In the times of today, the world is running with E-commerce stores all around us. Almost all business platforms are essential, in a way, an E-commerce store. With easy access to the Web all over and information about the procedure, the advertising for E-commerce has boomed to brilliant heights in the recent past.

There are a numerous of factors that contribute to characterize the success and credibility of an E-commerce store. In any case, one exceptionally important factor in elevating the reputation, standard and evaluation of an E-commerce store is Product Reviews.

One very critical task for an e-commerce store is to maintain its reputation within the online market. Very naturally, it takes a lot of effort to pick up that reputation but not much to lose it: Product Reviews are the most excellent ways to preserve their winning streak. Product reviews and feedback have changed the game for the online market since the web has become a very household thing.

The Product Reviews are the factors that either make or break the relationship of the customer with the store – they help build loyalty and trust and let the potential customer know the product much more clearly and the angles that differentiate it from the rest of the products somewhere else.

An E-commerce store which contains a good compilation of consumer reviews for the products shows the wide consumer base it cripples. The store, thus, anticipates positive reviews to pick up more clients in the future.

With that said, Team Hulk decided to make it easier for the Shopify merchants by offering them a fully-fledged Product Reviews App for FREE.

Let’s Dig In

Product Reviews App is a feature-rich FREE review app that lets merchants easily import Reviews & Ratings to your store and capture useful information to you and your customers. With Product Reviews app you can increase conversion rate and build trust among  first time store visitors too. 

Product Reviews App lets you:

  • Import Unlimited bulk Reviews, free of charge
  • Add Unlimited Product Reviews, free of charge
  • Publish Unlimited Reviews & Ratings per product
  • Quickly and easily add text reviews or photo reviews to your store
  • Easily collect and ask your customers to upload photos as part of your reviews
  • List out all the authentic reviews in ONE review page
  • Upload any size image and Product Reviews app will auto-resize for speed improvements and performance
  • Collect reviews with additional 5 Custom Fields
  • Auto-rotate images submitted by customers that make their entire experience hassle-free
  • Display customer review counts in Search Engines with Structured Data
  • Add Rich Snippets per product

What Product Reviews App Offer You For FREE:- 

  • Collect & Curate Ratings with Text and Photos

    • Product Reviews App allows you to quickly and easily add Reviews with Text or Photos to your Store.
  • Unlimited meaningful Reviews with Custom Attributes

    • No customer review is the same. Allow Customers to give you more insights on product usage, how they like specific aspects of your product, and showcase that information to your prospects. Product Rating & Reviews allows you to collect information with an additional 5 custom fields, customizable to you.

  • Increase Conversions & Sales with SEO Structured Data

    • Product Reviews app is built with usability and conversions in mind. The built-in SEO Structured Data lets you be more visible in Search Engines and make sure that your products display Review Counts in Search Engines.

  • Fully Customizable and Improved Layouts & Styling

    • Product Reviews by HulkApps comes with 3 built-in Layouts. Show your reviews in a few different ways

      • List Layout
      • Traditional View
      • Grid Layout
      • Carousel

  • Showcase your Site Reviews with an "All Reviews" Page

    • Easily create a page with all of your reviews on one page. Showcase the power of your customer reviews and attract other visitors by letting them browse all reviews across your store in one place.

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