "Buying" Unavoidable: Your Product Pages

    Ever wonder How can people add your products to their cart if they can’t find enough information about the products. One way to achieve this is by displaying additional information about the products. Metafields are an easy and quick way to display additional information to your product pages.

    Here’s what all can be displayed using metafields :-

    • Display related products on the product page.
    • Display an image gallery on product pages
    • Display a short description of the product or collection.
    • Display the size chart

    All the above can be achieved using one single app - Metafields Master App. It lets you have a Content Management System coordinated directly into your Shopify store!

    • Don't Let Them Leave: Your Exit Pop Up

    Being tenacious about testing everything implies testing the small things and testing them frequently. If you haven’t tried an Exit popup on your site yet — do it now. Checkout, Master Marketer App in Shopify & stop your visitors from leaving your website. Create one using Master Marketer and start converting more customers!

    • Customers Sell Better: Your Product Reviews

    There are a number of factors which contribute to characterize the success and credibility of an E-commerce store. In any case, one exceptionally important factor in elevating the reputation, standard and evaluation of an E-commerce store is Product Reviews.

    Start importing reviews and ratings with Product Review App by HulkApps and increase conversion rate by showing your happy shoppers to your visitors