Seeing the trend and popularity of subscriptions, Apple announced AppleOne, the simplest way to get most of Apple’s subscription services in one simple plan.

This offering is a pretty huge deal for Apple customers as they can enjoy their favorite Apple services across their favorite devices - in just one subscription.

Subscription eCommerce - based offerings tend to see higher revenue per user than with other business models.

Subscription ecommerce

As you can predict your revenue per user and understand growth opportunities for each customer subscribing to your products, you can plan well to add subscriptions to Shopify stores. Understanding this will improve your subscription eCommerce marketing strategies concerning certain products without constant fear of things collapsing.

When you want to start a Shopify subscription model, they are a lot to look into:

  • Fixed usage subscription - The customer pays upfront to receive your product at regular intervals, usually weekly or monthly, over a specific period.
    • Examples:
      • Magazines subscriptions
  • Unlimited usage subscription - The customer pays for a certain amount to avail unlimited access to a good or service.
    • Example:
      • Gym subscription to access all the gym facilities
      • Phone call subscription to avail unlimited calls and texts.
  • Pay-as-you-go-subscription - Also known as the customer convenience model, customer purchases products or services periodically without any long-term commitment.
    • Examples:
      • The cosmetics subscription apps for Shopify, where the customer pays monthly and in return receives a monthly delivery of beauty products.
  • Freemium model - Customers can avail a service or product up to a certain level. If they want more, customers are requested to subscribe.
    • Examples:
      • Cloud service providers and
      • Music streaming apps.

The perks of best Shopify Subscription Apps

Subscription ecommerce

Selecting your Shopify monthly subscription app is like going to the ice cream parlor: there are so many opportunities to please your palate, and yet you will be surprised by the addition of the menu.

Whether it’s customizing your subscription widget, adding subscription to Shopify, creating Shopify monthly subscription app, or utilizing Shopify recurring payments app, you always have new needs to amp up your online presence, and your favorite Shopify platform surely has the best subscription apps like Bold subscriptions, Recharge Subscriptions app Shopify to satisfy you.

When you want to follow an all-in-one best Shopify app for subscription like -

  • Offering the customer to pause or skip their subscription instead of canceling
  • Offer convenient purchase options, where customers can easily add more subscription items and one-time products.
  • Offer suitable subscription plans like "Pay upfront" and "Pay-as-you-go-subscription".

Recharge Subscriptions app Shopify

Subscription ecommerce

Being a leading Shopify subscription solution for subscription eCommerce. Recharge Subscriptions App Shopify makes it easy to transform one-time products into subscription choices.

Key features of Recharge Subscriptions:

  • Advanced CSS:
    There are no clean, universal solutions, but change the style with the Advanced CSS customization option, and all elements in your subscription widget will be updated automatically.
  • Skip next payment option for Customers:
    With Recharge Subscriptions Customer Portal, you can easily allow your customers to fully manage all aspects of their subscriptions, including the option to skip the next payment directly from your store.
  • Thank You page after checkout:
    Want to show you gratitude towards the customers after they checkout products from your Shopify store? Well, it's easy with Recharge Subscriptions App Shopify as you have an option to display the Thank You page and give your customers the stratification of shopping.

Pricing Plan

(with respect to 25.06.2021)

  • Standard - Free to install
    • 1% + 10¢ per transaction
    • Subscription Billing
    • Order Management
    • Merchant Tools
    • Payment Management
  • PRO - $300/month
    • 1% + 19¢ per transaction
    • Enhanced Customer Portal
    • Enhanced Analytics
    • Standard Features

Do more with the Recharge Subscriptions app Shopify APIs?

We work closely with our Recharge tech stacks to continuously deliver value or proposing new ways of doing subscriptions eCommerce or handling subscriber experience as part of their life cycle.

Hulk's deep integration with Recharge allows brands to meet their subscription goals using our expert technical skills. Together, brands can drive high-value subscription-related actions and provide shoppers with a much more thoughtful redemption process.

Subscription ecommerce

With Recharge Subscriptions app and HulkApps, you can increase subscriptions with

  • Custom Shopify My Account Dashboard
    Design an experience in unison with the brand’s existing UI/UX and improve your customer LTV with our Custom Shopify My Account Dashboard Recharge Shopify subscription APIs.
  • Auto-retry Failed Subscriptions
    The ease of renewing failed subscriptions with Recharge Subscription Shopify app creates a seamless experience for your subscribers.
  • Upsell Add-on in My Account
    Give your customers a stellar experience while raising your average order value every month with Upsell Add-on in My Account Recharge Subscription Shopify app.
  • Build Your Own Subscription Box
    Give your customers a cosmic experience in your store by allowing them to build a box of joy as per their choice while inflating your customer retention with Build Your Own Subscription Box Recharge APIs.

Learn more about other features that make Recharge Subscriptions App Shopify the best in Shopify subscription apps.

The next in line for the best Shopify subscription apps is -

Bold Subscriptions Shopify

Subscription ecommerce

Bold Subscriptions Shopify provides powerful, API-driven customization options to build and scale a subscription service, so you can conveniently tailor your subscription upsell with bold app setup for a one-of-a-kind subscription experience.

Unique Features

When compared to apps listed Shopify Subscription Apps.

  • Gifting subscriptions
    Want to acquire more sales opportunities with subscriptions? With Bold Subscriptions Shopify App, you can effortlessly incorporate a gifting subscription option, meaning; you can allow your customers to gift subscriptions to family and friends.
  • Payment gateways
    Bold Subscriptions Shopify App is a clear winner when it comes to payment gateway options. You aren't just limited to one payment gateway option; the Shopify App gives you flexibility in implementing payment gateways.


  • Core: $49.99/month
    • +1% of orders containing subscription products
    • All features at a special introductory price
    • Robust APIs & Webhooks
    • Customer Order Management
    • Dunning Management
    • Full Customization

Final Thoughts:

A subscription service is convenient and reliable for both customers and Shopify store merchants. Also, it helps to build an ongoing relationship increasing the brand presence. For customers, they can easily save up their budget and plan things easily. Plus, they know how much your product costs and the subscription price. There's no guessing game. Happy users are engaged users who are paying customers.

The subscription offering makes it easier to predict revenue, manage your inventory since you know about the upcoming order. With "Subscribe and Save," your subscription-based business maximizes the lifetime value of every buyer.

So what's the right Shopify app for subscription for you?

Reading various blogs can be a great way to learn about new things or get news from a particular perspective. However, at times it can become difficult to make a decision and invest. Fortunately, we have discussed the most popular best subscription Shopify Apps and their features on HulkApps. We hope it is helpful to you.

Pro tip: Shopify Recharge Subscriptions App is a good choice as it easily fits in your store with all your preferred options + affordable cost.