Multiple apps have already made their way to the internet to help you monetize your businesses. Still, Shopify comes like a breath of fresh air that helps to monetize your stores but also helps to add specific functionality to it.

It has a plethora of benefits that it offers to its users, ranging from promoting your store online to driving foot traffic to sell your products, rewarding your customers, and so on – all of which culminates into making Shopify the best tool to promote your business effectively.

It may come as a surprise, but Shopify has turned out to be a convenient tool for promoting e-commerce businesses as well as paying for ads has now become a trend, which a lot of brands are opting for.

When it comes to a successful e-commerce business, additional responsibilities need to be taken care of, like email marketing, shipments, secure checkouts, and speedy optimization.

Also, paid ads are very beneficial as it gives you the power to choose and pick who you want as your customers and who gets to see those ads to spread more awareness.

Let us have a look at the top 45 shopping apps that are incredibly useful to grow your e-commerce business in 2022

1. Sales Pop Master - Countdown by Autoketing

This app can be trusted to change the challenges that can be faced due to the issue of low conversion. The feature of Social proof in this app establishes trust for e-commerce websites, coupon code wheel, and countdown timers with the quality of Urgency.

It also increases the frequency of adding to the cart. Some other attractive benefits of this app to improve your e-commerce business are: All the social proof sales notifications are made available to you for tracking. A quick view mode is available, which makes it easier for the customers to click on the product's name.

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2. Infinite Product Options by HulkApps

This app makes it more exciting for your e-commerce business as multiple customization options are available to add different variations. This automatically amplifies the chances of selling more to your customers. The discount codes for the product are made visible on the cart page itself.

The customization options list includes swatches, check box, file upload, drop down, radio button, email, phone. Product options are diverse with benefits such as – price adjustments, unlimited customization, bulk apply option, styling, and display customization.

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3. Easy Google Shopping Feed by AdNabu

This is the best app to use to form a good Google shopping feed for your e-commerce business as well as run Google ads that are just going to be profitable. AdNabu makes it very convenient for you by allowing you to claim and then automatically verify your website.

This app will automatically generate the setting to set up shipping rates in the google merchant center. Even tax rates are easily made for both destinations based as well as manual-based tax rates.

It supports meta field apps and updates all the currencies of the countries you’re selling to. They help you partner up with authentic reviewing websites.

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4. Re: amaze Live Chat & Helpdesk by Re: amaze

The- many benefits that come with this app are that it is a ticketing, live bot, chatbot, FAQ help center, and helpdesk platform for e-commerce. Its integration with Shopify just makes it easier for one to access its order data. This app is definitely a lot more powerful compared to other helpdesks, Can deal with multiple stores effortlessly.

It is top-rated merchant support that not only helps with chat but also social media platforms and email services. It boosts sales and there is also a lot of flexibility in pricing factors. It is very suitable for customers where they can receive products on chats.

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5.Google Customer Reviews by AdNabu

This app does a perfect job of enabling the Google customer review js code to showcase the Google review badge, which will lead to collecting more reviews in the Shopify store from your customers.

Google customer reviews program is a free service that helps in collecting reviews for products on their website.

By adding this feature to your e-commerce portal, its value doubles. Therefore, seller ratings, product ratings, and the presence of the Google reviews badge will add more authenticity to your doorway, driving more traffic to your e-commerce business.

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6.Privy - Exit Pop-Ups & Email by Privy

This is an app that every small and big e-commerce business has trusted for a more conversational website, expanding email list, and multiple the sale that they are expecting.

Its integration with Shopify allows one to instantly set up an account and get going with a live campaign that is supremely beneficial for their e-commerce business.

The list of benefits of using this app for your e-commerce includes – Customization and mobile-friendly displays, target campaigns, single and bulk coupon use, automated A/B test, free shipping, free shipping bar, autoresponders and automation for email marketing, syncing contacts with marketing services.

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7. Free Shipping Bar by Hextom

Free shipping is automatically more enticing to customers as they prefer that option when they add multiple products to their shopping carts. This free shipping bar can be converted into multiple languages for a more global reach.

The list of benefits available is – advanced targeting, use of progressive messages to flash free shipping offers. It is customizable and also very responsive, where you can pick a store style for your e-commerce store, add emojis, change background images, making the bar suitable for various screen sizes.

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8.Klaviyo: Marketing Automation by Klaviyo

Having a certain control over how your e-commerce is being viewed and received gives an added edge over your customers.

This app creates personal experiences across marketing channels via SMS, emails, and web and in-app notifications – all of this while taking in feedback from customers, visitors, subscribers and then converting them into valuable messages.

This feature has also seen an inevitable increase in traffic for the e-commerce businesses that have made use of it. This app helps in building a relationship where they listen to their customers, integrate and improve on the feedback by analyzing behaviors, and give a wholesome experience.

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9.SEO Booster - SEO Marketing by Secomapp

It is the best app to solve all your SEO-related issues. It is very important to have the right use of SEO for your e-commerce as that is what generates all the traffic.

This app provides all kinds of advanced and updated SEO features that are very effective for your e-commerce.

The list of benefits includes – true insights, auto management, powerful tools, auto SEO issues, and scan, increases visibility on Google, increases click-through rate, and gives the most relatable SEO keywords for use.

App Download URL:

10.EU Cookie Bar - Cookie GDPR by Booster

This app has a banner that informs the customers that they are using cookies for that particular e-commerce website and keeps them informed. It makes sure that you are in complete compliance with the GDPR European cookie law.

Once the customer is made aware and accepts the law, the bar gets hidden. In case there are customers from European law, that is when this app comes into use. It customizes content as per the brand, optimizes responsive designs, and also provides a one-click install.

App Download URL:

11.Searchly by Commerce Instruments

Every customer needs the right search and filter options for e-commerce and this app provides just that where there are smart product filters, instant search widget setup, and cross-sell features. The customers can be a part of 1M products with an unlimited number of searches.

It is mobile and tablet friendly and there is also 24/7 support. Real times product sync and real-time analytics are in place. The smart, customizable, suggestive, and self-learning features of this app make it a must-pick.

The unlimited product filters are also very enticing as there are multiple options such as – filter by variant, color, price, collection, size, brand, vendor, inventory, to name a few.

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12.SEO Image AI by Gentexa

Alt-text is said to be one of the key commands that can ensure maximum use of your app. It can also have a very effective result by using them on images which also helps in generating the required SEO results.

This app does an excellent job of scanning images to see which one might be missing alt text. AI helps in generating the alt-text for product images. It is very easy to use and, at the same time, shows the process of syncing as well.

App Download URL:

13. Product Labels Pro by BSS Commerce

This app is very useful as it shows labels based on particular customer tags, labels in different languages such as Spanish, French. The option of a power search makes the process quicker to find the right label.

Highlight your products with attractive stickers and badges and it instantly attracts traffic. This app is mobile-friendly, goes with all themes, harmony with the product stickers present, easy application of labels, easy customization and prioritization. There is a list of premium features available as well as per the updates.

App Download URL:

14.SEO Blog Optimizer by Axel Hardy

How exciting is it to have an app that analyzes the type of your blog articles and suggests SEO keywords apt for them? That is exactly what this app does by analyzing your Shopify blogs.

This app drives more traffic to your website by analyzing the optimization of your blog article and indicating it with a colored emoji. If the SEO score is not up to your recommendation, you can update the content and get on-the-go offers.

As soon as you have made the right changes, the SEO recommendation gives a green signal and you are good to go.

App Download URL:

15.Google Ads Retargeting Pixel by AdNabu

Retargeting is a full-proof option for e-commerce companies in the platform of high context. Google ad retargeting is a much better option than just retargeting, where the ads that are being flashed on the user’s screen is based on the searches done by the user earlier.

With the Adnabu app, it is made possible to add the remarketing tag across all the pages of your e-commerce portal. No editing is needed. This app helps by analyzing your products and collections and then accordingly creates page-wise audiences in your Google ads account. This information can be used later for retargeting purposes.

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16.WhatsApp Abandoned Cart by HelpNinja

This app has a very simple setup that makes it very easy for the customers to reach the concerned e-commerce company with just a single click. Sharing options are very easy and just takes a minute.

Abandoned carts can be easily recovered within 15 minutes of losing it just by sending automated messages. It makes you available to your customers at all times because of the real-time alerts.

App Download URL:

17.Supertime by Roundtrip Labs

Nothing is more enticing than having the feature of selecting your own preferred delivery time or self-pickup time- This app enables that feature right from your Shopify cart page.

This app will help your e-commerce company to set operating hours, days of the week, and time slots as per your convenience. It is possible for you to decide how much time will be needed to get an order ready so that the customer does not have to wait.

Delivery dates and times can be edited and the blackout calendar of the app can be used to block out days in the future.

App Download URL:

18. Installment Recurring Payments by SpurIT

There might be times where even though the traffic to your e-commerce website is increasing, the turnover is surprisingly low. But this app might help to change that pattern.

There is a facility of installments that can be set up for either a specific product, group of products, or a collection. The sales model can be improved by adjustable initial payments. The installment plans are very flexible, where you can set up a specific period of time.

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19.PageFly #1 Page Builder by PageFly

Just the app your e-commerce needs to make the platform look more attractive and thoughtfully designed! This page design app can completely revamp your e-commerce portal and help you sell more in less time – with various templates, conversion tools, and content elements – it is made to be possible.

It is affordable as you can get started for free and eventually upgrade. With the kind of coding designing features that this app provides, you can rest assured that your pages will load super-fast and efficiently.

App Download URL:

20.BEST Currency Converter by Grizzly Apps SRL

It can effortlessly work with any theme and make your e-commerce look amazing. This app enables you to add currencies of different countries and instantly takes your business to a global platform.

Because of its coding and design, the currencies are converted as per the customer's location, which makes it an easy experience. This feature of giving a convenient option for customers to shop in their currencies makes it much easier for them.

App Download URL:

21. VITALS | 40 apps in one by VITALS

This app promises to provide more social proof and increased trust. Features such as badges, Instagram feed, sales pop-ups, Facebook, and WhatsApp chats, Aliexpress reviews are present.

Volume Discounts, Bundles, Pre-Orders, Countdown Timer, Cart Reserved, Facebook Pixels, Stock Scarcity, Pop-ups, Shipping Info are the various conversions made available.

You can expect an abundance of every little feature that might be beneficial for your e-commerce, such as - Multi-Currency Switcher, Visitor Replays Tabs, Instant Search Bar, SEO Alt Tags, Cookies Bar, Wheel of Fortune, Free Shipping Bar.

App Download URL:

22. Ontrack Analytics App by ONTRACK DIGITAL

The perfect app for reporting. The features of this app include instantly identifying drop-offs, so you know what is working for you, Identifying top user segments to be updated with fresh information, and providing technical issue alerts so that you know when your website is not running correctly.

App Download URL:

23.Google Ads Conversion Tracking by AdNabu

Conversion tracking is made easier. The installation process for google ads is really quick and easy, which activates our conversion pixel.

No manual changes or theme files are required for conversions as it is automatically installed. The conversion has no errors as it can hamper the sales and its value.

App Download URL:

24.Recurring Order & Subscription by SpurIT

This is the perfect app to up the game for the subscriptions that you need. It is very flexible that provides monthly subscription payment plans as well as discounts.

There are features of building a box as well as subscription boxes and the option of recurring payments. Recurring invoices, as well as recurring billing, are made available on this app that goes straight from the Shopify billing system.

App Download URL:

25. Dynamic Pricing by SpurIT

This app does an incredible job of changing the pricing as per the sales volume of the product. It sets up the best value on autopilot which in turn increases the sales of that product.

There is an algorithm that tracks how well the product is selling and accordingly decides on its value. An easy setup of the value of the product as per the observations made will benefit the sales.

App Download URL:

26. Replay Live Session Recordings by CartKit

This amazing app lets you see how your e-commerce will look to your visitors. It helps in easy optimization of the store by reading insights and understanding the issues.

An effective way of understanding the navigation is done by visitors by recording what happens with each click. Visitors can turn to customers by using insights and dealing with cart abandonment and lower bounce rates.

App Download URL:

27. Auto Currency Switcher by MLVeda

Another app that does an excellent job in converting currency as per the customers in different countries. Shopify multi-currency app helps in expanding the business, A very efficient currency converter that helps in identifying the country of the user based on their IP. There is 24/7 support and it's free of charge to integrate as well.

App Download URL:

28. Printful: Print-on-Demand by Printful

This is the best print-on-demand dropshipping app for any e-commerce Shopify business that you are dealing with. There are no monthly setup or fees; it only charges per order.

The catalog is vast where you can pick from a range of clothing, accessories, and shoes. A 24/7 support service is available as well.

App Download URL:

29. Buy Me - Sticky Buy Button by MakeProSimp

The buy me buttons instantly make your website more attractive. You can expect an increase in revenue and sales with a Buy me button widget on top of every page.

Make sure that the Buy me button is present on top of every page so that it instantly draws the attention of your customer. Allows quick buy on product display which allows customers to purchase from collection pages, home pages, product listing, and so on.

App Download URL:

30. Cozy Anti Theft by Cozy eCommerce Addons

It is very important to have apps that ensure the safety and security of e-commerce. This app protects images because Anti – Theft restricts the drop and save feature of an image.

It disables copy by using any keyboard shortcuts. This app also disables right-click features so there is no scope of theft.

App Download URL:

31. Translate your shop GTranslate by GTranslate

Shopify shops can easily be translated and made multilingual by using this app. Making your shops multilingual by translating it increases its scope to reach a wider audience.

Being able to converse with your consumers in a native language makes it possible to increase your conversion rate. You can avoid use costs by translating your shops using human and automatic translations.

App Download URL:

32. Honeycomb Upsell Funnels by Conversion Bear

Upsell Funnels are a great way to increase the revenues of your e-commerce business. Carts, post-purchase offers, and discounts ensure customer loyalty.

You can ensure more profit with the same traffic generated with non – intrusive upsell offers. Upsell funnels can be customized easily and the offers make it more enticing.

App Download URL:

33. Referral Candy by ReferralCandy

This app ensures referral programs that help in increasing sales exponentially. Customize the entire look of your website – from the home page to pop-ups to emails and even decide on the appropriate theme.

By tracking your referral program, you can get a report on the sales and revenues, Be it cash, coupons, or special gifts – reward your customers so that your business does not look at the traffic from time to time.

App Download URL:

34. Promotion Popup by Secomapp

The best app to increase conversion rates. You can reduce the count of abandoned apps with this. You can showcase your offer pages, the home page, on all pages, or right when the customer visits the store, all of which leads to promotion. Video popup, coupon popup, newsletter popup, product popups are also supported by this app.

App Download URL:

35. Secomapp: Affiliate Marketing by Secomapp

This app helps in Affiliate marketing by forming an affiliate list in the Secomapp marketplace. It enables the conversion of customers into affiliates through multi-level marketing.

Easy access to the ambassador or influencers through email directly from the app. SKU, email, or coupon form of tracking can be used to track clicks and sales.

App Download URL:

36. Videofy - Product Video Maker by Magisto Ltd. - Marketing Video Making & Editing

Videos are more appealing to look at that can instantly boost your sales. This app helps in making eye-catching videos with product images and descriptions.

With engaging explainers, testimonials, and social ads, this app helps in attracting more buyers for your business. It is very simple to use for beginners as well and you can make good quality products just by answering a few questions.

App Download URL:

37.Powerful Contact Form Builder by Globo

Every e-commerce platform needs to have a contact us form. This app makes it easy and super quick to build a connection as an advanced form in minutes. A shortcode provider makes it easy for you to show your custom form anywhere.

Collection page, cart page, home page – wherever you might want it to appear. You don’t need any technical knowledge to make a contact form or custom form with this app.

App Download URL:

38. Oberlo - Dropshipping App by Shopify

Whether you are looking for a full-time project or a passion project, this app helps you to make your project grow. You can find any products on Oberlo and then customize them and directly add them to your e-commerce store..

First, test your products; when you sell first and buy later, you don’t have the pressure of paying your buyers unless your customers pay you. You only have to take care of the selling; shipping gets taken care of by the supplier’s inventory.

App Download URL:

39. Live Chat by tawk. to

The best app to handle online talking engagement with your customers more effectively. It helps gain much more valuable insight when you chat with your customers.

Helps the customers through pain points by explaining and reducing the chances of abandoned carts. Through your laptop or phone, you can always stay connected with your customers.

App Download URL:

40. Spin Wheel Popup Sales Pop-ups by WooHoo

An app that gives a unique experience to your customers by giving them their special unique code, and used only once. A quick way of increasing email subscribers with attractive spin-to-wheel lucky popup games, email capture discounts, exit intent.

Spinwheel, awesome Wheelio are a few exciting email pop-up games to drive traffic.

App Download URL:

41. PDF Invoice, Order Printer by AVADA Commerce

An app that makes attractive pdfs. Pdf invoice, order, refund, packing slip – all can be made in an attractive manner with simple configuration steps.

Using the smart editor tool, you can make changes to existing templates. The customers can easily download or print their customized pdfs with a few clicks.

App Download URL:

42. AMP by Shop Sheriff by Shop Sheriff

This app makes you more visible to your customers. You can boost your ranking by using the AMP lightning bolt, which helps make you visible on the top of carousels, loads instantly, and gets the extra bucks as per the number of clicks.

The mobile experience is quick and easy. This app is a win-win with features like integration with brands, custom CSS, and page builder.

App Download URL:

43. Lucky Orange Heatmap & Replays by Lucky Orange LLC

In case you are wondering why your customer left your website without ordering anything, this app helps you to figure it out. With dynamic heatmaps and recordings, your e-commerce website gets to know the reason behind customers leaving.

The easy insights help to understand the reasons behind customer abandonments. There are also user-friendly polls as well as chats that help you to interact with your customers on a more personal level.

App Download URL:

44. SmartrMail Email Marketing by SmartrMail

Just the app that makes sending emails to your customers quickly and in a fun way and at the same time increases sales. There is the option of hyper-personalized emails, which includes follow-up emails, thank you emails.

You can also add products to your newsletter emails for further promotions. You need not necessarily be a marketing expert to try these tactics; this app takes care of it.

App Download URL:

45.AVADA Size Chart by AVADA Commerce

Customers cannot figure out the right size that would fit them most of the time. Hence they end up not ordering. This app helps create free size charts for a series of products – from shoes to accessories to apparel.

There are a few templates available that instantly let you add products. Such details motivate the customers to go ahead and place the order and be rest assured about the fitting..

App Download URL:


Thus, these apps are listed down to know what features might be the most useful ones to make your e-commerce platform the most user-friendly, approachable, and trustworthy. These apps are helpful to increase the sales of your e-commerce business and establish a level.