Shopify merchants are blessed with a wide range of Age Verification Apps available in the store. Some of free and a few at minimal charges.

Merchants new to the app can get started in a blink with the help of below articles:- 

To add more to the above list of helpful articles here’s another guide to change the appearance of the Buttons in the Age Verification Master app.

Here you go…

Step 1: Go to the app > Popup Window Settings


Step 2: Enable / Disable Setting > Enable the app by checking the checkbox

Popup Window

Step 3: Customization > Button 1 Settings | Button 2 Settings

Age Verification Popup


You can always change the default button text to the required text. Here’s how you do it :

The default text to Button 1 is “YES”. Let’s change it to “AGREE”

Age Verification Popup


To change the appearance of the button, all you need to do is :

  • Change the Text Color
  • Change the Background Color

    Age Verification popup button text color and more

    Step 4: Hit the “Save” button & Check your site

    Let’s see how the “AGREE ” button with the above configurations look like :

    Age Verification Popup - Button Text, Color and more...

    Isn’t it cool?

    Similar way you can also change the look & feel of your Button 2. Follow the same steps & get started.