The Coronavirus (COVID-19) adds so much stress and confusion to our lives on a regular basis. I thank all our associates, investors, and staff who are calling out for advice.

We’re in this together


HulkApps continues to track the situation as COVID-19 spreads and to respond accordingly. We also ordered Hulk workers around the world to operate remotely as part of our constructive commitment to the welfare of our society and to postpone all business-related travel for the time being.

We ask that you send an email to or notify your HulkApps to point of contact of any new restrictions your team has set in place to maintain safety so we can respect them as well.

As a group, we should collectively commit to flattening the COVID-19 spread curve, and I urge all business leaders to shift workers from home to work if they can. That being said, many individuals do not have the luxury of operating remotely, and we know how lucky we are to exist in an industry that can operate conveniently from home.

To handle a fully remote workforce, HulkApps is well-prepared. All the resources we use to connect virtually, internally, and with partners and consumers are now in place. We also have protocols in place to ensure that, even under the most serious conditions, our resources are safe, redundant, and constantly available.

Our top priority is to continue giving customers and partners world-class, 24/7 support.

HulkApps Merchants

We are committed to supporting our merchants and partners at all times.

Our Merchant Success team is available for regular business hours and we have business continuity plans in place.

At this extraordinary time, e-commerce will play an important part, with millions of citizens purchasing products they need in quarantine or isolation. During this uncertain time, we are here to help the company meet new problems and provide clients with uninterrupted support.

Get extra support during COVID-19

Not only this, we understand the economic impact of COVID-19 might be affecting your business and we want to help.

  1.  That’s why we’ve dropped our Premium support prices & now we’re offering our Premium Support service at $20.
  2.  Moreover, we’ve also reduced the turnaround time to ensure we can serve more & more merchants to get things done right.

Praying to see the pandemic coming to its end 🙏

As a team, as an industry and an ecosystem, we are sure we can get through this time with limited interruptions. It is business as usual: right now it just seems a bit strange. Keep cool, be accountable, and stick together. Very important: to remain stable and clean.