In case you sell liquor, tobacco, vape, cannabis products, or other age-restricted and adult products on your store at that point an age-gate is required in order to ensure that you simply comply with both the local and international laws.

Secure yourself and your notoriety with our lightweight and simple to utilize age verification popup.

Users new to the app, get started with the app by this step-by-step guide to Age-Verification Popup

As we promised in our previous article, we’ll figure out a few ways we can configure the look and feel of the Age-Verification Popup.

Without wasting a miniature, let’s get started…

Merchants who have not yet installed the Age-Verification Popup app, it’s high time you install the app & get started.

Here’s a quick installation link > Install Age-Verification Popup


Step 1: Go to the app > Popup Window Settings



Step 2: Enable / Disable Setting > Enable the app by checking the checkbox

Age Verification Popup - Popup Settings Guide


Step 3: Customizations > PopUp Settings

Customizations PopUp Settings


Configure the below options the way you like.

  • Background Color
  • Border Radius
  • Top and Bottom Padding
  • Left and Right Padding
  • Border Color
  • Border Width
  • Width
  • Upload Logo


Let us assume these values under the above options :

Options with values


Step 4: Hit the “Save” button & Check your site

Here’s how your Age Verification Popup looks after the above configurations :

Age check & age checker


This way you can use your fav colors & change the look & feel of the Age Verification Popup. If you need any further assistance, feel free to contact us. We have a world-class support team that is here for you every step of the way.