We understand every business wants to be considered as a reliable and committed business. Thus, we came up with a few updates in the Form Builder app which is lighted up in this article.

Update #1 Custom Email Domain Configuration

We are glad to announce the availability of the email domain verification feature in the Form Builder app.

Though we send out auto-responder emails on your behalf. To help ensure your campaigns reach your recipients’ inboxes and to make your campaigns look more professional, you can now set up custom DKIM authentication for your domain, and add HulkApps to your SPF record.

Mail Domain

This feature was developed to help merchants improve authenticity and credibility of your emails sent via a third-party service like HulkApps.

Now, you can connect your own custom domain by allowing HulkApps permission to send emails on your behalf.

If you use your own custom domain, we recommend you to set-up our own DKIM and SPF authentication. Once you've made all the necessary changes to your DNS records, you can close out of the Sending Domain Settings.

Note: Check back in around 14 hours to confirm your email sending domain has been successfully connected. It can take up to 24 hours for changes made with your DNS provider to be reflected in HulkApps.

Once the Custom Email Domain is active, you will see a green acknowledgment.

P.S.Check that you receive the emails in your personal inbox. If you do not receive any email, feel free to contact us. We'll gladly assist you on any issue you have.

The new update on the Form Builder pro version is worth noting because it gives you the ability to use a custom sending domain to get instant recognition and preserve your branding.

This is a one-time setup, so from that point on, the emails you send will be delightedly signed from your domain. We encourage you to use it to do some pretty awesome things with your forms.

Update #2 Block Email Domains For Additional Security

Let’s say you would like to restrict site visitors from submitting a form with a free email domain, such as xandex.ru or abceagency.se

We are excited to share this feature for the Form Builder App. Now, you are able to restrict form submissions.

You can block specific domains, URLs, extensions or free email providers on your form if you're a Pro member of our Form Builder app.

Thus, when a visitor attempts to enter a blocked domain in the Email field on your form, they will see a message asking them to enter a proper email address that is not on your internal blacklist.

Email Domain

The new update on Form Builder Pro version is worth noting because:

  • It ensures your form gets additional protection against spam form submissions 
  • It encourages your visitors to provide high-quality business email addresses. 

Another little feature we'd like to mention!

  • You can now quickly load options for Country/State fields using Preset Form Options for form elements.
  • Available for all Form Builder users.

Update #2 Multiple File Upload & Bulk Import/Export 

All Good things must come to an end…and be replaced with something way better!

Hulk team has launched a new feature within the current version. It’s another step in our master plan to fuel confident store owners.


Super Powers With Form Builder | Shopify Form Builder Apps

You may have hassled while you wanted to upload files in bulk. Not anymore! We’ve updated Something NEW into the same OLD element.

And with this update, we’re bringing it all together. Did you want multiple file uploads? You got it. Did you want to limit the number of file uploads? You got it.

Pro Users, update the app & leverage the newly added feature. Users who still are not a part of our PRO plans, It’s the right time you Upgrade!