If you run a business, it's vital for customers to be able to contact you effortlessly. Whether they need to purchase, sign-up or inquire, a basic contact method is a primary step into winning new business.

Contact us forms can make everything easier and save you so much time. But if you're still asking yourself, "Should I have a contact form on my Shopify store ?" then read on. 

At HulkApps, we have one mission in mind - enable Shopify merchants to do things faster, better, easier, and provide cost-effective solutions. Simple Contact Us Form app is an online form creator app in Shopify that does just that. It is incredibly easy to use, it takes minutes to set up, it is one of the most effective contact apps on the market, and it is free.

You got this amazing contact page app in Shopify for the simplicity and power of its features. Let’s review the features you can take advantage of and then how to implement the app and maximize all of the features.

  • Fully Responsive/Mobile Friendly

    • The simple contact us forms are designed to fit various viewports in different width.
  • Stores all of your submissions for future use

    • We understand contact forms are mainly utilized to get in touch with your customers. So, we’ve designed our forms in a way that it stores even the smallest chunk of data.
  • Search old submissions with ease

    • It’s now easier & quicker to search the oldest data of your customers. 
  • Supports text in any language

    • Create a seamless & boundless contact us form in Shopify that supports any language you put the text in. 
  • Add custom background colors or images to the form

    • With Simple Contact Us Form, you can change the look & feel of your contact form the way you like. 
  • Customize 'Thank You' message

    • Apart from the default ‘Thank You’ message, you can also customize the message that suits your store branding.
  • Fully customize form header

    • Images
    • Form Headers...and more!
  • Make any field required or optional

    • There are high chances of getting inadequate data from customers. So, in order to avoid it, you can assign a field as a mandatory field & vice versa for not so important field.
  • 24/7 support and knowledge base

    • Learning a new app may seem daunting. But, We have a world-class support team that is here for you every step of the way. 

Prefer watching a video? Go ahead! 

Thus, if you do need a more robust app to get started with the contact forms, this app will allow you to build any number of forms. 

This app, Simple Contact Us Form by Hulk Apps, can be found in the Shopify app marketplace: Free Simple Contact Us Form This is unarguably the best contact form builder app on Shopify...you can check out all the reviews that we've received for it. We're pretty proud of it.

Learning new apps may seem daunting but the Simple Contact Us Form is easy to adopt. You can check out the complete setup guide for the Simple Contact Us Form here. Just in case you get stuck, our best of all support team is happy to help you.